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Just hiked the Staunton Ranch trail toward Elk Falls past Sunday afternoon. Clear, well marked trail. Great views.

17 days ago

Pretty and very quiet hike after getting off the Staunton ranch portion of the trail. Didn’t need spikes, trail was quite easy and marked clearly. Some nice views and beautiful trees throughout. The best views, in my opinion, were on the return route on Scout line trail. Saw several good sized bucks on SR, about half a mile from the trailhead. Did 11 miles total in 4 hrs + a few minutes. Route I took out was trailhead to SR - BE - CR - EF then on the return route: EF - CR - MP - SL (most scenic view portion) - SR to trailhead. Not too bad of a hike.

17 days ago

Great short hike. Mountain views and a great waterfall.
You can cool off at the base of the falls.

This was a fantastic hike. Excellent trail, beautiful scenery and not too difficult. It could be hot in the summer but it would be perfect any other time. We followed the SR to BE up to the lake and took Marmot Passage (MP) out and it was almost exactly 10 miles. The MP part had the best views and connected back to SR. One of our favorite new hikes.

21 days ago

Beautiful all the way from the trailhead to the falls overlook. I followed the trail a little further as it reaches into the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness.

We were able to visit the falls Easter morning. Someone had placed plastic eggs along the trail which made it extra special for the kids.

28 days ago

We went on Christmas Day as a family hike. We forgot our snowshoes but we’re still able to walk it. My parents felt there was a lot of up, but it’s worth it!! In the snow it took us 1 hour 45 minutes to get up. It only took 45 minutes to get down. We stopped frequently to get pictures and catch our breath.

Overall a beautiful hike and the falls are absolutely gorgeous! They were frozen over and it was spectacular to see.

Good hike to miss some of the crowds at Staunton. After fighting the traffic on Staunton Ranch for a couple of miles you turn on to Scout Line Trail. Scout Line and Marmot stay fairly quiet and no bikes allowed on much of the trail. Some very nice views along the way to the lake. The lake/pond is a great place to stop for lunch. It is frozen solid at this time. Only a few snowy spots at this time. No need for extra traction. Very quiet on Christmas Eve.

This is a nice first day trail for an old flat lander like me. We saw a nice buck deer and some really nice people from Italy plus the lily pads. Beautiful day.

Really enjoyed this hike, new views of the Blue Mesa.

1 month ago

Fun little hike. Great views nice weather.

Hiked this trail on 11/17/18 to Elk Falls. The trail is broad and extremely easy to follow, and I would rate this is more of an easy rather than moderate hike. Saw several elk about a mile in, both hiking out and back. It’s mostly open/not heavily forested, and part of the trail follows along the service road for the park. The SR trail was largely bereft of snow; however, the BE and CR trails were covered, although not heavily. Had microspikes, but didn’t use them. The only somewhat challenging part was descending down to see the falls, and trekking poles would be nice for that, as well as for parts of the service road that are covered in snow.

Easy trail with great payoff taking you up near the base of the pinnacles. Hardly anyone on the trail in mid-November. This will definitely be a place I take visiting friends and family who are not used to higher elevation.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike!

Very easy and worthwhile hike. Took about half an hour, which included several stops along the way to either take in the gorgeous views or let my two dogs get in their "necessary" sniffs. Look out points have guardrails, so I could rest easy knowing the puppy couldn't launch herself over the edge. Highly recommend if you've only got a few minutes

Very scenic hike with great views of the lakes, pinnacles and snow capped mountains (from the top). Easy to find trailhead right off Hwy 50.

loved this trail and views were spectacular!

Easy hike until the very top then a bit rocky. It was well worth it!!!

We did this hike on 10/21. There was some snow but not enough to require crampons. It was a pretty and an easy hike. (We actually ended up exploring beyond the second lake and going on Salt Lick trail then looping back.) The trail was wooded mostly and it smelled like pine and sage in some parts. There were lots of Aspen trees without leaves so I’ll probably try this hike again earlier in the fall next year.

Nice, easy short hike. Lots of aspens so I can imagine what this trail looks like in early fall. Nice views of Dillon in any case with a nice lake and mountain views up top. Great weather today and not too many people on the hike. Great hike for early morning or late afternoon.

3 months ago

This hike was just spectacular when I got a chance to do it in June of 2017. Definitely doable for most anyone, though being from a town at sea level and having had only a day of acclimation slowed me down a little. The falls are so powerful and the spray so refreshing, really incredible, but the views are just as impressive as the falls on this trek. This part of Colorado is as good as it gets: the terrain is so varied, red sandstone cliffs to the west and snow-capped mountains that remind me of The Sound of Music to the east. I love Telluride so damn much. Next time I go I want to try and get further up the Wasatch Basin Trail.

3 months ago

NIce trek out to the falls this morning. In from Boston on a pleasure trip. A LOW comes in and drops some precipitation you will need snow shoes. Do it while you can.

Hike with the family. Had a bit of snow and slippery patches towards the top. View is good

Trailhead off traffic circle in Frisco. Beautiful hike through dense forest and well marked trail. Highlights include gorgeous view Lake Dillon before reaching Lily Pad lake. Pretty continuous elevation to lake, about 800ft. Much more scenic than section from Silverthorne to Lily Pad lake.

3 months ago

A nice simple and not too hard hike. Absolutly beautiful at the end of the colors. The fog was hanging on the peak of Mt Elbert. Love it. Will hike again.

Short hike but moderately challenging if you take the rout on the right. Easy to access and great for a quick nature fix.

3 months ago

Great hike, not too steep. Pretty short. Amazing fall color views, though the trail doesn't take you through aspen groves. Big lake which unfortunately is down at least 10 feet in these dry conditions, but totally worth hiking this trail. For more info and fall color pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/09/30/roadtrip-to-the-rockies-from-telluride-to-durango/

easy hike appropriate for all ages. Enjoyed the drive to the trail more than the trail itself.

3 months ago

Although. The falls are nice, compared to other walks in Colorado, this one is 3/5

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