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Was an amazing hike. Waterfalls, clear lake, and blue pool all in a day! What more can you ask for. All in all not very hard, but pretty long. Would recommend.

This is a really beautiful area with a very easy hike in. We camped for only one night in October, but it was really magical as we had Duffy Lake entirely to ourselves.

Great trail. We only went up to the first lookout point on the ridge looking down to the river. We’re looking forward to doing it again and going through the entire loop. VERY heavy traffic with lots of people and dogs, so don’t expect to be on your own. Overall very fun.

There was still snow on the trail, I would definitely wear boots if you have them. There is a lot of foot traffic. So quiet and beautiful, we can’t wait to do it again!

Snowy, beautiful, amazingness! Had to navigate through some slick areas but well worth the effort. Glad I had trekking poles and good traction boots. No snow towards the viewpoint.

Haven’t hiked to the end but if you want to walk close to a roaring river a lot then this is for you! Disclaimer, the first little bit you are walking around a ridge so at first you are far from the river but when you go down, you enter a magical grove a trees with a creek and the roaring river going around it. I feel like I didn’t want to go any further b/c it’s so charming and inviting!
PS at the trailhead pay attention to the signage since the parking lot is this trail on one side and the Old Salmon River trailhead is on the other side. Easy to confuse the trails.

just me and my wife hiked the trail till dark and pulled off the trail and camped for the night awesome time

5 months ago

We just tried to do this hike today and both the French Pete Campground and trail are closed because of the fires this summer!!

Gorgeous and magical fall hike!

Gorgeous!!!! Majestic!!!

Trail was in generally good condition, though in places it was overgrown. The "trail" to Browder Ridge Summit is absolutely worth the climb. From there there is a 360 degree view of the sisters, Jefferson and even the coastal range. There were clouds and melting snow made the trail wet and soggy. Still I highly recommend this hike.

6 months ago

Has anyone done this Hike mid to end of Oct? Looking to go out for 1 night.

Beautiful, scenic hike. I'd say it's on the easier side of moderate. Love that you're walking right near the river almost the whole time. The sounds, smells, views - all worth every step! Lots of salmon in the river today. Had fun watching them swim and flop around. Definitely recommend. Will go back again!

It is a drive to get there but it was worth it. Hornets nest 1/4 of the way in. I got stung a few times on the way out. Beautiful mountain forest. Rugged trail. The lake is amazing.

7 months ago

Nice little one nighter last weekend. Literally 3 miles up on the way in.

8 months ago

I did this as a day hike and it was awesome, but with a few setbacks. First of all, the last 4-5 miles to the trailhead is unpaved dirt road that gets pretty scary if you do not have a car with moderate clearance. We actually had to park a little over a mile away from the trailhead and walk the rest of the way.

I also think the mileage and elevation listed here is off. It was closer to 11-12 miles, not including our walk up from the car, and probably closer to 3,000 elevation gain.

We did the loop clockwise, and the first 3 miles is pretty steady straight up hill, no switchbacks. But there were AWESOME views of Hood and Adams at a couple of points.

Pretty lightly trafficked as well. We only saw 2 couples besides ourselves.

I give this trail only four stars because of how crowded blue pool was. Even though it was beautiful there it made it seem as if you hadn't hiked all that way. Along the way though I saw no one not a soul !! It was beautiful and green and quite lush. The falls weren't as crowded as I had thought especially since it was a Saturday but I was there pretty early. I decided to make a camping trip out of it and it all worked out well. Oh and if you do go guard your stuff especially at blue pool I had my temper pad and my rain tarp stolen. Quite upset about that.

Hiked in from Marion Lake trailhead. Spent first night at Jorn Lake, very beautiful views of Mt. Jefferson through the burn area around the Blue Lake and Jorn Lake area climbing up the Blue Lake Trail from Marion Lake. Rhododendrons and Columbine were beautiful along with many other wild flowers. Hiked from Jorn past Mowich and Red Butte to spend night 2 at Duffy Lake. Caught a couple of Rainbow Trout and had nice views of Duffy Butte and Three Fingered Jack from the Lake. Hiked out to Duffy Lake trailhead. Beautiful 3 day, point to point trip out of the trail systems up in the Jefferson Wilderness. Once past Marion Lake a couple of miles the trail travels through a large burn area and then climbs a steep ridge to about 5,400' if I remember correctly. Both these sections had many downed trees and was in complete exposure to the sun making it the most difficult section. Make sure you carry enough water from Marion Lake area to reach Blue Lake or Jorn Lake. Also be bear aware! Listened to a Black Bear cub calling out to momma for a couple of hours before pre-dawn from the opposite side of Jorn Lake. Very fun to listen to, momma did call back from over the ridge at another little lake. Skeeters were pretty nasty throughout the whole area around 9am-noon and around sunset. Once the temp dropped they were gone so nights and mornings were very pleasant and not much bother while hiking during the day. Deer in and around our camp sites at both Jorn and Duffy Lake, they did not care one bit we were there.

Great trail with lots of things to look at along the way - the river, fun bridges to walk across, etc. Half way in, there is a check-in box. A little after that, begins the uphill climb to the view. Dunk your toes in the river on a hot day. Definitely would do this one again, while it's dry season.

amazing lakes, the worst park rangers. got a ticket for having a fire in an established campsite. don't even mind the fine, but the guy was an absolute douchebag high on a massive power Trip. if you encounter them, don't try to be friendly or nice, just tell them you are on your way out and leave.

Hike started our GORGEOUS with a ton of wildflowers over the first mile or so. Relatively easy going for the most part, but there's still a fair amount of snow as you approach Santiam Lake... not enough to lose the trail, but enough to keep you paying attention to where the trail is! Tons of downed trees across the trail, especially between Santiam Lake and Duffy Lake. Duffy Lake was great once we got there... wonderful lakeside campsites, warm enough water for a quick dip, fishing and beautiful views of Duffy Butte!

Browder Ridge is extremely overgrown in places. Be careful in the meadows not to lose the trail or turn your foot in one of the holes burrowed in the dirt that may be hard to see. The scenery is outstanding, bursting with wildflowers right now. You can follow the trail to the summit for the best 360 degree views. Hiked from Browder Ridge trailhead to summit of Browder Ridge for a total of almost 11.5 mi.

We went from Duffy Lake trailhead to Jorn Lake during the 4th of July 2017 weekend. We camped just before Jorn Lake and the next day did a day hike all around to Marion Lake. The mosquitos were pretty bad where we camped especially during sunrise and sunset hours. However, during our day hike we did not have many mosquitos. There were a few larger patches of snow between Mowich Lake and Jorn Lake but they could all be easily traversed or walked around. During our day hike we went clockwise around Marion LakeL trail blue lake trail - Marion Lake trail, Minto Pass trail, and a trail not shown on the all trails map that goes from Minto Pass trail to Jorn Lake. That last trail has many fallen trees over it. Most can be walked around or fairly easily climbed over but it did slow us down to a hiking speed of 1 mile/hour.

awesome hike. there re still a couple of snow patches , but very passable. I only did up to the ridge, not heart lake(will g back for that) less people on this trail , tons of wild flowers. it was very easy to follow. definitely one of my favorites now.

Love the berries along this little gem

9 months ago

The hike to the lake was mostly uphill and there was a lot of mosquitoes along the way. We recommend going counter clockwise. The lake was beautiful, warm, and refreshing. We only saw a few campsites up at the lake, maybe 3-4 sites max. The trail from the lake back around the mountain was not maintained yet it was easy enough to follow. Long pants are recommended. The last 6 miles or so were all steep downhill. Tree coverage provides quite a bit of shade and there were less mosquitoes after the peak of the mountain. There were some amazing views of Mt. Hood. Overall, it was a good hike, we're glad we made it a two day adventure.

hike into Duffy Lake and up to Mowich Lake. did not go any further due to the snow.

About two miles up the tree towards Duffy Lake the trail had a river crossing. It was about 25 feet wide and about 18 inches to 24 inches deep. So bring some wading shoes or river sandals until the water dries up.

9 months ago

Skeeters!!!! It is beautiful, we went a bit too early in the season.

Beautiful trail. Rocky in some areas, pine needle flooring in other areas. Viewpoint at the summit is rewarding! Appropriately labeled as a moderate Trail. Enjoy!

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