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11 hours ago

Just hiked this trail with my buddy yesterday (3/14/2018)-(3/15/2018) and man it was a tough one for sure. We planned on camping two nights but there was a lot more snow on the ground than we anticipated. The snow averaged anywhere from 5-9 inches throughout the trail. Wednesday we walked in roughly 5 miles and camped by the Iron Bridge after parking off of 220. There were three campsites and they were all really nice with stone fire pits! We woke up pretty cold to the weather in the teens and the wind blowing which we were expecting but once we got hiking we were fine. We made great time along the LT even in the snow because it was really well marked with blazes on a tree almost every 10 feet. It was a little slippery at times but were were prepared so we had little issues. We made it to the visitor center in worlds end state park quite swiftly around 2pm after starting our hike around 9:30am. We decided we didn't want to stay another night on the trail so we skipped where we were gonna camp and hustled back to the car. The link trail was nice but there wasn't a whole lot to look at other than the vista in the very beginning. The link was only marked maybe every 30 yards and was a bit hard to navigate especially in the snow so this is why I have given the loop 4 stars. I would definitely hike the LT again but as far as the link goes I don't think I would hike that section again. I hope this review is helpful!!!

good place to look at river also

Great trail, very challenging at times, watch out for the rattle snakes

I hiked this trail in the fall. It’s a nice trail and the haystacks are really cool. The old railway grade seems to go on forever, so I got a bit bored walking that to get to/from the haystacks. I would also consider it more moderate than easy.

24 days ago

my wife and I hike this trail a lot, mostly on the winter. Hardly used in winter but can get real busy in spring and summer . Best part of this trail is I can be on it in minutes because it's barely a 100 yard from my house.

Great views, snow was fun and ended up getting socked with rain but still had fun with dog. took us 3.5 hours

26 days ago

Nice campsites along Sones Pond and Loyalsock River. Recommend the Loyalsock-Link Trail loop

Loved this trail! There was several points with some breath taking views. It involved a lot of moving around rocks and some climbing which I liked. Absolutely beautiful!

Amazing views.. heard a bear growl after pulpit rock which was scary.. long hike but well worth it.

Great view at the Pinnacle. Well worth the hike and some real neat ice formations tumbling down the stream from the reservoir at the end. Didn't see a whole lot of wildlife but given the weather conditions and the terrain my head was down most of the time.

Great views! Make sure to do the loop, it’s well worth it. Take a stroll down to blue rocks. It’s a little out of the way but you won’t be disappointed.

Great trail.... I will warn you though this trail is moderate to an avid hiker. It is definitely very challenging. And we did have to scale rocks to get to the top of the north lookout. We came in the opposite direction however meaning we started with the river of rocks trail and then climbed up the mountain to then climb up to the north lookout. All in all a very good hike.

Great loop. Definitely take the way up through Pulpit Rock.

started up furnace creek trail at 7am and didn't see anyone until pinnacle overlook. crowded trail on the way down. great views. well marked.

Awesome hike but our loop was only 8.4 miles and it was winter. Incredible views and a good workout on the AT Check out my full write up which includes directions and other things to look out for.


Great hike! But for a better more rewarding challenge start by going down in the valley and then come so that you end on top of hawk mountain.

3 months ago

Hiked it yesterday it was awesome a little bit much for 1 day at this time of year can’t wait to do it again

Challenging with a variety of terrains

Very enjoyable hike, but i would not consider this an easy one. It is at least a moderate trail. there is actually four trails, we did the brown one and saw 2 porcupines.

Great loop, with two great overlooks. Make sure to take the Pinnacle side trail, and scramble down to find the cave if you’re up to it.

Great hike. Not overly strenuous. Definitely was packed when we left so start around 8 or 9a!

Beginning of course hard to find because signs point "to trail" but you also feel like you're trespassing due to signs saying you're on camera....don't worry, this is start of trail. We followed the brown loop and markers started off alright until we got to culm bank. It looks like it either routes you left or right of the bank, but in fact you have to go around right of bank but not all the way and look down the hill and you will see brown markers again....basically the bank is placed dead center on the trail....we got confused for awhile and rerouted several times until we found it. Rest of the course was well marked. Very enjoyable and not super rocky terrain, but it was a decent amount of climbing. Should not be considered "easy"....an intermediate hiker can handle this fine.

I have hiked this trail several times over the past few years. It's one of my favorites in PA. I went on a Friday morning, so it was not crowded at all. The trail is rocky in areas, so I would suggest proper foot wear, with good ankle support. My 15 year old son has hiked this route with me a couple times (I think it's great for kids and teens). It's a great trail with excellent views at Pulpit Rock and The Pinnacle.

This trail was a much better hike 10 years ago due to the congestion on the trail these days. parking and the overlooks are severely crowded The views are great, but if you're looking for peace and the sounds of nature, this is not the hike for you.

Moderate is an accurate rating for this loop, there were 2 or 3 steeper inclines but layered with flatter terrain to catch your breath. After the steep points, there were a couple miles with pure rocks for trail. I had my dog with me so some points were difficult for him, but he was able to maneuver the crevices. The overlooks are beautiful as many others have said, the best in southern/middle PA, in my opinion. For the most part this trail was relatively flat, but still beautiful. However, this trail was extremely crowded (by the time I finished there was no parking left). I explored this on a Saturday and will definitely be coming back during the week. Overall, a great hike and would recommend

Great trail, fairly easy, a few steep areas but overall flat terrain to hike.

Don't get me wrong, its a great hike. It easily has the best view I've been to in PA. The last few years however, i've found it unpleasantly crowded. You can't really get any peace at either of the overlooks as there's so many people. Regardless, its a great hike but be warned, there are tons of crowds.

rock climbing
4 months ago

Gorgeous. Nice challenge with an 8 year old in tow.

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