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Gorgeous views all along the hike. The path was very clear and easy to follow. Some of the path was smooth and flat, parts of walking on a wooden path and parts of climbing up and down on rocks. Area is clean without trash or debris and was not heavily trafficked with people. Lots of great spots to place a tent if you were backpacking

Completely breathtaking scenery. After hiking mount Olympus this was a piece of cake. I think it should be rated as moderate.

1 day ago

The views are as good as it gets! We hiked on Labor Day, so lots of hikers and dogs. Not terribly strenuous and only took a few hours. The water at the lake above was cold and refreshing to swim in. I’ll definitely hike again with my dog.

It’s a pretty steep and rocky trail but a beautiful hike. I wish I had worn shoes with more ankle support. It was a little longer than anticipated but it is something you can spend the day on.

This one is a fun and everyday type hike. Beautiful views of downtown and the two mountain ranges. Also, at the peak there is great history of the landscape of the valley and how the city was developed overtime.

I found it to to be a good amount of challenge with great views as the pay off. Took a little over 4 hours round trip but I have not done much hiking this year so I’m not in the best shape. We went at about 8:30 and the bugs were not bad at all. It’s really nice that there are places to sit and rest once you get to the falls. Great views of the city as well. My garmen showed about 5,5 miles to lower falls.

Great hike. Beautiful relaxing spot when you get to Lake Mary.

So beautiful but for sure a doozy! Comparable to Squaw Peak if you’ve done that hike. Loved the views!

Worth the struggle

2 days ago

Pretty beautiful; enjoyed it. Great hike for a date with someone who isn’t that outdoorsy.

One of my favorite hiking spots. The scenery is amazing!

The trail leading up is extreme, it inclined so fast and steep. There is a lot of rocks and things you need to climb over. It’s beautiful, pace yourself and you should be good.

Let’s be clear and say that leaving your orange peels, pistachio shells, and Cheerios is not Leave No Trace. Please plan ahead or put that stuff in your backpack!

On a positive note, it was a fun hike that takes about an hour and a half each direction at a quick pace.

Awesome hike to a 360 degree view!

on Indian Trail

3 days ago

Great hike! I would suggest having two vehicles. One at 22nd Street and one at the canyon trailhead.

3 days ago

Great hike. Good to start early if possible. Steep climb. Good hiking shoes and plenty of water are advisable. There are many good spots for pictures. I took my camera, hammock, and day pack and spent the day around the lakes.

Good trail! You can either go for some time or a quick trail run!

is nice place

It took me 20 minutes at a moderate pace to go up and a little more than 20 minutes down. It's a bit rocky in some places, so if you're not confident on your footing, it feels slippery. It seems to always be crowded at the top.

"Bang for the buck," the best views available along the wasatch front considering the effort you make to get there. The trail is mostly shaded and this makes the fall colors amazing along the way. This is a very popular hike so weekends are busy and parking can be the biggest challenge. The trail is somewhat difficult if you don't either hike or workout regularly. Bring a lunch and enjoy the views at the lake.

The best hike I’ve ever been on. The views are amazing facing Sundial Peak and the view of where you came from is breathtaking. If you go on a weekday you’ll have significantly less crowds.

This was a beautiful hike but you now have to pay 6 dollars to park at the base of the hike or walk 2.2 miles to get to the hike.

3 days ago

Went on this trail last Friday and really enjoyed it!!! the lake was beautiful at the end of the hike and was perfect to relax at before heading down. the view was amazing and hoping to get back at it soon.

Beautiful stop on the way to lake Catherine.

This hike never disappoints. Beautiful fall colors this time of year.

6 days ago

Love this Hike I like to go up there from 22nd Street and look at the beautiful scenery.

Pretty steep until you get to the first lake, but it’s worth it!

This hike is deceiving, if you want to see a waterfall you have to go up an extra .7 ass kicking climb beyond the 2.2 miles in the app description. The app map has you going all that way so there measurement of miles is incorrect. At 2.2 there was a nice stream but nothing I would call a waterfall, may just be time of year as the water levels are low. We were happy we did it, but may have thought twice if we had a correct map or started earlier.

6 days ago

Really beautiful trail. If you’re planning on heading there this weekend, please keep an eye out for my dog, Maggie. She has been lost since 9/2/18 at Mohawk lake but is hopefully somewhere close by Granddaddy lake by now. She is a 60 lb black and white lab mix.

7 days ago

Beautiful trail. Arrived at trailhead at 6:30am on the weekend and was the first day hiker up to Lake Blanche at approximately 8:00am-8:15am. On my way down there was several people going up, but on my way up... nobody...

Fall colors are starting to show on the trail. Steep, but not steep enough where you are sliding down the trail. Lots of shade. Phenomenal Hike.

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