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This trip was hampered by the smoke from the BC wildfires, so being totally fair the reward at the top is probably usually a lot better! I would do this hike again as a prep for bigger summit hikes. It was definitely tough. I think the only reason this trail gets rated as “moderate” is because of the length, but it’s a hard work out. The first kilometre or so is very steep. It does ease off a bit through the middle portion and then finishes off with a series of switchbacks. We ran into quite a few people on this trail and I don’t think most of them were expecting such a tough hike, but it looked like everyone stuck it out to the top!

We did this hike with our two dogs. It was definitely doable, but a couple of notes.... The middle section is mostly loose rock, which was a bit tougher for the dogs (mostly on the way down). The upper section is dirt but a very narrow trail which I found a little challenging with two on leash dogs, even with 10 ft leashes. With a single dog I think it would be totally fine, but two dogs attached to one person requires a bit of experimentation. There was also one section in the switchbacks where I opted to let the dogs off leash on the descent. It’s a very short section (literally a couple metres), but it didn’t seem safe to navigate it with two dogs attached to me. Otherwise though the dogs really enjoyed this one and so did we!

5 hours ago

Hiked this trail today and wasn’t too smoky. Great scenic views once you are on the ridge. It took nine of us to complete the 10 km hike in just under 5 hours. A little bit of scaling and worth it! Stay hydrated!

Nice, relatively easy scramble through the forest opens up to a rocky, loose and steep climb up to the meadow. Then the route splits into two final ascent options, I followed the route posted and went right, ended up on a steep, exposed scramble up to the very top. On the way down I took the better (safer) route down. I recommend people to take the left hand route unless you are keen for a potentially frightening scrambling experience!

Fun little hike! Did this after work on Tuesday night on August 14, 2018. It was quite smokey and we couldn’t see a whole lot, but the terrain is interesting and straightforward for the most part. As mentioned in some of the other reviews, it’s easy to get off track by following one of the other small trails that intertwine with the main trail. We ended up having to traverse a nearly vertical rock face. It was grippy enough to scale with decent hikers and your hands, but try to stay on the main trail. It took us about 3.5 hours all in, but we didn’t do the loop due to weather concerns. Just to the peak and back down the way we came.
Someone bring more paper for the peak log! It was almost out when we were up there ☺️

Once you reach the end - go on top of mountain to reach the glacier - fantastic view of lake and surroundings from there.

Absolutely phenomenal views of Mount Smuts, Mount Birdwood and Mount Fist. One of the most spectacular views I've ever seen in a day hike. Highly recommend. A little bit of exposure at the first climb to the left ridge but definitely pretty mild. Can't wait to do it on a non-smokey day!

Definitely one of the coolest hikes I’ve ever done! It was reaaaaally smokey but we got some good shots still! When you find the parking lot, definitely start with the trailhead on the LEFT. I would not want to do the loop starting on the right. Cant wait to do it again when there’s isn’t so much smoke and we can see all the mountains!

Great views and enjoyed having the summit to ourselves. We took a wrong turn here and there, but if you pay close attention to where the trail is the hike isn't as tough!

5 days ago

Decent hike up, scrambled up to the peak, views were below ave due to wildfire smoke, otherwise would have given 4 stars. Getting to the lookout is simple enough. This was the first scramble I've ever attempted, went up off path via larger rocks to the right which provided decent footholds, came down on the path which is mostly loose rock and dirt, took a few falls, would not recommend coming down this way, stick to the larger rock segments.

Recommend an early start, as this trail is quite busy since it is coming from Lake Louise.

Completed in 5 hours, would do again.

July 17, 2018

Very steep but very rewarding with a great view. Took us about 5 hours to complete

I would rate this 'moderate' as opposed to 'hard'. Not too steep in the forest region (which is the majority of the hike), but when you start reaching the top it gets pretty steep. But for the most part, I found it fairly moderate and very enjoyable. Beautiful views at the top. An awesome way to spend a Sunday!

One of the most amazing hikes I have ever done and also the most difficult. My Strava marked the hike at closer to 10 miles but it’s usually off. Total hike took 8 hours from leaving Lake Louise, stopping at the tea shop for a little while to try it out, and hanging at the top for 30-45 mins making some food.

BRING A RAIN COAT. It started to rain on and off from sunny skies 3 times but never a downpour

NOTE: upon starting the actually difficult part of the trail (black line) it becomes quite a scramble. FOLLOW THE BLUE FLAGS. When traversing around to the back of devils thumb you will meet a new tree line that starts the real scramble on the way up. Stay to the left as far as possible do not try to climb straight up it is way too steep

this was the most breathtaking hike I've done yet! the scenery around the entire mountain, whether Lake Agnes or Lake Louise or the snow capped mountains were all amazing. my kids, ages 10 and 12 did this hike in runners, I was very thankful for my hikers and hiking poles! there are narrow sections of the path, soft sandy earth, scree, and rock scramble. at times, we weren't entirely sure which direction to go, but we made it. the views from the top could not be beat! I'm so glad my son chose this as his hike of choice for our holiday!

Absolutley amazing. Despite the smoke block distant views it was still incredible to walk up to the edge and the Louise and Agnes.

Wasnt too difficult up until the climb to the ridge. Can't stress enough that proper footwear is a must. Also be aware of the weather and trust your gut. Started to rain as we got back to the vehicle.

Definitely doing again hopefully with clear views!

Surprisingly strenuous uphill hike. We enjoyed it. Went with my kids and dogs.

Great trail. Not too tough but the boulders add a lot of interest and skill-testing. Gets you away from he madness of Moraine Lake and out to a peaceful and quiet oasis. The creek/river that parallels the trail has some spectacular little chutes and falls. Super for photos.

11 days ago

Absolutely loved this hike. Said wow about a hundred times. We took 55 minutes up and 45 minutes coming down. A great weeknight hike, or would hike up in the morning with a pack full of fun for the day to enjoy the pass if the weather is nice.

11 days ago

Saw many dogs mastering this trail like it was a walk in the park! Very fun scrambling at the beginning (going clockwise), and the spot at the top near the radio tower; I could make my home there and never leave. We were hiking in the middle of June so it was quite hot and not much shade or protection from the sun. Some parts of the slope going down we’re still snow ridden so we had some fun and “Skied” down some sections.

An enjoyable hike with amazing views on top. Can be challenging near the summit as it got steeper a bit. You can see Canmore and Three Sisters Mountain on top.

Scrambling over boulders and watching a beautiful mountain lake. Could sit here all day.

Great trail. If you push right at the beginning of the trail you get to have a more challenging start with a scramble with some climbing which gets up in elevation faster. Took us 2 h to get to the top and an hour down. Great view overall

11 days ago

Awesome views. Wildflowers in full bloom! Great day hike. A bit ambitious for a day hike if you venture down to Egypt Lake, which we did. Worth the trek down, but really extended our trip, so make sure to plan accordingly if you’re considering adding that part on. Loved it! There were bugs, but not as bad as people are making it sound. Wear good bug spray and you’ll be fine.

12 days ago

If you only go to the old fire tower you really do not get the incredible views. Keep going up the well defined trail to get incredible views of Sherbrooke Lake, the Waputik Icefield, the President and Vice President Mountains and more.

For the last 100 m of elevation there are numerous trials to take to the first summit (the true summit is further along the ridge). This trail is worth it for sure!

This trail is awesome, can be very difficult near the end as it is a very steep incline.
took us just under 2 hours going up and under 1 1/2 to get down at a quick pace


The way up to Lake Agnes was super crowded and touristy, also the path isn't very challenging and at one point quite boring. Past that it starts with some steeper slopes and the hike starts to be a bit interesting. hiking towards the tip of the mountain l, the path is very nice, lots of green and a nice lookout. The last 1km (ish) it is very steep. if you don't want to scramble up the stones keep to your left where the "Forrest" is, because there is a path (also steep but not as much "climbing")

all in all I would rate this hike as moderate because only the last part is challenging, everything else is easy.

would give it 5 stars but track is to trafficked

This is the first section of the approach to the ACC hut on Castle mountain’s cliffs. The remains of the fire lookout provided a decent spot to sit before we carried on up the steep trail. A good access road for the mountain approach but I wouldn’t recommend this as a hiking destination. Nothing to see until you reach the lookout, and mainly a steep road to walk up.

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