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Fairly easy hike that is mostly shaded which makes it pleasant. The waterfall is beautiful and not too many hikers around 4:00. It’s peaceful and serene.

First, I would not rate this as moderate. It is most definitely easy. It’s just about 2 miles in. It’s a steady incline so you don’t really feel it. The devastation from
the Eagle Creek fire is heartbreaking, but at least there is some green coming back by way of ground cover. There are some loose rocky spots but nothing difficult. The fall is beautiful just Ike all the PNW falls.

got a little lost but it was fun. the waterfall is down a scary path but worth it!

Would be 5 stars but rocks on majority of hike so be careful for your ankles! Beautiful quick and fun hike. Good for kids. Lots of visible damage still but still worth it.

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9 days ago

Yes a bridge is out, currently the stream is a trickle and can be crossed super easy. I ran this and liked the view of St. Helens around 2miles in, you can also see Mt Hood on the trail up.

This hike was so great, I did it twice in one week! The flowers are in full bloom even in the heat of August. The views are spectacular! It’s a bit steep on the way out, but does flatten and then there’s some downhill for last section.

Trail was nice and easy to reach but other than the falls and the view of Mount Hood from the back of a parking lot...... there really is not much to see. Nothing wrong with this trail I Just wasn't impressed.

12 days ago

PCT up to Dry Creek Falls was pretty easy but there was lots of devastating fire damage from the Eagle Creek Fire. Sad to see the tree corpses, but many hardy trees survived and I’m glad the trail has reopened. Dry Creek Falls a great surpise. Clear, cold and beautiful!! Walked back via Dry Creek Road, but would not do it. again. Gravel road almost all the way.

When we first got here we were just about to start the trail, and a very nice lady on the bench told us it was very steep starting from the beginning but that we could turn around, cross the road and start the trail from the back and it wasn’t as steep as starting from the beginning. We decided to do this instead due to my rheumatoid arthritis. It was more of a gradual elevation change, and half way to the falls I was thinking to myself “maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad with the short steep elevation change vs the gradual elevation change and going downhill the rest of the way”, but once we got to the meadows I realized what she meant and how steep it really was. But this was a beautiful hike! We even saw 3 deer on the trail near the ski lifts. I would definitely do this trail again, as umbrella falls was beautiful and flowing pretty well AND the walk thru the meadows with all the wild flowers! The deer in the meadows was a plus as well!

Love the wildflowers

Nice hike with a beautiful view of Mt Hood. Quite a bit of elevation gain, but much of the trail is pretty gradual. Took us a little under 2 hours round trip.

Pretty solid hike overall. It took me 45 minutes to get to the top. I would say I am in good shape, but not some elite athlete.

Beautiful hike staring at bridge of the gods. And joins with the PCT for a portion which is cool. But with the fire road and trail plus PCT trail all merging, some more signage would be useful. A portion of it is heavy gravel (road) but rest is soft dirt trail.

Zero snakes on a mostly sunny, warm day!

Very nice hike with beautiful wild flowers. There is a steep part but overall very fun.

17 days ago

Awesome trail. Park at the ski lodge and it’s free. Make sure to take the trail down to the base of the fall , looks sketchy but it’s really not bad. Will definitely do again.

A nice walk to a very cool view of Mount Hood. Nicely maintained trail, but took a bit to find the actual trailhead. Steady climb to the top, which is worth it. Beautiful forest with lots of shade. Passed a few people but the trail wasn’t crowded. Check it out if you can!

Great weather and great views of Mt. Hood!

30 days ago

Very poorly maintained trail. A lot of downed trees or overgrown bushes. Several places the trail is barely identifiable. Portions of the trail are a dirt drive way and a full-of-hole paved drive way, when campers driving by, we were covered by dust. The lake seems to be a popular camping site with a lot of campers come to play in the lake, but this trail is not really pleasant except a portion at the southern lake shore.

1 month ago

Really pretty hike with a gorgeous view of the falls at the end. The trail was a bit rocky, but otherwise not too bad, just have to be aware of your footing at times.

Xefd diff

I’d probably rate this as an easy trail. The falls are great and we only met a handful of others on the trail. It was pretty sad seeing all the damage from the wildfire throughout the hike.

A beautiful hike. the online maps say it is closed, but it is not closed. my wife and I had no problems hiking up to the waterfall. we then went a bit further down the pct till it met with the Herman Bridge TR. we took the Herman Bridge TR back down then walked back to are start for a nice 10.7 mile hike. (the Herman Bridge TR is also open and cleared for hiking in spite of the closed that it says on line)

1 month ago

Great hike. Puts you in at The Elk Meadows trailhead then connects you to this trail. Don’t forget to walk back to where the trail turns off to Sahalie Falls trail. The first half is harder than the second, so after the payoff of the gorgeous falls, it’s a pleasant hike. Would do again.

Beautiful falls. Not too difficult hike (we even took 5 beginners). The trail wasn’t busy- even on a Saturday.

1 month ago

A beautiful hike today! We started at Elk Meadows Trailhead and traveled counter-clockwise. Super pretty with lots of wildflowers and expansive views. Umbrella Falls were flowing well and we ate lunch on a log around there before heading down past Sahalie Falls. We almost missed the trail to Sahalie, but saw the sign last minute. We decided not to go all the way down as it looked relatively steep and we couldn’t fully see where it ended. So we got to see it from the top

Spectacular falls! Many wildflowers in early July. Blackberries and thimbleberries along the trail barely starting to ripen. Not too much poison oak.

Really pretty hike through some beautiful meadows. We did the full loop suggested here. Umbrella Falls was really flowing well. Took a picnic on some logs before the falls. We're out of shape so we took some breaks along the way. The first leg of the trail (umbrella falls trail) gains a good amount of elevation quickly. A tree is down at the very end of the loop before you get back to the parking area. We had to rock hop across a steam and squeeze through some overgrowth.

1 month ago

Quite a vigorous hike! 2 hours 20 minutes in/out with the 8-year-old kid and a pup. Gorges view at the end!

I recommend going the morning. I believe we headed up around 10 and barely saw anyone. On the way down there were many groups which would make enjoying the top a bit harder. Beautiful view of hood!

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