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Camped here over the weekend. Some Ladders were broken and were missing rungs. Today as we were packing up and leaving we saw another group bringing in brand new ladders to replace the broken ones. I want to say Thank You to that group for making sure others enjoy this spot. #NotAllHeroesWearCapes

Not closed. Great trail. We went left to head towards the ropes. It’s very narrow in spots and not good for someone who is claustrophobic. But worth it if you like an adventure. We hiked the ridge and looped around to the ladders. We did 6 miles.

Very easy “walk in the park” type of trail that was absolutely breath taking! A must see while in Joshua Tree!

This is not a hike more of an attraction. Great spot for an Instagram picture. Just try not to fall into a cactus while taking your selfie (saw 3 unhappy people picking thorns out of their legs after doing this!)

You hike to a campground - better trails in the park for sure

Everything is good to go. The last 1.8 ish miles in is a little soft but it’s beautiful

Ladder Canyon is open, as is Painted Canyon, it is possible to do the full loop. There is one ladder missing in Ladder Canyon but there is a rope there. I was just through there a couple of days ago. Painted Canyon Rd is also open but it is very soft towards the end, 2WD cars were parked alongside the road. 4x4 were OK.

The problem with the road isn't deep ruts but very loose sand.

Box Canyon Road is officially closed just past the Painted Canyon Rd, however as was said below you can go through with a 4x4, or dual sport motorcycle. The "road" has soft, loose sand in many places. It is often easier to just drive on the hard packed wash.

Heading back today to check it out. Box canyon is apparently closed but painted canyon remains open. We love this place to much not to try and make it in. I’m bringing a shovel to try and flatten out any deep ruts from the rain.

I’ll keep this updated today.

Easy hike to get started.

Good for the history bluffs, great for the nature buffs, and was way cool for the earthquake bluffs. When you are all three, it's awesome. wish I'd started earlier and planned more to explore, and maybe take a volunteer guided hike.

About 10 am on November 7th. 80°F, much cooler under the shade of the trees.

Any updates on the road and trail conditions of the Ladders? Is it still washed out?

We drove down box canyon road even though it was closed.

The road IS completely washed away and we do not recommend taking this way if you do not have 4x4/AWD and some experience driving in loose sand.

Last mile or so on painted canyon road should not be tried unless you have 4x4, you could get stuck VERY easily.

We didn’t finish the entire hike, just 4 miles out and back, but there were no ladders, just a rope that is creatively added using tie downs.

We absolutely loved this hike, very remote and highly recommend it. The painted canyon is absolutely gorgeous

Ranger station reports the southern half of this trail is closed. You can’t do the loop.

Rewarding and easy one mile hike with lots of different plants. Good signage, though the busy nature of it means that people are all over the place.

Many rocks to climb on and beautiful views from the top of them!

I agree with the 4x4 recommendations if you want to drive all the way to the trailhead. We took a 2wd rental car to within 1 mile of trailhead and parked it and then walked the rest of the way in. Any farther would have resulted in a stuck car as the road became quite soft. Even getting to that point requires a LOT of attentiveness while driving as there are soft spots you do NOT wanna be driving slow thru. The hike itself was outstanding and memorable. A bucket list item for anyone who has never done a slot canyon!!! The ladders are not in great shape. Kinda sketchy but very doable for anyone in relatively decent shape.

Awesome and scenic trail! We have done this numerous times. If your lucky you will see an amazing waterfall!!!

Enjoyable. Crowded on front end because of entertainment value to young children but as the trails get further along its much more peaceful. The surroundings are beautiful with mountain ranges in all directions. Low elevation makes it more of a long stroll with little huffing and puffing.

An easy going trail in the rocks

my brothers Chevy Tahoe got stuck in the loose gravel about 100yds from trail entrance so 4x4 or awd is recommended. beautiful canyons. At the top of the trail the ladder is damaged but we still got thru with pieces of wood from the original ladder. I would hike this again! I wish a local would bring up new ladders.

17 days ago

A hike during the night so not able to view all that this hike can offer. But overall very easy and although again without any proper markers, there is no fear of losing the path anytime.

It’s a nice cactus garden with great views of the valley. Stay on the trail, these cacti seem to jump when you are even slightly close to to them. They hurt like hell it get them off!!

Amazing expansive valley hidden behind the rocks. Knowing that it was created by destroying the rocks and making the passage makes it accessible for trail hikers and also explains how it was hidden for so long. Again. Good opportunity for rock climbers on the way

18 days ago

Very easy hike and nice rock formation. Tip: take picture from left bottom side of rock for best perspective

I hiked on this trail 2 years ago and it was great, however we went today and what once was a road that everyone could travel, only 4x4’s could get thru. We almost got stuck and had to park 2 miles up the road. We helped dig out two other cars that got stuck. We also couldn’t do the loop due to ladders missing and the others were broke. This trail was so great before but I don’t recommend wasting time to go out there.

Simple, quiet walk in the desert sun and a lot of different cacti.

Went the back way and got lost twice. Keep the map open if you do this. We went through painted canyon and saved the ladders for last. But yes, ladders were missing. Also, four wheeler is mandatory to get to the hike. We almost got stuck in the sand. We parked two miles from the parking lot but thankful the hiking community is so nice that we got to hitchhike to the trail and back from two different parties. Other than that it was a great experience and a must do.

on The Maze Loop

20 days ago

Great. Combined with window loop and north canyon loop. Didn’t see another hiker in 4hours! Plan appropriately.

it is now washed out. the ladders are not in place and boulders displaced and washed down. will need a lot of work. the October storm did great damage.

best one mile hike in the world

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