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Quick hike. Amazing views. Can see into Mexico.

19 days ago

This is the first trail we’ve done in Arizona. It was great. Veered off the path a little bit so pay attention to signs and the map but it was still a fun adventure.

Great views! Easy trail, drive up is a bit sketchy but our Honda Civic made it no problem!

Nice hike to the cave. Would agree with the moderate rating. Cave is really cool. First 100 ft into the cave is a bit of a scramble but flattens out

This trail I would recommend for mountain bikers. In some spots it is difficult for trail runners to navigate large deposits of rocks, forcing runners to walk to avoid twisting an ankle. I was able to run about 75% of the trail, but walked 25% to prevent injury.

1 month ago

It was fun! my kids love it!! Just have to be careful with the loose gravel on the hike up and definitely need the flashlights so I am glad I read the reviews first. Go early to avoid the heat.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike with spectacular views!

on Carr Peak Trail

1 month ago

This is one of of my favorite hikes I've ever done! If you can only do one hike in this area, I'd recommend this one! I went on a Friday afternoon in late September and only saw one person near the start of the trail.
It had so much variety; scenic vistas from the get-go, aspen groves, mountain meadows, and rocky outcrops. The grade was enough to feel challenging but not strenuous and some rocky/rubbly areas kept it interesting.
Just be aware that you have to drive up a narrow dirt switchbacking road to get to the trailhead.

1 month ago

I would rate this trail more difficult than "moderate" for sure. Lots of wildlife - deer and birds. Came across four rattlesnakes on the trial. Also encountered a mountain lion near the top of the trail, only about 20 ft. off the path. Be aware if you are hiking with dogs or small children.

1 month ago

Haven’t been hiking in awhile so this trail was a great way to start. It was very helpful that a lot of it was in the shade. Can see views of Sierra Vista and surrounding mountains. I would recommend it.

1 month ago

I hiked out of the Ramsey reserve and then ended up breaking off at Pleasant trail (~2 miles in) and followed that all the way to the road in Carr canyon then back. It was a pretty hike with lots of shade though it didn't really have scenic vistas of the valleys since it stays in the interior of the mountains.
I had a late start (~1230) and still made it back in plenty of time before they closed the lot. I went on Thursday and did not see one person after the reserve. Overall a good afternoon hike!

Great short trail. Nice little detour. View is fantastic!!!

2 months ago

Well travelled trail. Came across 4 mountain bikers, a few trail joggers and probably 20 hikers. Most of the trail is wide enough to walk 3 people abreast. My first hike in years being overweight and out of shape. Took me 2 1/2 hours. Most people do it in 2 hours. I feel going clockwise is easier.

Great hike ! But bring your trail app because you could easily go off trail !

It was my first ride there and it was great but the altitude is brutal until you're use to it. I warn that bigger tires are better for this ride bc the rocks and gravel are slippery on the incline. I loved the ride and can't wait to ride again.

perfect hike, lots of shade.

My favorite hike in outside of Sierra Vista so far. It was actually 10.0 miles of trail from the trailhead, to the summit, and back down. Takes about 3 hours to summit; very worth it. The views were incredible, and it was a lot of fun. Start very early if you can, it gets hot quickly. Bring at least 1.5 liters of water; I would recommend more than that. Enjoy!

5 months ago

This is a great hike. If you're hiking in the dry season make sure to bring a good amount of water. There is a lot of walking that is done on the south east facing slopes as well as walking along the ridge. This is a much nicer hike in the morning than in the mid day. Once on top, the views are great and the breeze is quite nice. It's a great place for a nap.

Steep hike up to the cave entrance, but totally worth it to explore the cave! Well marked switchback trail with steps. The cave is about a 30’ scramble down to get in and then easy to wander all the way to its end (600’ back). Great stalagmites and stalactites (unfortunate that people over the years have snapped off most of the smaller ones from the ceiling. Grrrrrr). Even with outside temps of 85°, it is a cool 68° in the cave year-round.

Lights: we used headlamps (and brought two flashlights for backup). Definitely needed them. The cave is pitch black - your cellphone flashlight will NOT be enough.

Nice hike with good view

Hiked the loop at the beginning of March and saw one hummingbird. Did see deer and had an enjoyable and relaxing hike. Very nice escape to nature!!

7 months ago

Scenic and steep! I had to take a couple of rest breaks to enjoy the view lol! Saw lizards, deer, butterflies, and many different colored rocks.
As I was going up, met a couple, going down, who had their dogs with them. The two dogs were not on a leash. It appears that the dogs may have left a deposit on the trail. It was also a popular spot for flies.
Not a fun thing to deal with.
This is an awesome trail that makes you feel like you accomplished something just being there!
The tree shade keeps you cool most of the time. Bring water! Pace your hike, it's worth it!!

It's a beautiful area, but our map showed it connecting with the crest trail (#103) at Gate 2, and we weren't able to get that far. At 7300' we found a last cairn and were never able to find any other markers. We had not planned to go back down that trail, knowing that it was steep and difficult, and the leaves/pine needles covering the trail made it even worse. In the end, though, we had no choice but to turn back. Instead of a 6-hr loop, our hike turned into an 8-hr nightmare. This is a "never again" hike for us, unfortunately, though I am glad we went one time.

7 months ago

beautiful views all the way up. the trail is well defined but also a little rugged in spots to keep is interesting. it's worth noting my Garmin tracked it at just over 6 miles round trip. my hiking partners Fitbit tracked it at 6 as well

plan for about a 30 minute drive to the trailhead (starting when you enter Coronado). it's a pretty rough drive but my Chevy Cruze made it without much resistance.

definitely recommend

Took the kids today for spring break 2018 and they loved it! The cave was awesome and any trail with lots of climbing rocks is a hit with them. The are 7 and 9. We did the whole thing in about two hours(including exploring the cave)

8 months ago

One of my all-time favorite hikes!

Great trail with alternating shade and sun. Fairly level with moderate slopes. One of the more used trails with a lot of bikes

8 months ago

Nice scenic hike... Love the scenery and the climate. Plus there's plenty of shade along the way, if you're from AZ then you will appreciate this tid bit! The only drawback for me is the amount of hike traffic and how some recklessly speed by... I've had to jump out of the way to avoid being run over. So DO NOT wear headphones while traversing this trail! Also, please leash your pets... there's skunks in the area that will chase you and others when they're disturbed by the loose pets. Bring plenty of water, bring some shoes that have good traction and as always, let people know where you're going hiking!

8 months ago

This hike was the one that got me started hiking & backpacking back in 1988. I was a soldier stationed at Fort Huachuca. Some of my buddies & I hiked to the summit. Back then, there was a USFS lookout tower on the peak, so we hiked up ther & spent the night. It was in fall, and the wind howled all night! One of the guys brought a bottle of blackberry brandy, and to this day 30 years later, I always take a little blackberry brandy with me when I'm solo or with adults on a non-Scout backpacking/camping trip.
Good memories!

First trek I’ve done since moving to Arizona. I definitely enjoyed it. Not too challenging if your new, and not too boring if you’re an avid hiker. Good length for a quick activity after work, whether you like exercise or stress relief or just quiet time. Only about 2 hours.

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