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The Vista Trail was very easy & very short, 1.25m of pretty flat hike with little immediate scenery, and then BAM! you get to the vista and wow, you're looking across miles and miles of gorgeousness. Did this hike based on the distance & the glowing words of the reviewer below me, and took the wash loop back. This was both a blessing & a curse (no fault of the reviewer). Dropping into the ruggedness of the S. end of the wash was incredible, after having so little to see on most of the vista trail. But after getting out of the rugged portion into the wash it was less enchanting. It was a v. hot day, and in the wash there was little breeze. The last 1/3 of the wash is all loose sand and slightly inclined, so it was a pretty wretched hot dry when-is-this-going-to-end slog. Other than the sand part, which was more tiring than expected, there is nothing difficult about this hike, it's a terrific off-the-beaten-path gem and I absolutely plan to go back. I think starting from Queen Canyon Mine might be the key, if heat is a factor.

30 days ago

A short walk that can be done no matter how hot it is, which does come in handy in summer. Pretty rock formations around and we saw a rather impressive chuckawalla lizard.

It is a short and very easy trail. It does have some very interesting and beautiful rock formations. Great for taking pictures. The information signs are very informative and interesting.

Good loop with chances for rock scrambling if so inclined. Nice for a short trail run.

Best hike we did in Joshua Tree. AllTrails says it’s an in and out but when you arrive there is a loop trail marked, take the Loop!!! The backside of the loop drops you into a valley that is far better then the famed Hidden Valley Trail. Start early and you will see tons of wild hares and rabbits. Parts are in the wash that can be a little confusing so just keep an eye out for the trail signs...if your unsure just push on slightly looking for the signs, if in doubt double back and try another wash, just stick with it. Super secluded, we saw no one on our 2.5 hour walk.

Nice one, worth doing with the other small one around like discovery and skull rock, but it does get repetitive. Still, it gives a good feeling for what is around

Maybe I missed what was special about this, but I would personnally skip it. It's not very different then other small hike in the area. Of course if you are camping there, why not?

3 months ago

It's a short trail but maybe the most interesting one.

3 months ago

The sight is similar to some other trais in this park. Many rocks with various shapes.

3 months ago

Actually I didn't find this rock like a cap. Not as interesting as many other rooks in this park. However, it's luck that we saw some people climbing the rock beside the trail. They are great!

Enjoyed the elevation changes, dramatic rock formations with interesting spaces between, and variations in the trail’s composition (loose rock, sand, hard rock, etc.)

Great rock formations, lots of lookouts, and some different path compositions through the trail.

Did the "figure of 8" track that included Jumbo and Skull rock as well. Parked at Split Rock. The trail is well marked throughout and in very good condition. It's a popular area of the Park, so a fair number of people around. Lots of bouldering throughout if you want. Very few "weak areas/dull areas" - the campground mostly. Little bit of sandy wash walking, but not a lot. Nothing steep or "ledgy". Very strong JT rock features. Also a little desert rolling hills landscape walking. Definitely one of the better JT walks. My definite cut off regarding desert hiking is around 90 degrees ambient temp, unless there's some noticeable wind.

We went anti-clockwise on the north trail and came back through the centre along the maze loop trail. Lovely hike with great views. We did not see any other people the whole time. Lots of opportunities to scramble onto nearby mountains to get even greater views to the north. If you're looking for lots of Joshua Trees this isn't the greatest hike. Well marked trail, we had no issues at all. Wildflowers were just about to bloom...which was disappointing for us but exciting for the next few weeks!

off road driving
4 months ago

Great trail for beginner to intermediate. Drove 2018 Raptor. Started on North entrance (Geology Tour Rd). First half is just dirt road, which has a lot of washboard sections. But then it gets interesting and the Raptor’s capabilities came into play. Nothing that the truck couldn’t handle with ease even if it caused me to sweat. Make sure to take a spotter as wheel placement is key and the trail gets narrow. There are plenty of little side tracks to test out your skills including a few sand hills that are pretty intense.

Did this trail from Black Rock Canyon campground to Ryans camp over this past weekend with scouts from BSA Troop 384. Great scenery, excellent weather.

4 months ago

short and relaxing! awesome views and not crowded!

We did this an hour before sunset and it was delightfully empty. There were lots of beautiful rock formations, lush flora and distant landscapes to look at. I found it much more interesting than some of the other trails. It was long enough to be a satisfying workout and short enough to not be tiring.

4 months ago

Very short hike but nice views and not too crowded.

There are some spots where the trail is not clearly marked. Just watch for other people and you will find your way. I had a knee injury when I went so it seemed a little bit more moderate than easy. There are a lot of interesting rock formations, but I’m still not sure which one is considered to be “split rock”.

Well marked and there are green blazes on rocks on the Maze Loop. I started before dawn on a Tuesday in March and had the whole thing to myself until the end. Northview is spectacular!

First off road adventure - novice four wheeler. Entered from Geology Tour Trail. plenty of time to get u sedan to the feel of 4 wheel drive before encountering the "moderate section"

We were in a jeep Wrangler Rubicon. high clearance is definitely recommended. Needed to spot the road ahead twice - mostly because of inexperience. Narrow areas, some rock hopping through the narrow wash down to Dillon Road.
Had a great time

A short and easy hike through some interesting rock formations and vegetation. The informational signs in the area are pretty neat. There’s fun to be had scrambling around the rocks.

The trail isn’t really labeled until you get up close, but it’s in the White Tank campground.

Definitely more “touristy” due to the short length and ease of the hike, but still fun to see. Would recommend doing this either earlier or later in the day to beat or follow the crowds as there is sometimes some congestion around Arch Rock.

5 months ago

short trail but hike around the arch for more views

Short hike but cool photo opportunity with the arch. If you feel adventurous there are rocks to scramble around. It’s a good hike to end the day.

Short easy hike with some opportunity for some cool easy rock climbing.

This place is really something to be experienced. I read a lot of write-ups on this loop saying how poorly marked the trail is, but I think many of those were outdated. Once you find the parking area at the trail head (located at mile marker 24 along Park Blvd) you will find good signage on the trail...the only challenge is to actually stay on the trail. There are rocks and branches that are strategically placed to guide you. As long as you are paying attention these are easy to spot. Regardless I would highly suggest a compass and map for this trail (my GPS failed about 20 yards from the car) People have gotten lost here and it has ended tragically, so why take any chances

Short and sweet hike to a nice arch Rock! be early since parking is very limited

easy but dank

Lots of scrambling on rocks. Hard to find but keep looking and you’ll get there. This is also a camp site. Beautiful rock formations. Pictures don’t do it justice. Easy to get caught up and get lost.... but easy also easy to find your way back

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