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Excellent hike with lots of views, we even lucked out without to much smoke this past Thursday.

Great trail. Not too difficult, but some fairly steep terrain for a few minutes. Make sure you stay right when making the loop. You’ll have a more gradual climb and the best views that way. That saves the steeper decline for the way back. The return of the loop also has great views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Great 360 view of Jasper and surrounding areas!! It's an amazing hike!

great views of the falls

Starts off easy, paved road. then changes to mixture of dirt and rocks. steady uphill, steep in a lot of places. took many many breaks. trail is well outlined. the summit was relief and sense of accomplishment!! very windy at the summit! lots of berries and chipmunks! coming down from the summit was a bit challenging. go EARLY morning when it's cool out. it took us 3 hours to get to the top, I don't have greatest fitness level and my blood sugar gave me numerous issues but chugged along. coming down took 1 hour and 15 mins.
only downside was the smoke from the fires made it hard to see far away but was a very good climb!
go to the hotsprings after!

Excelent hike...make sure you do the final ascent if you can, it made the hike for me.

Spectacular vistas for relatively little effort. Direct route = harder. Fire road = more gradual.

Great hike, would classify as moderate difficulty. You follow an old fire access road for the first 40 mins which is quite easy, the "shortcut" trail to the left is fabulous with some steep spots but tons of roots which make great natural steps and not too many rocks, the trail is also wide and well trafficked. Once you are up in the Alpine Meadow it is very easy to go off the highlighted route, but you won't get lost. A number of paths allow you to cut down the intended route which adds flexibility to your day. Most rewarding section is the western-most ridgewalk! Be advised you are not permitted to bring even small dogs as the alpine meadow is a caribou breeding ground, who are very easily disturbed. Even your fiery chihuahua may be perceived as a predator.

It took us about 1 hour and 30 min to get to the top in a nice steady pace. View from the top was spectacular.

I recommend to start early it gets pretty crowded as the day goes by and it gets pretty hot too.

Windy at the top so bring a wind stopper.
Hiking poles and hiking boots are recommended.

Excellent views from the top, but most of the hike is unremarkable.

10 days ago

A lot of hard sweat and bugs on the way up and down but the bit at the top was well worth it. Outstanding views and not too busy. Early start recommended.

Such a wonderful trail with a wonderful view once you reach the top. A couple nice spots along the way with views and spots to sit and relax for a bit. Recommend hiking poles, especially for the way down. Will absolutely do again when I come back to visit.

Trail isn’t very scenic as you are hiking up a fire road most of the way up. Views at the top are definitely spectacular though! Took us about 5.5 hours with minimal breaks on the way up and only about 30 min at the top for lunch.

Great trail !

13 days ago

Went on my birthday - solo - because I'm the coolest person on Earth. Good thing this is one of the best hikes on Earth. So we have that in common...

Great Hike! The boyfriend and I started at 9 in the morning and we were back down by 12 after having lunch at the summit and taking in the views!

15 days ago

We did this hike without a bike, its doable but takes longer, next time I will bring my bike. Amazing view if you ever make to the top!

I really enjoyed this trail. The views are incredible. There aren't many flat parts but there are plenty of benches and rest areas along the way. Definitely make sure you go all the way to the top once you get above the tree line. The Miette Hot Springs after were a perfect way to unwind

Amazing hike! The beginning is not that interesting, just a casual walk in the woods, but after the forest, the path through the hills offers fantastic views on the Maligne Lake and other mountains :) definitely recommend, the hills has some good ambiance!
Tip: there is an unmarked trail but clear and simple at the south, where the views are even better

Good hike, beautiful views on the mountains :) try bald hills as well if you can

20 days ago

This hike is an experience! Started at 3pm, was done by 6pm done at a very fast pace. Was unfortunately a rainy/cloudy day (we were hoping it would clear up), nevertheless still a must do hike. Definitely make sure you have warm clothes! The top was windy and temps definitely dropped quickly above the tree line. Very steep hike, hiking poles very helpful, basically all switchbacks. Don't stop at the first lookout above the treeline! It's worth it to keep going until you're actually at the top! The views were still cool, but I know would have been even better if it wasn't a rainy/cloudy day. Thank goodness for the hot springs at the end!

Beautiful trail, a bit too much human intervention - fences, stairs etc, loses the effect of wild nature. We walked thru the bridges to bridge six and back. Nice walk !

Great views

This was such a fun hike! Quite challenging at times with a few scrambles along the way. Make sure you have sturdy footwear as the terrain can be misleading. The top has an amazing view, worth the steep ascent.
Make sure you take note of where you come out of the forest at the trail head. Not very well marked. But overall great trail!

Amazing trail, boyfriend and I made it to the summit in 1hr 47mins with some breaks. It’s a pretty steady uphill, so take lots of breaks and bring lots of water! (Also sunscreen and bug spray and definitely needed, and try to go in the morning so it’s cooler and less crowded) Going down is easier than going up of course. Also, make sure to go to the very summit, don’t just stop at the plateau! It’s very steep and difficult at the top, but the views are 100% worth it! Will be doing this hike again for sure!

we had a very wet hike up, but nice misty view from the top. The hot springs at the bottom were a perfect after hike activity

First trail hike in the mountains for my wife and I. Completed in just under 4 hours including lunch break and short rest breaks.

Fun trail ! The way up was kinda boring through the woods but from the white rock to the top, the view is astonishing and the trail is steep. Would 100% recommend.

Great hike away from all tourists. The views are worth the hike and scrambles, unforgettable.

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