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2 days ago

Cool area. Parking is weird. I would park at the campground.

10 days ago

A nice, quiet trail that gives a good feel for the landscape of JT. There are no spectacular views here by any means, but it’s a nice trail to walk, it’s (relatively) well marked, and has quite a few other trails nearby if you’d like to get some more elevation. We did not find it quite as solitary as some other reviews, but your mileage may vary depending on the time of day and season.

10 days ago

Easy short trail. End of it leads to ruins of the old ranch that you can walk through. Good hike for those who are looking for an easy walk.

Short but really beautiful hike. The landscape changes a lot and a bit of rock climbing needed at certain points.

Fun short hike with a lot of cactuses to see

Easy and great scenery!

15 days ago

Great flat trail. Well marked and the map on AllTrails app really helped to stay on trail. We started around 9am and did not see a single other hiker on the trail. It is nice quiet and peaceful.

Really nice flat trail - great for kids to run and climb rocks and still interesting enough to keep the grown ups happy! Beautiful and interesting rock formations all along the trail. Well worth the trip!!

This is the perfect hike in my opinion. 2 miles of beautiful views and interesting terrain (not all flat or boring by any means). Loved this!

Great views, pretty easy trail. Got there early and there was plenty of parking, but as we were leaving the parking lot was full with multiple people waiting for spots.

trail running
19 days ago

This took us about an hour going a slow jogging pace - you never really feel the elevation gain because it’s so beautiful that you’re distracted! Insanely beautiful and highly recommend as a flatter, but just as beautiful mid-length trail!

20 days ago

Simple, pleasant. Beautiful views east and west from the trailhead at sunset

Our first trail in JT and a delightful one. We started on the south trail and it was a beautiful meander into the backside maze. Must do trail that took about 2.5hrs to go 5 miles. Nothing hard or strenuous about this hike and it has great diversity of view

Gentle, quieter, interesting.

Quick, easy stroll on a manicured path. A huge patch of chollas sitting in an alluvial plain is a unique sight and it's right off the main road so it would be silly not to stop and take a look. We were hoping for some spectacular photos during the golden hour at sunset and we got there in time but at this time of year the sun sets behind the tall peaks before the sky starts changing colors. For photography purposes it would have been better to visit at the sunrise. We still got some great photos and we're glad we went.

Good trail for tourists or beginners like me!

This is a BEAUTIFUL trail! Do not miss it!

Very easy and plenty of areas to explore off trail. We climbed some boulders and explored past the arch. There is a campground right next to it.

Nice easy trail. The Willow Trees were golden and the light was great.

Excellent introductory hike to Joshua Tree. Includes a small bit of fun rock scrambling. This is one of the more popular hikes and for good reason - you get a sampling of the wonderful rock formations, boulder piles, wildlife, vegetation and more that Joshua Tree NP is known for. Trail is well marked. We were lucky to see plenty of water at the dam. Great for families, newbie hikers and people short on time.

1 month ago

This is a hike located just below 29 Palms on the east side of the park. Its short and easy with an natural arch at the end.

The Barker Dam Trail is a great introduction into the wonderful world of Joshua Tree. Seasonally there may be water at the dam and the ancient Cahuilla petroglyphs are always a treat. And if it's an exceptionally good day, there might be bighorn sheep cautiously crossing the trail!

Well worth the stop and very scenic.

We've done this hike many times during different seasons. Great short hike to the dam. We went in March, there was a small amount of water, LOTS of mosquitoes. We went early in the morning and we saw plenty of frogs as well.

Walked it with our three-year-old on foot and 1-year-old in a stroller. Had to stroller-carry at points, but it was manageable. Water at the dam was low and stagnant, but my wife got some great pictures of the rocks reflecting in the pool. Beautiful walk through the Joshua Trees at sunset.

This is not a hike more of an attraction. Great spot for an Instagram picture. Just try not to fall into a cactus while taking your selfie (saw 3 unhappy people picking thorns out of their legs after doing this!)

nature trips
1 month ago

Loved this trail as there were a lot of beautiful rock formations and places to explore with my 5 year old.

You hike to a campground - better trails in the park for sure

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