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Joshua Tree National Park, CA Map

A fun little loop amongst the rocks and various vegetation of Joshua Tree. The trail is pretty short and easy, and has a lot of opportunities for exploration amongst the rocks. The history of the valley is pretty cool so take the time to read the informational signs.

Definitely more “touristy” due to the short length and ease of the hike, but still fun to see.

23 hours ago

One of my favorite hikes in Joshua Tree. Lots of cool vegetation and rock formations, and the oasis is a great place to break for a lunch below the palms. The view between the mountains approaching the oasis is great, as are the views on almost the entire return hike, where the San Jacinto mountains and Salton Sea can be seen.

Either on the way there or the way back make sure to stop by Mastodon Peak for some amazing views. The path up to the very top is just a bunch of boulders that need to be scrambled over, but it isn’t very challenging and is very much worth it.

1 day ago

I did this trail on a cool winter day and it was delightful. I would not attempt it on a hot and sunny day, as it offers little shade (like all hikes in JT). The scenery and views are incredible. There are more trees and wildlife here than in other parts of the park.

Nice easy trail. Spectacular view at the top.

5 days ago

The oasis is NOT anticlimactic. It’s absolutely beautiful seeing and (surprisingly) smelling a hidden grove of giant palms in the middle of the montane desert. Fed by an underground spring, the trees have an incredibly sweet, woody smell.

Nice hike for getting a feel for the environment of Joshua Tree - spiky plants, rolling desert hills and rocky features, maybe a few critters. The oasis itself is neat but not spectacular, fun to climb down to. The climb into the oasis is really the only tricky part terrain-wise, all the rest is slightly hilly trail but not too steep.
Did in Feb. 2018 and the weather was in the high 70's the whole morning. Took 3-4 hours, a feasible way to spend a morning or an afternoon.

Fun little loop with lots of rocks to scramble onto and over if you please! Would be a great place to take kids

An enjoyable hike. Very popular, and an inviting ‘starter hike’ for those new to desert hiking around Palm Springs and area.

Easy fun loop trail. Fun sights to see and very accessible.

Fun trip, the mine structure is a fun place to have lunch...

This is a highly underrated hike, and one of my favorites. Parking was crowded but the trail was nearly empty. I recommend climbing the lost horse mountain peak as it provides one of the best views in the park. The entire hike took us around 4 hours with several stops and a lunch break. Don't skip this one!

This trail was easy, no real elevation gains and was one of the more scenic areas. You are surrounding by rocks on all side once you enter. We were hear at dusk so the light made the experience all the better.

17 days ago

This was a moderate hike for me, we took the mastodon rock loop to start so it ended up over 8 miles total. Was nice and scenic though the oasis at the end a little anticlimactic.

19 days ago

Should be rated as moderate because of the first half mile.

Nice diverse hike. Great views. Mine is really cool. Loved the Joshua trees

21 days ago

Lots and lots of water is recommended and sun screen

21 days ago

Nice hike through a part of the desert with very diverse Fauna. There is always something to see. The Oasis is not spectacular but worth seeing. I fully recommend this trail.

22 days ago

Great hike! We went clockwise and it took us about 3 hours with plenty of stops. The mine was so cool to see, spotted lots of ravens and lizards along the way. The Joshua trees were beautiful! It was 60 and sunny but a bit breezy—I had on a fleece but wish I would have brought another layer with me.

Beautiful but overrrun. This trail offers Joshua Tree NP in a box...with nice rock formations, joshua trees and other desert fauna, and some history.

This trail was a pleasant experience. It starts with a hike through the desert hills until you arrive ah Lost Horse Mine. Afterwards, the best part of the trail (east of Lost Horse Mountain) provides spectacular views of the desert basins to the East. Finally, the trail follows a wash through a field of Joshua Trees back to the parking lot.

This is a must see if you are in coachella valley!!! Easy walk for almost anyone. Gorgeous tall palm forest in the middle of a dessert. Educated volunteers who were very accommodating but they close promptly at 4:30. Very cool. Highly recommend

24 days ago

Amazing hike with lots to see in the middle of a dessert!!! The hike was more beautiful than the destination (the lost palm oasis). Bring lots of water and snacks

Awesome. The trail is very well marked and easy to find. It starts with about 2 miles of easy, rolling, sand-like paths. The final part of the trail is great- amazing views and fun passages through canyons, etc. Make sure to bring water and sun protection!!!

26 days ago

Hiked on Sunday, 2/18/18. Great hike in and out. Trail down to the palms was a little sketchy. Fantastic weather. Sunny but cool. Well worth the hike.

A few thoughts on this trail:
It's well marked, easy to find, easy to follow. Seemed to be good for trail running or even mountain biking or a less intense hike. It wasn't particularly technical in terms of foot placement or terrain type: most of it was a nice even sand-like path. Other reviewers are right though, the incline was aggressive for the first 1/2 mile. Not much to look at though compared to other trails in the area, and there was a fair amount of people. A good workout, but didn't do it for me overall.

Short 1 mile hike. Gives a real feel for the park. Breathtaking rock formations and all kinds of desert plants. The trail is marked very well and has signs explaining what you're seeing.

1 month ago

A fun trail as described, but the trail is far from easy (should be classified as moderate). It is very steep for the first 150 yards, and then is a serious 1.3 mile, uphill climb to the cross. Also, the directions show a left turn to parking at the end; however, a right turn at the end will also take you to parking and is in the direction of the trailhead.

beautiful winter hike

1 month ago

We followed directions on Google maps but couldn't find the Cross Trail trailhead. Instead there is a sign for the Homestead trail. We expected "easy" to mean "flat." Instead, the trail starts with a steep grade uphill.

A great first intro hike to Joshua Tree! Very easy but with lots of great things to see. Takes less than an hour.

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