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Real easy and short trail away from the crowds. Shouldn’t need 4x4 but check conditions, pick good lines, and be aware of where you stop/go. Some sandy sections but not deep at all. Whole lot of washboards in the beginning. Drove a 1500 Silverado through with no scratches, some shrubs got real close tho. M
Trail might get over grown certain parts of the year so cautious. I would definitely come back and grill up some lunch here just to be away from the masses. There are backcountry camping areas and hiking trails on this trail as well.

Extremely short but absolutely breathtaking at sunset. And easy to get to the top and just admire.

We did this together with the high view nature trail- it was cool to see Yucca Valley from above but it’s very short and quite steep in areas.

Well maintained trail ,be ready to hike 4 miles to see few but awesome Joshua trees

Did this in a stock 2018 Crosstrek the day after Thanksgiving and had no issues. Take it all with a grain of salt as rainfall and use will change conditions so be sure to stop at the visitor's center outside the park, ask a ranger about the road conditions, and pick up one of the tour pamphlets. It was a great day out there and the landscape was beautiful. We ended up spending our entire time in the park in this area because it was away from the crowds.

It was a bit washboardy at the beginning and end but otherwise the trail was in reasonably good shape for us. Definitely would advise against rolling the dice with a sedan or low clearance SUV, though. And there's a bit of loose sand in spots, so 4 or AWD is definitely the way to go.

So it was readily accessible to a soft-roader with good ground clearance like the Crosstrek. Just keep in mind that especially if you're not in a more purpose-built vehicle like a Wrangler, just be prepared and be comfortable with your vehicle. There's no cell service out there, and one of the great selling points of this area is you're not likely to see many other people, so if you break down or get stuck, it could be a while.

Great easy trail, clearly marked, and a fun introduction to trail/off-road driving!!!

2 months ago

Moderate loop with more interesting vegetation and birds than other trails around Eureka Mountain.

Fun overnighter camping out with the Cougars..

Camped overnight to take pictures of the Perseids meteor shower and drove through on the way out of JT in the morning.

Did the full loop; trail had bad wash-boarding/ really bumpy at the beginning for a quite a while. The trail was mostly sand and some loose rock. Views were nice and only saw one other car on the trail.

Fun to drive, easy road, can be muddy and can be sandy.

The tour is beautiful! Snakes back through rock formations. I wouldn't advise anyone going not in 4x4, despite the other reviews. Digging yourself out of the sand would be a huge bummer in 105° weather.

We did it in a factory 2018 Tacoma (9.4 inch lift). Two rock crawling sections, everything else was sand. Probably took us just short of 2 hours and was gorgeous. We did the Berdoo Canyon add on as well.

Drove this in a base model Discovery Sport with factory all season tires and did not need to take it out of highway mode. Saw no other cars. Maybe due to the 100 degree temperatures. Made sure to get the 2 page print out from the visitors centre. The marker posts are often difficult to spot.

horseback riding
7 months ago

Starts out nice and easy, then gets a little more technical with some loose rocks, the some steep large rocks. Better if your horse is in shape and has shoes. Felt like i needed a mountain goat at some points. Trails are marked and in places where it might be iffy they have dead joshua trees blocking the wrong way.

Easy trail, have done this several times in a Sierra 2500 Z71, 3” lift and 33x10.5 Ko2s. Only time I have ever needed 4 high was when it had lightly rained the morning of, and at that i could have probably just picked a better line and got through it with rear locked but 4x4 was easier.

Great trail. Didn't need the 4 wheel drive. Not very crowded. Only saw a couple vehicles. Great views of rocks and was able to stop at a few and get out and walk around.

Incredible and easy. Terrain changes from open and flat to Boulders and rock formations.


nice views

A fantastic overnighter (Indian Cove-Willow Hole-back). One of the better trails for a moderate backpack trip in JT and nice for a solo excursion. All the uphill is near the beginning at Indian Cove, followed by cathedrals of rock formations. Going in ~5 miles to camp in the rocks is nice, then ~13 miles to Willow Hole and back.

Tips: Camping is only on the west side of the Boy Scout trail and not allowed on the Willow Hole trail. There's a lot of sandy washes so gaiters might be good. Midweek is nice and quiet. Take sun protection seriously and pack lots of water! That's standard fare for JT but being 6+ miles from anything means "for reals."

Beautiful!! Slightly uphill the whole way but awesome view everywhere — I ran 1 hour in but next time I’d like to run 1:20 in so pretty!!

Trail is well marked, as well as unremarkable. Wash running uphill with a few rocks here and there. Found dirty water at willow hole. Cool rock formations once there. This would be an awesome trail to do right after a big rain, as the majority of it is in a wash.

Hiked Saturday on a cold weather day, stayed out with snow flurries, midway through cold wind and sun. Will do again when the weather is warmer
Beautiful views

off road driving
Monday, January 15, 2018

Easy trail out and back via a 4WD in the loop portion. 2WD would be ok if higher clearance vehicle. Family sedan would be too low for some rocky portions. Nice to get away from the crowds!

Monday, January 01, 2018

We would not call this hard, moderate. Although is says best from March to Oct we went Jan 1 and it was great. It would be awesome during wild flower blooming time.

Monday, January 01, 2018

Wonderful hike, highly recommended!

off road driving
Saturday, December 30, 2017

Geology road tour was in great condition. Some spots had washboard, but nothing terrible. Views were excellent, didn’t manage to grab a map with the description of the markers so we made up our own description. Next time will grab the map. I agree with the previous comments: The signs say 4 wheel drive only, but really it is not needed. Did this in a stock 14 Subaru Forester and had no issues.

Friday, October 27, 2017

It’s beautiful! Thousands and thousands of butterflies and lady bugs, so much your walking through them!!! Beautiful even for young kids!

Totally fun awesome trail, make sure to check out canyon view trail

Saturday, October 14, 2017

I chose this trail due to its proximity to Morongo Valley and I’m so glad I did. While I am an experienced hiker, I did this hike with a newbie— my five year old niece, who loves to hike and is a Palm Springs native. We started just before 9am, and finished shortly after 12 noon. We had frequent stops. First, to eat our lunch 1/2 a mile in... She was hungry...kids are always hungry. Then to see all the animals, which she insisted on counting. I taught her how to follow a trail, how to navigate bees safely, and how to avoid stepping in horse dung! Hahaha! When I told her she had completed her first mile, she was so excited and proud of herself. She said, “I want another one.” Lucky for her, we had two more to go. We stopped to drink water, to stretch , take in the views. And, when she finally finished... She was so excited— she probably could have kept going. But, we opted to celebrate with milkshakes instead. It gets hot, so, I would advise bringing lots of water, sunglasses, and if you’re as lucky as we were, it’ll be a breezy day that will cut down the heat significantly.

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