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The view from Mastedon Peak is terrific, although you have to be comfortable with a little boulder scrambling to achieve the absolute top.

As of October 2018 the portion of Mastedon Loop which coincides with the Lost Palms Oasis Trail is closed due to minor flood damage. There is no signage to indicate this if you start the Loop at the campground and go clockwise. Don’t know why, with all those rangers hanging out at the visitor center none thought to inform the hikers.

Awesome hike! Moderately difficult on the way up, easy strolling on the way down. Bring a windbreaker if you can!

Easy. Easy. Easy.

Fine it several times. Easy hike. Nice mine at the end.

Done it 3 times. Once in 105 degree weather
It’s a good trail. Not simple, not too hard.

5 days ago

This is a very enjoyable trail and easy to trek. But there is not enough directions on where it starts and ends. You just have to guess at what you’re doing.

on Contact Mine Trail

5 days ago

It needs more sign posts directing the way. Other than that it’s a wonderful hike. The scenery is fantastic!! The mine and the old equipment is a great reminder of days gone by.

5/5 stars, great views of the park, some cool boulders and the oasis at the end was cherry on top! Definitely worth the trek. We had to start from the campgrounds and do the loop behind the Cottonwood Springs campground due to the road being washed out. Added an extra 2 or 2.5 miles, making the hike about 4 hours total.

Fantastic ✨

Awesome experience second time around.

Did this hike two days ago. Cottonwood Trail, the main trail to Lost Palms, and the road to it, are closed due to being washed out from floods. If you want to hike to Lost Palms you can park at Campground A-B and take the trail toward Mastodon Peak. Once you pass the gold mine and Mastodon Peak go down the hill to Lost Palms Oasis Trail and take a left. Then it’s the Trail as normal to List Palms. This way adds about 1.5-2 miles to the normal hike. Great views as always.

Great option for the hiker wanting a slight challenge with rewarding view! Loved learning from the nature trail markers along the way.

off road driving
8 days ago

I love old dale rd. A lot of really cool spots to check out. I’ve driven it several times and I prefer the S to N route starting inside the park. Remember to air down and for all you tourists out there , don’t drive your one wheel drive car through there. It’s going to bottom out, scrap the rocks break down then you will be stranded. As far as 4x4. I leave my truck in 2 Hi. It’s not needed, you just need to be a competent driver. I am not advising to drive the rd without it.

Rock stairs!

Well kept trail. Good views of rugged desert terrain. Oasis is cool break. Palms are great.

11 days ago

This was a fantastic hike! Just under 3 miles, completed btwn 12:30pm and 2pm on Saturday, Nov 3rd. Great views during the entire hike with 360 degree views at the top. Listed as ‘Easy’ on AllTrails, the trail is very clean and well kept, but moderately strenuous for the 1.5 miles to the top. Hope to be able to do again in the future as a run.

on Careys Castle Trail

11 days ago

This trail is still closed. Security pulled up immediately and told us it was a private road and there is no access to trail.

13 days ago

Nice, short steep hike. 3.5 stars if there was a half star allowed. Views are the similar throughout the trail. Did see some mountain sheep about half way on the trail.

17 days ago

Short but rewarding hike with panoramic views from the summit. Rather steep on the way up, but manageable for anyone in reasonable shape. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a shorter hike, it took approximately 90 minutes at a leisurely pace with time for photos at the top.

Our favorite hike in the park, highly recommended! I’d rate this as moderate difficulty, short sections with some rapid ascent / decent, but overall mild. Nice variety of scenery throughout the hike, expansive views towards the east after the mine, lots of interesting flora / fauna throughout the hike. We hiked clockwise, from the trailhead starting at the parking lot, which is definitely the easier direction. Go the opposite way for more challenge. Either way, do yourself a favor and do the entire loop. Most hikers went to mine and turned around, but they missed out on the best part of the hike. The access road is not paved, but any vehicle should be able to navigate it.

We did this trail as a night hike and it was pretty awesome. May want to bring gloves as there is a ton of bouldering to be had.

off road driving
23 days ago

I took this road as part the geology scenic road with my fiancée in Joshua Tree. It first starts as dirt then it transitions into Berdoo canyon (all gravel). We were driving 2017 jeep grand cherokee 4x4. You definitely need high clearance, also some tires with a bit a of side wall. Low tire pressure is recommended especially with so many small sharp rocks. I recommend you get a spotter on certain parts to make it easier. If your driving a lifted truck or suv with good tires it should be a breeze. BTW. Talk about the Hills Have Eyes, the entire canyon gave us that vibe. All in all not to bad if you have the proper off road vehicle. Good Luck!

23 days ago

good medium length hike with intense elevation, it will have your legs aching. great 360 degree vista at the top and many beautiful rock formations. we saw lots of bighorn, they were badass. have fun get there early, in Oct we had face full of sunshine 80% of the way

Good hike- start earlier as the sun is intense and the hike is very exposed. Super dry climate so drink a lot of water! Lots is stairs and consistent incline all the way up. Good 360 views from the top.

off road driving
25 days ago

Went to Berdoo with stock Jeep Grand Cherokee and Subaru Outback with BF KO2 tires. (No lift on both cars). We took the trails towards south which made obstacles much easier for our rides. 2 inch lift would make this trail very easy. Our only problem was the ground clearance. Pretty much any SUV can make this trail towards south. If you are planing to start from Palms Springs and finish at Joshua Tree, make sure that you have some better ground clearance than stock SUVs.

We went clockwise on the trail because we could. Yes, it’s a little hard on the switch backs but it’s builds endurance. Great view on top
You start around 4000ft . 1150ft elevation gain to of approximately 5150 ft .

Pretty but VERY crowded

Fun overnighter camping out with the Cougars..

Hiking was easy and definitely not difficult unless you have never hiked and don’t do any exercise. The views were spectacular.

Great views over the ridge. Loved hiking the wash. Awesome Joshua tree forest just above the park.

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