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Outstanding hike! Probably one of my top 5.

We took the steeper side up, and it took a little more than an hour to get to the top. It was worth every step. Lots of beautiful views throughout the trail.

We got a late start around ten; it wasn’t crowded, but it was hot. There are some shady places.

Wouldn’t recommend any kids on this trail. The terrain gets pretty rocky.

Love this hike! I've done Royal Arch 20+ times, and it never gets old!

Good short morning hike, with some rocky areas

Great hike; great views! It is somewhat busy, though. Pack lots of water and expect some rock scrambling.

Awesome views! Harder than we anticipated but worth every step we took.

2 days ago

Great hike, definitely tough! Lots and lots of "stairs". View at the top is totally worth it Go early, we started at 7:30 on Saturady morning and as we were going back down, the trail was packed with people heading up.

2 days ago

Proposed to my gf at the Royal Arch, beautiful view that shouldn’t be missed out on!

3 days ago

Awesome trail! We started on the East side of the mountain and went up Dakota Ridge trail. It was a nice hike but very hot outside starting at around 9 am. I would suggest getting there earlier and bring water.

Very heavily travelled trail, the view is worth it, but go early. most hikers get to the Arch and hang out having lunch etc, so it is very crowded at the top.

It’s not that hard as these people saying!!! Not 3 miles, 1.8 miles in! It was pretty easy for me and my 3 months old puppy mini Aussie made it like it was nothing!! No more than 2 hours in and out, not even 4 miles in total!

5 days ago

Good, challenging trail. Nothing too crazy, but you will definitely get a workout in. The trail is heavily trafficked and narrow at points. When getting closer to the top the trail gets rocky and you go down and then up again. Even though you go down, you still have a bit (maybe about 20 minutes) to go, so don’t be surprised - you’re not done climbing yet! Views from the top and the arch are beautiful. Worth the climb.

My husband and I were prepared for a hike and wanted to see flat top but it was closed so we chose to take the royal arch trail on the spot. We had two 1L bottles of water and needed more! Stopped several times to catch our breath. Granted we’re out of shape. But if you’re not at least moderately active this will be a tough trail. The view up top is worth it if you’re prepared. I would only take a working class dog up- I saw a few people with small dogs and children and felt bad for them.

7 days ago

Good trail, some parts were really hard.

bring more water, thats for sure! the trail is really hard. once you reach to the top. its its worthy

We started this hike just before 7pm and made it to the top in exactly 1 hour. The trail is very well marked so we had no trouble finding our way. We did The Valley side up (also well marked at the trailhead) and the other side down (40 minutes to descend). The Valley side seems a bit longer since it starts very gradual and leads to a steep incline for the last 3/4 mile or so of the hike whereas the other side is more of a direct route. The views are well worth it, especially for a trail so close to town. Although we started late there was a decent number of people on the trail. Many trail runners too. I assume we hit it at a time when the traffic was modest though. I’ll be repeating the hike in the opposite direction just to give it another go. Very enjoyable and a workout!

8 days ago

Definitely a harder than most hike as it is a pretty steep incline. Beautiful views at the top. Get there early!!! The trail is literally packed after 10am and it is way too small to accommodate that many people.

Went on a Monday morning and seemed to avoid the crowds. Beautiful hike with a few tricky spots towards the top. Wear good shoes, bring lots of water.

I haven’t done any hiking in a while so I fully agree with the ‘hard’ rating. Personally I would wear shoes with ankle stability because of all the loose rocks, but doable in sneakers (that’s what I was wearing). It was a pretty busy trail but mellowed out once you get off the paved portion. The view at the top was breathtaking!

10 days ago

Challenging hike but fun and view is worth it at the end. Bring lots and lots of water.

My friend and I started at 7 am and only saw a few people. It was really nice and green throughout. Not as many views of the mountains as I was expecting but really nice wildflowers all along the way!

Somewhat challenging hike. Pretty views but so overrun with tourism I don't care to go much anymore

Beautiful! Most difficult part was the way down-a bit hard to find footing.

A lot steeper than expected but worth it. A good workout and a good hike for those starting off like myself. Hard enough for a challenge but not too long or strenuous to where it was impossible. Tired at the end but glad I went. Came up the valley side to start, had to get on my hands as I got closer to the top. Gets very crowded as the day goes on, coming down there were a lot more people to pass than going up.

Good hike. Went up mount Sanitas and came back down via the Valley. Very easy to follow. Started at 7am on a Sunday and saw very few people. Great for the dog, she had a blast. Going up mount sanitas is a decent climb. Coming back down the valley is a bit steep at first, had to use hands a few times. After the first bit, it’s just a long flat walk for most of the loop back. Took about 2hr total including 15min stop at the top.

Infinite Stairmaster, that is for sure. Challenging but rewarding! High traffic with lots of people.

Tougher than I thought. But view is great at top!

11 days ago

Beautiful easy trail with lots of varied terrain! There were a lot of folks on the initial first mile, but quickly fell away when the turn for the Mesa trail came up. There is a good amt of uphill and then it levels out to a beautiful valley and forest that you spend much of the rest of the trail walking in. I spent most of the last half of the walk alone on the trail, and I was hiking on a saturday! No mountain biking on the trail, so it is peaceful and very scenic.

Beautiful view of Boulder valley and there is a lot shade from tree when it is a hot sunny day. Enjoy your hiking

Cave was closed for the bats but worth the views and hike anyways. We went from Mesa trail then followed the cave signs

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