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off road driving
1 day ago

Amazing trail with an even better view at the top! Wouldn’t recommend for a first timer, but would highly recommend for everyone. Not many side trails but still an awesome trail!

This was a great trail: clearly marked, well-maintained, and provided a diversity of landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife.

East to get to, great views, and more shade than I had expected. However, there were a lot of flies and gnats flying into my face than I preferred. I've done this hike twice and the experience was the same both times.

mountain biking
11 days ago

I ride my mountain bike here. Its a great trail.

this hike is actually 7 miles! .9 miles from the trail head to the beginning of the loop. Beautiful !

great dirt road. it can be done with any type of vehicle.

great trail. one of my favorites. I hike it all the time.

Awesome trail!! took my 2017 TRD sport up there

Good morning hike. Incline route all the way to the top. Not crowded. Overall good for beginners with great views from the top.

26 days ago

Good and easy hike in, all uphill on the way out. Loose rocks. There was no water source when I went with my buddy. Very secluded and peaceful.

1 month ago

Nice short hike with some great views. There are a few breaks from the sun as you pass through some valleys, but there is a lot of exposure. Not a lot of traffic which is always nice.

1 month ago

Easy 3.5 mile trek down to the valley where the camping areas are. A lot of loose rocks on the way down. Very limited shade on the way down and back up, but lots of shade in the valley. Perfect for a beginner backpacking trip, which it was for us!!

off road driving
1 month ago

Easy to moderate. Good for beginners. Nice views

At 82 degrees, a little hot; but this is a fine trail with varied terrain and lovely views north to Palomar and east to Volcan Mt. The cattle have been “grandmothered” in so don’t be disturbed by them. We did it years ago in the spring, which is indeed better.

What a great hike! I took 5 Oaks up and the road trail back down. I LOVED the views from 5 Oaks, and all the shade. I was super slow on the ascent because I was taking so many pics. It was very windy once I was about a mile from the summit - it felt great!! If you’re not hiking with dogs I would definitely recommend doing the 5 Oaks trail, at least on the way up (dogs aren’t allowed on the 5 Oaks trail). The other path was pretty steep and seemed to never end, but was fine for the descent. Some people I met while on their way up that trail were pretty winded. I would definitely do this one again.

Nice and more shade then you would expect.

Very beautiful hike!

This hike was okay. The views from the peak were nice but the trail itself wasn't very pretty. Lots of overgrowth. Steady climb the whole way, nothing very steep and few flat parts. Thought we would escape the heat but it wasn't the case. Very little shade but nice breeze towards the top. Not a hike we would do again and again.

One of my favorites! If you go right after the last snowfall you manage to see two seasons. Beautiful!

2 months ago

Don’t count on any water at the bottom of the hike in.

off road driving
2 months ago

Got my first 4x4 (2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee-High Altitude). While still getting familiar with off-roading my buddy and I followed each other (up then down) 7 miles each direction. Had a blast!! Great views and a nice upward windy trail to the top where you can have lunch overlooking the valleys. Some partial spots w/ jagged rocks but nothing any all-terrain tire can’t handle. Did it in 4WD high the whole way, but the majority could be done in 2WD in a truck or SUV with good clearance. Unfortunately I still had the stock (non all-terrain) tires on that day (July 2018) , the jagged rocks took a few half-inch chunks out of my stock tires (265/50/20) so I upgraded them last week to the Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s (same size) and wow...what a difference! Went back on the same trail w/ my wife last week and had the confidence to tackle it with ease. She wasn’t as enthusiastic about the windy and bumpy trail as my friend and I were (ha!), but kudos to her for being a trooper. Fun trail, will do it again in the near future.

off road driving
3 months ago

Good trail for beginners looking to get their feet wet with off-road adventures. I completed it in a stock 2018 Raptor. I used 4H just to give me a bit more stability, but it could have easily been done in 2WD. A truck this wide will get some pin striping and there are some tight turns but I didn't have any issues

The trail is not terribly challenging. You'll need more clearance than your typical car has, but any cross over should do just fine. RAV4's, CRV's, Ford Escapes, Subaru's shouldn't have a problem here, especially if you have AWD variants. There are protruding rocks and ruts so you'll want to mind your speed if you don't have a huge amount of ground clearance to avoid bottoming out. If you have something more capable like a SUV, Jeep or truck, you can carry a bit more speed without worrying about bottoming out.

There are virtually no side trails here, you get to a dead end and head back the way you came with no options to explore much of anything else. I personally find Otay Truck Trail quite a bit more enjoyable. It's longer, better views, and has tons of side trails, many of which can be pretty challenging.

Full Video here: https://youtu.be/yXLEDW6JnNs

Did this 9/8/17 Reviews a little late but I thought I should reiterate the warning, bring a bug net and consider long sleeves. There are several cisterns (not drinkable) along the trail that make the biting gnats/mosquitos brutal. I was just up on Tahquitz Peak and the view of High Point triggered the repressed memory. Great hike, stellar views.

Great hike and beautiful views. Really cool to see the watch station

Great hike! Moderate difficulty, well-maintained path and lovely views from the top.

This is definitely one of my favorite hikes. The scenery was amazing and the views were beautiful. You are basically surrounded by wildlife (cows, wild turkeys, even saw some coyotes..) the hike itself was very relaxing although there was a section where the incline was quite challlenging..

3 months ago

This review is more about car accessibility, dogs, water availability, and insects (especially bees).

Went on a little backpacking trip from 6/23-6/25/18. It was 80-85 degrees during the day and full sun. I brought my two very fluffy dogs with me and went 3 miles down the hill to the creek. I left the main trail and followed the trail to the left (south, downstream) one mile. One mile downstream there is a large oak perfect for climbing and very shady to set up multiple tents. And alright yes a campfire ring, but please DO NOT start a fire! Also there is a stone dam and tower and small sandy beaches to enjoy. To get there go just beyond the campsite, up and over the rocks. At the top is a lone cactus, at that point head down and walk along the creek to avoid the very steep hill down directly to the dam and tower. I saw 3 hikers total on my entire trip so a very secluded trail!!

There is minimal shade along the first 3 miles till you hit the creek. It is best to complete this portion of the hike before 930-10a. The shade is optimal then as the hill is basically west facing. The first mile or so has partial shade at least every 0.1 miles, then no shade for 1 mile, then spotty shade till the creek. It is gently sloping downhill, but nothing strenuous at all even on the way up. Took me two hours to do the 4 miles to the campsite and just under 2.5 hours back to the car. I did stop whenever the dogs wanted to and for however long they wanted. Walked at a very average pace.

Water- No water until one mile downstream (4 miles total). Currently there are several pools of water varying from 20 feet in length to only a few; they are up to 4 feet deep and are not flowing. Please be conservative and conscientious when using water to avoid washing any sunscreen, bug spray, and dish water into the pools. It is also very easy to mistakenly scoop up tadpoles, frog eggs, and fish! Critters of every size and class are trying to make it in and around there!

Car accessibility- I have a 2005 Hyundai Accent so low clearance and very compact. I did not find the road leading to the trail head to be very bad at all! Took me 50 minutes to go up and down since due to my vehicle I have to be very careful and thoughtful about how I drive up there. Definitely having a narrow car that allows me to use the whole road to avoid bad areas was very helpful and a wider car with similar clearance may have more problems.

Dogs (previous ER/ICU vet nurse here)- Do not attempt this hike if it is above 85 degrees with your dog especially between 10a-2p!! Bring bare minimum 1 liter of water just for each dog (just for this 3 mile portion) and let them have a good rest in every bit of shade and free choice water at all times. After heat, your next biggest enemy is foxtails!! Right now it is peak season and the meadow the oak tree campsite is in is filled with them! Check frequently especially deep in the toes. Dogs have died from going septic from them embedding themselves. They will creep up into the eyes, ears, nose, prepubis, everywhere!! I spent at least 6 hours removing them total. Did pick off a few mostly dog ticks (not a large prevalence of tick borne dz in SoCal), they have 2 month (out of 3 month) old Scalibor collars but they go in the water a lot.

Insects- Yes expect a constant buzz. Once a swarm finds you walking along the creek, you've got new friends. They were tolerable, but certainly disrupt mediation. The mosquitoes are not too bad just annoying flies. Far from ruined the trip for me! I found Honest brand bug spray (mostly essential oils) worked fairly well but needed frequent application. If you care about bees as I do, due to a severe allergy, then its not perfect but it could be worse. I attract bees like crazy! So I still had a few stalkers, but no stings. Wildflowers are currently in bloom the first 0.5 miles and then along the creek where there is water. The ones along the creek seemed basically too pre-occupied to pay me attention. A few got a little interested, but not for long. I felt comfortable knocking into the flowers that crossed the path even if bees were busy working on the bush. The ones to be worried about are the swarms on the little white poms in the first 0.5 mile of the trail. There are just so many bees and I believe close to a hive that they are more protective and I had quite the stalker for a while that made me nervous (...and forget my hiking poles in the car!).

Things I was glad I brought or wished I had:
- Bug spray
- Visor > sunglasses
- Sunscreen
- Chapstick
- Hiking poles- lots of loose gravel and small rocks on the trail that poles help balance and stabilize you
- Comb to help remove foxtails from dogs
- Way to clean water

Things you don't need:
- sleeping pad- quite comfy on the bed of oak leaves, not worth the weight

off road driving
4 months ago

Great hike to the top of Black Mountain. The trail has a consistent 15-20% grade with a few steep parts near the top. The trail is very exposed with scattered oak trees that offer a respite from the sun. The view at the top is excellent and a lone pine grove rewards you for making it to the top. Bring plenty of water in summer months.

One heck of a hike, We were not expecting the 6.5 hour time gauge .... but the breaks were MUCH needed during the steep start as well as for the beautiful high point stop.


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