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A well populated trail. Despite the number of people who fill up the trail, the lake itself is huge, and there is opportunity to spread out a bit once you reach the lake. Nice spots to picnic or take a dip in the lake.

3 days ago

Mostly shaded, we went early in the day. Park at the overflow lot as neighbors seem strict about not parking on the road leading to trailhead. Lots of elevation gain pretty quickly and several switchbacks, worth it, but maybe not great for a group. Seemed popular with locals. Wonderful views at the top. bring lots of water.

4 days ago

Great hike with nice views. Moderate incline that was not too strenuous.

Pretty trail. I am looking forward to making it out here this fall as I noticed some aspen trees! I am certain this trail will be a frequent for me, and next time would like to take it to the College M!

5 days ago

Road is pretty rough-and as of August 11th the lake is dried up

Nice steady climb up following switchbacks. Somewhat rocky making for loose footing at times. Views and several lookout areas on way up. At top, a neat natural rocky arch. Had lunch with quite aggressive chipmunks. No fear. Hikers in front of us encountered a deer. At bottom visit stream across from parking area to cool off.

5 days ago

Great workout hike with steady uphill throughout. Saw this trail mentioned as a great kids hike in a local magazine but after hiking it, I would hesitate to bring children here. It is challenging enough you might end up carrying them but more because of the steep drop offs and narrow trails throughout. Keep a close eye on kids if you do bring them. Amazing views at the top.

Magic trail, definitely moderate and perfect start to hiking in Bozeman.

Nice moderate hike to chilly lake. Two 60+ hikers and we made it up and back in just over 2 hours hike time. Would recommend. Just over 5 miles out and back.

This is a hard hike despite how short it seems! The dirt road from the highway to the trailhead will take you about 40 mins even though it's only 7 miles! We only saw a few mountain goats, but the views were spectacular! It's a hike that makes you feel on top of the world with 360 degree views of the valley! We took it slow and it took us 4 hours. It seems like it would be very hot but the wind was blowing pretty consistently and kept us very cool, even though we were in the sun almost the whole hike. Be wary of all of the rocks and slipping. There was definitely a few moments I had to get on all fours or slide down on my butt. This is an amazing hike though and I would highly recommend it!!

Very nice hike through the forest up to the lake. The path is pretty rocky so be prepared with some hiking shoes. Would recommend getting to the trail head before 8am. Not too many views on the way up, but the lake and the peaks at the top are worth it!

Absolutely gorgeous! Will do it again soon.

13 days ago

Great views the whole way up and down, trail is very well kept. Definitely a climb but the view is worth it

nature trips
14 days ago

The road to the trailhead is nearly impassable with a low-riding sedan. The hike starts through the trees, opens up into a valley of switchbacks, goes over the pass, and around up to the summit. The elevation change is not for the faint-hearted. We're not hardcore but we were able to do it. It's pretty steep after rounding the pass. As of July 17, 2018, still some snow pack atop the valley just before cresting the pass. We saw 7+ Mountain Goats, including the acclaimed resident who hangs around the summit and has probably been fed by people. The views were incredible and totally worth it. I would classify it as difficult rather than moderate per the ft/mile elevation gain. Excellent hike if you can negotiate the road to the trailhead!!

Nice views from the top and a good workout, though overall I was a little less impressed with the trail as a whole. While th views up top are nice, I do feel that I've been on better trails in the area.

Awesome perspective of the Bridgers. While this trail can certainly fill up, it is so nice to see the variety of people who come to climb Sacajawea. This is a fun hike but certainly not for the faint of heart when it comes to heights and a steep climb on several switchbacks. It is a good workout and you certainly have your work cut out for you simply getting to the trail head on the rough road up to Fairy Lake.

We did this after another relatively strenuous hike, so it took a bit longer than expected. The scenery on the way up (and down) isn’t anything remarkable, but the view at the top is totally worth it. This ended up being my favorite hike that we did in Big Sky!

16 days ago

Three lakes in less than 5mi RT? Perfect! The upper hidden lake still had some snow and the hike was beautiful. A little steep on your way to the upper lake.

19 days ago

What a great hike. You have a view form every angle on the way up to the top!! It’s well worth the climb. Even if it is 90 degrees!

Hiked up with my son and wife today. Found it to be a challenge for our group, and could tell that others were having a tough time on the final 1/4 of the trail at the top. Rocky and steep at parts, and fairly populated. The lake at the top makes it all worth it. This was our favorite trail for our week in Big Sky.

20 days ago

Great place and few people. The first part of the hike is on a wide trail but up on top of a level area is a potentially confusing intersection with an arrow indicating the trail straight ahead but go right instead. There is a hard-to-see sign that says Hidden Lakes nailed to a tree. From here the trail heads down and then up to small Lily Lake. Look for the faint and narrow trail heading steeply uphill on the northwest corner of the camping area to reach Lower and Upper Hidden Lakes. Usually snow even in July and good fishing for Golden Trout.

Steady climbing to a wonderful overlook. Explore all the other vantages.

Good trail. A steady steep climb for most of it so it's definitely a workout on the legs. It's also very narrow and sometimes difficult to move over when passing others. Nice views at the top. Get there early so you can have a few minutes to yourself at the top.

21 days ago

good hike that offers great views of the bridges and a handful of other mountain ranges. great way place to hike and then jump in the lake to cool off.

Be sure to take a dip in the cool lake to cool off on a hot day. I carried my 4.5 year old in on a backpack carrier and the dip felt great!

21 days ago

Great hike. Things you need to know: 1) It takes about 1 1/2 hrs to drive from downtown Bozeman to the trailhead because of road construction around Bridger Bowl and the rough road. 2) I would easily choose our Tundra over our Rav4 because of that road, but we did see a couple of minivans that made it. Drive carefully. 3) Have a leash for your dog as the rock chucks at the saddle and mountain goats (we saw 7) near the peak are a distraction and come rather close. 4) The switchback trail up to the saddle is a bit tricky and seems to disappear in a couple of places. I had to go down on all fours and grab rocks to continue upward. Keep your eyes on where you want to go. 5) We hit the trailhead around 9:00 and saw about ten people on the way up and had the peak to ourselves. We saw about 50 people on our way down. This was a Tuesday in July. 6) The flies around Fairy Lake are pretty bad. 7) There's a bit of cell reception early in the hike, and between the saddle and peak. 8) Pack a lot of water. I drank 2 L and my 50 lb dog drank about 1L. 9) Bring a long sleeved shirt. The wind will blow on top. But the views are amazing!!! 10) I know some reviewers recommend walking sticks. I prefer not to use them. Personal preference. You should be fine without them if you don't have any.

23 days ago

Loved that we made it. My wife and I are from NH and both in our late 60’s so the altitude gain really got to us. Loved the views going up and especially at the top.
Highly recommended!!!

trail running
24 days ago

Pretty sweet trail that has a lot of elevation gain in a short amount of time. Views are very nice further up the trail. Went on 22nd of July 2018 around 10 AM and had a close encounter with a mountain lion towards the high point. There were lots of people there so I felt relatively safe, but I had to scare the lion away and had my bear spray at the ready. Remember, no matter how busy a trail is, there is still a chance of running into dangerous animals so always be ready.

29 days ago

Walked this trail yesterday to the summit. Beautiful views and we saw a goat that was very interested in us also! I feel that this trail is pretty steep with lots of rock so I was glad I brought my walking poles. Getting to the top was so worth it!

29 days ago

It was incredible. My 8 year old son was able to do it with me. We got rained on at the top but came back to a stunning rainbow!

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