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I was with a group of 5 when we decided to try this trail. We started off on another trail, the white, I believe, to get to this one. That one prior was a quick three mile and pretty flat; we started there because we parked at the main pavilion (first parking on right).

As soon as we started on the McKay Hollows Trail it quickly got rocky. Starting from where we were, it first went down the mountain, great scenery and not terrible. Going uphill, was another story. The trail is hard to follow since you are walking on just rocks and tree roots. Sometimes the rocks were color coded for the trail.

For the 4.4 mile trail, it took us about two hours, perhaps under. The last 30 minutes it was getting dark so we had to slow down just a bit.

Overall a good trail, dogs would love it, go in the morning or at a time where you can have a good slow pace.

Just hiked this one today. The path was overgrown in some areas, and as autumn comes, I imagine it might actually get difficult to identify the trail. That being said, the trees have white paint here and there to let you know you're still doing just fine.

Pretty hike. Saw multiple deer, and found some wild plums that we're going to be delicious in a few weeks. The path has one or two good overlooks of the river. The path also dips down to the river a time or two.

Lots of spiderwebs. Lots of geographic diversity. Interesting plants along the way, and plenty of American Beautyberry

Beautiful views! Well worth the effort. I’m a beginning walker/hiker & struggled a bit on the last leg of the climb up, but I did it, twice in the last month in fact! If I can do this, anyone can!!

Loved this hike. started at the lower parking area and hiked to the top of the falls. then went down the stairs to the pool and trail back. Best way to hike this trail. Starting at the falls doesn't build any anticipation.

Great views and moderate workout. Trail clearly marked.

This is a great quick little hike! It’s very steep and be careful if there was fresh rain. There’s a suspension bridge you need to cross to get to the falls that many dogs don’t like and we had to carry ours across. Good swimming dogs will have no problems crossing the creek though

Not very used and a bit hard to stay on trail. Has not been cleared or maintained in a few months.

Trail is a bit overgrown and you really have to pay attention to trail markers. We went at about 8:30 -10:30am and didn’t see anyone else in the trail at all. Basically a walk in the woods with some nice rock formations but you can really only get some limited views of the lake. Take a stick with you to knock down all the spider webs :-).

It’s a stunning view! The steps are in excellent shape and handrails smooth wood.. so lovely! The canopy of trees was such a blessing!! You definitely feel like you’ve accomplished something after this hike!

Decent hike, beatuiful waterfall!!! It is crowded however but worth the trip.

16 days ago

The trail is well marked and sown with sand and mulched leaves, making it easy on the feet. Path goes through moss-covered trees and beautiful rock formations. Waterfall at the end was beautiful. Any trail that I'd re-hike again is fantastic in my book, and this certainly is one!

Awesome hidden treasure! Great hike.

Beautiful hike. Definitely steep in places. Adventured out with all 5 kids and it was appropriate for all of them ages 5-15! Take your bathing suit, the falls were gorgeous and we swam for awhile. We’ll definitely be making return trips.
Also, super clean and well marked. Big fan of this area.

Great hike with great views. The trail is marked well and very clean. Make sure to bring a swim suit. Trail is a little steep in places but the views are worth it.

Great hike.. it's best to go earlier in the morning before noon, otherwise you'd be stuck in traffic. After being in traffic mon- fri the worst thing is to be stuck in traffic on the weekends. We got there at 8am on a Sunday (clear and calm). by the time we left it was bumper to bumper in the park so I'm good we got there when we did. The hike is great for beginning hikers(myself). Great views and a great workout. There are multiple paths and be sure to put on bug repellent.

Such a fun trail. A mix of straight, easy trails and more challenging.

Hiked this trail with my 8 year old and we loved it. Lots of flowers, butterflies, rocks and roots to make an interesting hike. The view at preachers tick is amazing. Only bummer is the lack of parking.

My Husband and I drove up to the top of the falls, and walked down all 604 steps. it was our first time there. I am not a small Girl by any means.& with a number of health issues, so for Me to be able to make it... anyone can!! Just be sure whether your going up from the bottom or down from the top, pace yourself you do NOT want to rush this climb. oh and be sure to stop on the bridge that crosses over the middle of the falls. I had a great time and can not wait to do it again.

Enjoyed hiking here the Falls was lovely great spot to just hang around and go for a quick swim, also a great place to rock climb

arrived abt 4pm parking lots on both sides were jammed packed. trilhead not clear on the particular blazes. surprisingly not crowded and enjoyable the entire way. my husband and I with our 2 teen boys and two dogs enjoyed the peacefulness and the well maintained trail. the view at preachers rock was gorgeous and some people congregated to chat. the dogs loved the ups and downs and couple switchbacks broke things up. I even appreciated the bathroom when getting back down! the little joys....

27 days ago

The falls were really neat and this was a fun little hike if you live in the Huntsville area. Get ready for LOTS of uphill for the first mile!

Beautiful hike. Accidentally took the climbers loops so it was longer and more intense than I had planned but worth it. Some times a wrong turn is awesome!

went to preachers rock with wife and another great couple. headed to preachers rock for the view. kind of steep till the view. what a view it is. could see 6 mountain ranges from the rock of preaching.

Took this hike Sunday Aug. 19.
I went to the right and took the climbers loop. I went down onto the climbers loop at the first drop down then came up at the second. Doubled back and took the loop to the falls. The falls was worth the trip.
ended up going 3.5 miles and had an elevation climb of 800 feet total.
Word of advise, don't take the climbers loop if you aren't in good trail condition. It's a high moderate and you will climb some height.
will do this again.

1 month ago

Did this trail August 19.
This short trail is a lot more difficult than it is rated. Most of the trail is about half way down into the gorge and is predominantly scrabble. wear good boots. saw plenty of climbing areas.
Don't forget to take the Denny west four out to see the overlook up the Fiery Gizzard.
The Denny falls is a really unusual and spectacular falls.
be careful and enjoy

rock climbing
1 month ago

Technical but short hike. Nice fall at the end. A lot of climbers out today!

Awesome trail, we had such a wonderful hike. The weather was perfect. Lots of shade and a wonderful workout! Preachers Rock was a magnificent view, totally worth it!

on Denny Cove

1 month ago

It was a nice, short, difficult hike if that's what you're looking for. Personally I didn't think the hard work getting there was worth the view at the end, but to each their own.

1 month ago

Lots of wildlife seen a lot of deer. Really liked the top

Great little hike. Most of it is easy but about 1/4 mile is uphill. Nice camping spots along the trail!

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