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3 days ago

Some great views of the city. Well maintained trails, but need to hit aome streets to loop back.

1 month ago

Great hike and even better waterfall. I absolutely love this spot. The spot to park can be a bit tricky to find the first time. Once you find it, there's a descent down to the waterfall. The waterfall itself is very, very pretty and excellent for photography. We have had the falls area all to ourselves at times, and at other times have found it a bit crowded. I guess that just depends on when you go. The hike out is steep but it's not long at all.

I did this trail in the Spring. The key is to get there early, because it will be packed. If solitude is more what you prefer when hiking, this is not the trail for you. That being said, the beauty of the gorges and waterfalls on this trail is worth dealing with the crowds. Definitely worth the price to get in.

This was one of the most beautiful trails I've ever done. This was one of the stops on our road trip from Michigan to Maine. I'm so glad we did it!

Beautiful! Just watch out for the ice under the snow if you go in winter.

Hike this almost everyday. Almost never see anyone. Excellent path network

4 months ago

A bit littered and muddy, but to be expected in a city hike. Nice views. Have to cross the road once or twice.

nice for a city hike.

Nice easy hike after the initial rocky start. Better view and spirit than Beam Rocks.

5 months ago

Nice, mostly flat hike to a fantastic overlook. Roads to the trailhead parking lot are rough. I entered the GPS coordinates for the trailhead into my car's GPS, and it ended up taking me down a series of gravel roads until the road became someone's private driveway. I had to turn around and try a different direction until I was rerouted onto Laurel Summit Rd.

No dogs allowed on the Gorge Trail. Bummer.

6 months ago

We missed the parking area as well. We are also glad we read the reviews because we found road 180b and turned around. We even ended up parking in the parking area to allow a logging truck to pass and we still missed it so you have to keep your eyes open, the trailhead is off to the right of the parking area. The hike is shorter than 1.7 miles, atleast it feels like it. It is so beautiful once you get down there, definitely worth it and getting a little lost on these beautiful back roads is fun all in itself!

6 months ago

Nice trail little loose footing beautiful falls and boulders

Gorgeous trail, went there during the end of the season (October). This specific trail is beautiful in fall. The hike is EASY! There isn't much to hike. We started at the upper entrance from George Trail and returned with Indian trail.

6 months ago

Lots of rocks but a nice little trail with some great views

Great walking trails and beautiful scenery.

Great views. A little confusing at the west end of the loop just north if Greenleaf St,

love this hike with awesome view.

6 months ago

It was a serene hike and not very busy great view to hike to but be careful once you get to the rocks no safety net watch where you step lots of tree roots and rocks

This trail has a lot to offer to a lot of different people. It’s pretty easy, so it’s great for beginners but it also so rich in beauty and unique nature that it will entertain even the most experienced. It also happens to be located in a quaint little town with some really great dinner spots. Do yourself a favor and grab a glass of wine when you finish, after all, you are in the best wine region on the east coast, so why not?

7 months ago

Fantastic in and out hike. This is my go to option when I have a few hours on a weekend or something. The view from the rocks is beautiful year round and the actual hike is very doable. Long stretches of laurel and rhododendron tunnels. Long stretches of ferns which look beautiful in the fall when they change to yellow. Grab a book and head out for a few hours on the rocks, but be careful for rattler snakes in the colder months, they sun themselves on the rocks!

Lot of people. Lovely trail but v busy

7 months ago

Awsome view

Great trail! The loop is pretty rocky however, so be prepared to watch where your feet are falling, but the trail portion is well groomed and significantly less full of rocks, and the view at the overlook portion is absolutely fantastic, maybe one of the best overlooks in West PA and it blows away Beams Rocks for sure!

Glad we read the reviews ahead of time, we did follow the directions from all trails, but we're glad someone said that 180b is too far down the road. When we got there we realized we needed to turn around, and it was the last turn off before 180b. The trail looks like an deer path from the small parking area, but it's much more defined once you get past the grass.

It was easy to follow, though definitely of moderate difficulty with the steep incline on your way back. It was shorter than all trails lists it as, more like 1 or 1.5 miles round trip. Beautiful waterfall in spite of the dry weather we've had, definitely worth the hike. We took our two dogs along as well and they had a great time. Very secluded trail, and we saw no other hikers.

7 months ago

Great hike - went with kids (6 and 8 yr old) and they did great. If you are going with kids, recommend you go counter clock-wise (keep on wolf rocks trails and on the way back come thru wolf rocks loop). If you start out on wolf rocks loop, its a climb and would be difficult with younger kids.
Also while at Wolf Rocks keep an eye out for rattle snakes! You are in the wild and be alert!

I did this trail over the weekend it was very well marked, and easy to follow the loop. The trail itself is rocky in parts, but its nothing to rough at all mostly its a nice wide trail easy for anyone to hike. When you get to Wolf Rocks the view is nice and there are rocks you can climb on if you want to get a better vantage point. I would hike this again it was easy, fun, and worth the view.

First, it's a beautiful natural wonder that is awe inspiring. Be warned, it's very crowded and a lot of people on the trail are incredibly inconsiderate and rude. Try ignoring them and enjoy the beauty (it's well worth it).

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