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51 minutes ago

Done when snowing and this makes the trail a lot more harder. but views at the end are just stunning. And even better with the snow

This hike was one of my favorites! We came here in early September. Great weather for hiking. No crowds here and the waterfalls in the canyon were gorgeous. Don’t miss out on this trail!!!

Wow. This hike is amazing, challenging, and gorgeous. We went in the beginning of October, so we expected snow up at the top, but didn’t expect it at the start. When we checked the trail report that morning it said the trail condition was good, but with snow at the top, so when we arrived we were surprised to see snow at the head of the trail. We decided to keep going anyways, trusting the trail report and seeing other hikers come out okay. This will forever be a special hike to me, since this was my first time ever hiking to the top of the mountain. There was snow all along the trail, but it got especially slippery and thick up at the top. A LOT of ice along the switchbacks near the top. Several times I slipped and, quite frankly, almost slipped off the side of the mountain. I was scared, but also determined to finish, since I knew the views from the top looked fabulous. Don’t do that! I was stupid for keeping going. I had no crampons or hiking sticks and I could have died. If you feel uncomfortable, turn back and get what you need to feel comfortable. The higher you go up, the harder it is. There is a part after the tree line that seems like it’s the top, but its not, there is a little bit more to go. That part is definitely a scramble. Take it slow and focus on your balance because doing it when it was icy had me terrified I was going to roll off the side of the mountain. (Again, I was stupid and no one should follow what I did!) But this hike was great. I’d say it took 3 hours to get up and an hour to get down. The ice helped in getting down, since we could pretty much slide down the top half of the mountain. The views were stunning on the way up to the top and at the actual top. Its exactly what I would picture the view from a top of a mountain would look like! Some people made snowmen along the way, which made us smile. Enjoy this hike, just be smart about it! Lots of people on the trail and they were all helping each other out. One guy had on nikes and he was slipping very very badly. A stranger he didn’t know lent him one of her walking sticks and held onto him the entire way down. If you need help, ask! No one will leave you! Worth every second of it.

2 days ago

Beautiful view, and the falls are incredible every time I see them.

2 days ago

Nice walk, great views! Can be a bit busy

7 days ago

Wonderful, easy hike up to the ridge and stunning views. Very windy, come prepared. Path is icy snow, hiking poles help. Please stay on trail.

Did this hike in Sept 2018 during a snow storm. It was challenging hike with lots of ice covering the entire trail. Hiking poles would have been a great help. Views from the top are absolutely amazing and worth every bit of it.

More of a nice after lunch walk than a proper hike. Nice waterfalls and river but not much of a view. Would be a good spot for a run starting from the sixth bridge.

Gorgeous hike with lots of picture perfect views. Was not too busy around 11am for us. Some steep hills but manageable. Would definitely recommend this one!

13 days ago

The falls are incredible. The walkway gets very close to the falls at several places. Powerful and loud. The walk itself is on a paved path with several stairs. Very close to the road, very easy to get to.

Great trail with very rewarding views! Took us 3.5 hours with lots of stops for pictures and a short break at the top.

This is the most difficult hike I have done to date. Would I do it again? Heck yes! Slow and steady will reward you with stunning views. It took me (I would consider myself in good shape but not a hiking pro) two hours to reach the top, where I sat and ate my lunch that I had brought up with me. In totally I spent about 4 hours conquering the sulphur skyline and rewarded myself with a soak in the hot springs afterwards.

The Falls are a definite must see if you go to Jasper.

15 days ago

Great easy hike to expansive views of the Saskatchewan Glacier below. Switchbacks for about a mile up before the trail reaches the ridge and the views begin. The hike to the end of the trail gives the best views but the slope gets pretty exposed, with the thin, rocky trail passing through a steep scree field. Still, a good reward for relatively little expended effort. We got there relatively early (10 AM) and the lot was nearly full. Up and down in about 2.5 hours, with ample time to gawk at the views and take a lot of photos.

Got there 2p.m. in the afternoon. 10KM out and back. Only 2 other people on the top. Super gorgeous. Be sure to check out the hot springs source after your hike.

The views were nice, however there were a lot of tour groups and parts of the trail is paved. The hike itself is easy and flat.

A nice and pleasant easy hike (with some small hills) with some pretty lakes. However, it’s a very crowded trail with big groups of tourists because of its location, etc. We were almost knocked off the trail by a tour group at one point, and we ran into two different people smoking cigarettes on the hike.

Thus, while the views are good and it’s short & sweet, just understand what you’re getting into if you visit during peak hours.

19 days ago

It get crowded fast, get boots on the ground by 7am to summit by 9am and have the views to yourself. We got there was still a light dusting of snow that had us laying down first tracks... but hordes of people soon followed. Amazing 360 views.
*get up fast and take pics on the way down, same view point

19 days ago

Such a nice surprise! We didn’t even put these falls on our itinerary and I’m so glad someone said they were a must see. We were there in the morning and it was a beautiful chilly day. So pretty walking around and seeing the different views. Great for all ages and all activity levels!

This hike was better than expected! We started at the fifth lake and did the short loop. The lakes were gorgeous! It took us almost two hours with lots of stops. There were ups and downs, but just the right amount of both. We went about lunchtime and the hike wasn’t that crowded which was nice. I think it helps to go after Labor Day. I highly recommend.

Gorgeous and very doable for all hiking types! This app made it easy to stay on the right trail! Awesome!

20 days ago

Great place to take a break and see some beautiful scenery.

One of my favorite hikes in Jasper National Park. I love the canyon views and waterfalls...very scenic and lots of photo opportunities. I highly recommend parking at the 6th bridge and walking to the 1st bridge following trail 7 along the river. Then take 7h on the way back. All the tour buses park at the 1st bridge and it’s fairly crowded from the 1st to 2nd bridge. By starting at the 6th bridge, you walk upstream into the canyon which begins around the 4th bridge and gets more amazing from the 4th to the 1st bridge. There were about 10 cars in the parking area at the 6th bridge at 10 AM and about 10 when we finished the hike returned 3 hrs later.

Great hike...uphill all the way...good cardio workout. View from the summit is awesome...360 panoramic view of distant mountains. Trail on the way up has several spots for scenic photos. My wife and I made it to the summit in 2 hrs and back down in about 1 hr with a steady pace each way. It was windy (about 40Km/hr) at the top.

22 days ago

This is a fairly easy hike. Lots of kids and dogs on this trail. As with any hike, the earlier you get there the less crowded it will be. The views are spectacular!! I’d do this hike again just for the views alone .. loved it. It was chilly and windy on the ridge so be prepared to add a layer of clothing.

super stunning views!
the start is hard to find. it's right across the street from the sign telling you about maligne lake boat tours.

Amazing view at the top!!

23 days ago

A nice walk with great views of the canyon and waterfall.

Great hike with absolutely stunning views from the top. As everyone else has mentioned it is a very steep trail so definitely bring hiking poles for both the ups and the downs. Bit of loose rock above treeline but just take it steady. Enjoy!

Very beautiful and easy hike! The trail is very heavily trafficked. I would suggest working your way from the left to right (first lake to fifth lake) unless you want to do a bit of an uphill climb.

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