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5 hours ago

There are no bad hikes in Sedona. This one offers a variety of terrain with comfortable incline grade changes. With the exception of a bit at the north end, the creek is not visible below. On the other hand, the town is rarely out of sight. You need to ford the creek at the north end of the trail before a significant climb up to the highway — we didn’t see a way to get across and stay dry, so we didn’t try.

easy hike some awesome views.

For my second hike in AZ, this was pretty decent. For those complaining about Sharing a road with 4 wheelers and trucks than just take the chuck wagon trail and bypass that. It’s quiet, has better views and you don’t have to complain to people about how crappy the hike is because of vehicles. While true that devils bridge is busy, I found most people to be respectful and take photos for other people while keeping it moving. At times it’s was comical watching people do head stands and such. Go summit Everest if you don’t want to run into people. That’s half the fun of hiking and enjoying nature with other people! The views are great and the hike was enjoyable. Don’t over think it and just do it.

Nice hike - definitely add the Chuckwagon Trail as opposed to the road. It was not as heavily trafficked as I feared from the comments and everyone was super chill and nice. If you’re a serious climber/hiker, I can see why you might be underwhelmed, but for the “Average Joe” it was quite enjoyable.

This hike is so full of people, even in December. The parking lot is located 2 miles from the actual trailhead and that 2 miles is not exciting at all. It’s a rocky 4x4 road. We “cheated” and took an ATV to the trailhead. The actual hike by our standards (experienced hiker) was not difficult and the bridge is actually quite beautiful. There was a line to take photos on the bridge but people were respectful and got on and off quickly. There are much more exciting hikes in Sedona, even in this general area. I would have rated this even lower had we made the full hike from the parking lot.

Fun! Definitely steep and difficult at some points, but overall it was totally worth it.

This hike was pretty underwhelming. People are literally lined up before the bridge taking turns with pictures. Kind of took away from the beauty of it. For those with a fear of heights- the bridge looks scarier than it is. Walk up to it and you’ll see how much space there is to walk on it! Views are pretty! The spot is just too touristy.

Awesome!!!! loved it! we hiked from chuckwagon up. Only moderate area is the last 1/4 mile up to the bridge. We would definately do this hike again. Breathtakingly beautiful!

12/8/2018 - My 86th hike to the top was great. I started at @7:30am and the trail was frozen and icy so I wore my Kahtoola Microspikes all the way up. Lot of snow halfway up however the trail was easy and well packed from previous hikers.
Warning! There's a big dead tree laying across the trail @10-15 min after the trail t's off (at the top of Fatman's Loop). It looks precarious and ready to slide further down. If that happened, I'd hate to be below! I'm reporting it to the Forestry Service because it's a definite hazard. I'll include a photo here. Because of the snow, it took me 1:25 to reach the top (not counting 3 short breaks) I've hiked it as fast as 1:10 in better conditions.

Stunning formation. Unique, must do hike.

Great, quick hike! Not as long as noted on the app. Some challenging spots, but otherwise pretty easy. Beware for the people doing dangerous yoga poses on the bridge...risking life’s for the gram.

Great hike! Cross the creek to continue the hike..and to the right. Take your shoes off!

Majestic views!!! It really delivers.

12 days ago

We loved this hike! For all those that commented the road to the trail was boring ... why didn’t you take the chuck wagon trail option! It added some distance but was beautiful and scenic way to get to the devils bridge trail. Easy moderate addition. The trail to the bridge was perfectly challenging with some steep boldered spots. I am afraid of heights but I eventually ventured out onto the bridge itself. What a spectacular spot!

I would rate this between 3 & 4 stars. The setting is amazing, and the arch is very cool... but the popularity of this hike, and obnoxious selfie hogs on the arch really make it a lot less enjoyable. Oh yeah, and the toilet paper and human poop at the trailhead. LEAVE NO TRACE, PEOPLE. Dig a hole (with a rock or stick) if you need to take a dump when you’re outdoors!!!!!! And if you pee, just take your toilet paper with you, it’s not that complicated! This trail would be 5 stars if it weren’t for the people that visit it.

The best part of this hike was driving our friends 4x4 van to the actual trailhead!!! So much fun driving on the rough road, and getting to the good part of the hike in style!

I thought going on a Monday would have us skip the crowds, but this trail was still SUPER busy. We much preferred our time on lesser known trails in Sedona.

15 days ago

Had a blast, but saw two young ladies who drove their rental crossover into a ditch, they were still there on my way back out, waiting on a wrecker. So if you don’t have experience driving off-road please just hike to the trailhead

Fun, easy nice views

16 days ago

Great trail and views! This trail is exactly what hiking is about. This is a must if you visit Sedona. The Bridge is much smaller when you are standing on top of it. Take plenty of water but there are numerous spots for rest and shade. Free to park, if you find a spot. I will hike this trail again.

17 days ago

A nice hike to wrap up November. If you don’t have a vehicle with high ground clearance, you’ll have to walk an extra mile or so each way down a road, which proved to be pretty soupy on the rainy day we chose to hike it. Aside from that it’s a fairly short hike with the majority of the elevation gain being in the last few hundred yards. Beautiful view from the bridge and it is much wider than it looks before you step out onto it. Your mom might be a bit hesitant to brave the bridge but just tell her to “do it for the ‘gram,” as my wife always says. She’ll be glad she did.

Nice view good trail

We hiked around this trail because we lost our drone. It was easy and fun. Felt like it was more popular with mountain bikers than hikers.

Go early. Like the minute the sun rises and you won’t have an issue parking or with crowds. Definitely worth it.

21 days ago

Park at mescal trailhead vs dry creek vista for a beautiful ~1 mi walk through well marked desert trail before getting to to devils bridge trailhead. You will avoid walking on dirt road to get there and be rewarded with great views!

The views are to die for...

You do have to walk/hike on a 4x4 road for a while, but the end of the hike is pretty neat and relatively flat. There are a few steep spots near the end that were steep, but nothing too hard.
If you want to beat the crowd, you need to get there before 9am. Mid day this is more of a tourist hike.

Fantastic hike, moderately easy. Views are beautiful, will definitely hike again. Perfect for a 65 degree day!

23 days ago

Great views and the end provides a great place to relax and enjoy for a while. Easy elevation gain and loss. A very enjoyable stroll through beautiful Oak Creek.

I wish we would have skipped this long mostly boring hike. You are hiking on a road and you are sharing the road if you want to call it a road with many off-road vehicles 4 wheel drives. It was too crowded at the top to be able to enjoy the view of the arch. People should better respect everyone's time when taking pictures out on the arch.

This trail is incredible!!! The views are breathtaking As you get closer to the bridge. The trail narrows and becomes much more challenging! Bring water!!!

Great views but very crowded. I would try to go earlier in the day before the crowds show up. Easy trail overall, except for one short spot you have to scramble up.

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