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Really nice hike. There's enough elevation gain with the summits too make this a nice workout that can be done in a couple hours. I like to take quick breather at the top of each hill and run back down it.

There is a lost dog, she is tan colored, about 50 pounds, long haired, possibly a shepherd or husky mix. She was spotted here about an hour ago. If you see her, please call her owner- Jon @ 480-593-5029. She is posted as missing in the Next Door App. Her name is Sierra, she is skiddish and has been missing since Friday. Thank you.

Very poor markings on trail, got a little lost but all in all beautiful hike, good running/biking trails.

Meh. It's OK but there's nothing that would bring me back out to do it again. If I had more time, some of the other trails that branched off of this loop had promise.

If the McDowell mountains were a nice jewelry store and you were looking for an engagement ring, this hike would qualify for the bargain basement ... that value corner option that will have to do when funds are limited. Continuously rocky throughout, I felt like I was “driving” down a poorly managed road/drainage wash full of potholes in desperate need of resurfacing. The second star comes from the views of the East Valley/South Scottsdale at the top of the range.

P.S. I will cop to bias in that I have been spoiled hiking all through the north side of the McDowells (Tom’s thumb, Brown’s ranch mountain, Granite mountain, Fraesfield, McDowell mountain park) for some time which are far superior in everything desert hikers want versus this trail. It’s like comparing the South rim of the Grand Canyon with the North rim.

Great hike! Gradual inclines and amazing scenery! I want to explore other trails branching off this one.

Moderate in difficulty. Watch your step on this trail, as there is a lot of loose rock and soil that can make it a bit hazardous. Hiking sticks are very helpful, and I recommend them.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Very nice easy trail.

There are lots of break off paths on 100. It always makes it interesting and different.

trail running
1 month ago

NIce trail for practice runs... do it clockwise and you get a nice downhill run!!!

My favorite moderate trail for a morning hike

I would rate this as easy to moderate, but I love riding my mountain bike here.
Most any bike can use it thou.

good trail. nice hike . but somewhat dull

A good challenging hike in the summertime. Last time I was here, I only did the loop and Dixie Summit.
This time I did both summits and the loop. Started getting a little hot and worn out towards the end of the hike, but it was worth it. A lot of good up and down on this one and pretty scenery. Just watch out for all of the Cholla cactus!

Hard hike. Elevation changes.

2 hours and 10 minuets from Tatum and 40 st to 15 th ave and peoria what a nice ride today loved every moment of this ride my cardio is getting a lot better from doing this trail

2 months ago

Easy hike, lots of birds. Saw plenty of pack rat nests too. A few bikers but otherwise quiet. Great for trail running.

Bike ride was epic a lot of climbs a lot of drops a lot of technical spots loved this

Our favorite trail in Phoenix.

3 months ago

This is a nice beginner trail, and trail to take children to - it has placards along the way that identify plantlife. Pick up a brochure at the entrance so that you can read what each placard references - you'll learn about packrats, for example.
And as much as I enjoyed this trail, it's not one to hike if you're looking for an exertion.
I like that there were only few other hikers. Parking was easy - it's a large, large parking lot.

Good flat trail for fast runs. Little rollers here and there to keep it from being too monotonous.

Nice hike, easy and quiet.

Fun trail occasionally hard to find. Some great views of red Mountain and the salt River. There are many other trails and washes that intersect. This makes it easy to take a quick short cut back to the beginning. We cut about 2 miles off the main trail by doing this. We didn’t want to do the whole 7 miles. We did about five.

Great hike. Lucky that it was a cloudy day. Good elevation gain, and enough switchbacks to keep the hike interesting.
Few people on the hike, so was peaceful. Look out for lizards.

Park for free by the bridge just before Granite Reef recreation site or roadside just after. Granite Reef requires a paid pass.

This is a great MTB trail. I was hiking and went off trail most of the time. I did a Little Rock hounding and found some nice quartz.

It’s straight up desert crossing, not featured, maintained hiking trails. I like that.

Quiet and relaxing.

I think the only parking area is about a mile away from the trail. You have to get a permit at the Walgreens on the way in ($8). I skipped this trail.

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