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Great views at the top.

favorite hike so far! Absoloutley beautiful

Loved this. my brother pushed us to get up in only 90 minutes and down in 35. That's probably just about the fastest you can expect to do it. More likely will take 2-6 hours at a leisurely pace. The view was amazing and absolutely worth the long hike. Very step trail at the end.

Great RC trail!

5 months ago

Fantastic payoff at the top, glad we went up the first steep part, the fire road does add more distance. Probably the highlight hike of our trip. Wore us out pretty good though we weren't in the best shape. Not to be missed!

Not a bad hike it was all snow when we did it so that made it harder, the last steep bit to the top hasn't had much traffic so no real defined trail through the snow. Pretty good view from the summit, we did it up and down in 2.5hrs.

Great hike! Hiking poles are essential because on the day we went there was snow all the way up so it was pretty slippery! The hiking starts near the entrance to the hot tubs which are a great way to relax afterwards

5 months ago

Fantastic hike one of the best views from all the hikes I have done and have done a lot in the area. I definitely wouldn't class it as as hard hike though, part of one loop is on a fire track and the other isn't very steep or hard also no scree or scrambling at all. There is 2 false summits MAKE SURE you push on to the summit the view is worth it and the hike from both false summits to the true summit is very easy.

Took just under 4 hours for the round trip yesterday including spending time to enjoy the view at the top and taking photos. The trail was covered with snow and slush, which probably made it a lot more difficult than it actually is. I found the hike pretty hard as I was slipping and sliding the whole way up and back down. But the view was amazing and well worth it, even in the slippery condition. Definitely my favourite part of Jasper!

Did this trail today and like that guy said, it was covered in snow. Although probably the first third of the trail has melted and become slushy, it made the beginning of the hike much more difficult. The entire hike was beautiful though with all the yellowing leaves and snow, as well as the views along the way! Top is quite steep, but only for a short part! Definitely a must do!

5 months ago

it was covered in snow when we were there, which can make it far more difficult than I think it actually is, and I didn't have proper footwear. in spite of that the trail is beautiful, sporting some incredible vistas on the way up. Even though the peak is a challenge to reach, the view is breathtaking and absolutely worth the challenge.

really enjoyed this hike. had to break trail to push to the summit but we'll worth it. also any hike that has a hot pool at the base of it is all that much better

Long slog up the ridge with rewarding views. One moderate section of scrambling at the crux with no real exposure just loose rock. No water past the swamp/pond at beginning of scramble.

We do this hike at least once a year. It's a beautiful hike to share with family out visiting. The snow was flying when we got near the top, eliminating the endless peeks and scenery but still worth the hike. Bust trail as always. Lots of friendly hellos from all around the world on this one. :)

Lakes are breathtaking. Very beautiful hike & highly recommended.

hard.. but definately worth the view.

Absolutely breathtaking hike. It is very difficult in my opinion, but very worth it. The last stretch of the hike is all uphill and it gets very windy at the top, so bundle up! My favorite part of my day by far. Rest in the Miette Hotsprings after :-)

Nice easy hike with some steep sections on mostly well used trails. There were a lot of people at the beginning of the trail, but the further we walked from the five lakes the less people we saw. Great mountain bike trail if you have your bike with you.

6 months ago

signed really well...was a little nervous on my first solo hike but turns out there was nothing to worry about! beautiful!!

this trail is much longer than stated on this app. we hiked for 1.25 hours up expecting to reach the summit. we saw no signs of this trail reaching the top anytime soon so i pulled up this website with a better description of the trail: http://www.trailpeak.com/index.jsp?con=trail&val=6143&md=OLD

this is a big long arduous hike similar in climb to the grouse grind but longer. we had to turn back as we weren't properly equipped/provisioned to reach the top. I'm sure it is well worth it but we will have to wait and see for another time.

Le brouillard et la pluie nous ont privé de la vue au sommet....

6 months ago

Easy to Moderate. Easy to follow path from start to finish. Last couple hundred meters are a little steeper but defiantly worth the view. There was heavy fog when we got to the top, we waited it out for 30min to clear up and it was worth the wait. Bring a light jacket for the summit, got a little chilly.

Awesome view of the rushing river and falls. There were quite a lot of people there, trail isn't that difficult. Best views you'll see are from bridge 1-5, really isn't worth going further unless you want some excerise and to enjoy the river with less people around. Overall I would suggest going.
There is also a lookout next to the overflow parking lot, I would suggest going there for a view of the valley.

6 months ago

A bit of everything! A mix of steady climb and Tough uphills, stunning panoramic views (if it weren't for the smoke, this would have been my favorite hike ever), and an interesting loop trail with views of Maligne lake on the descent. Some expert navigation on the way down but overall, can be tackled by people of all fitness levels.

Longer hike for a day hike, but easy terrain, switch backs most the way, AMAZING views, well worth it!

6 months ago

Loved the view!

Definitely a good hike! All uphill, would've been useful to have hiking poles for sure. I'd also say roundtrip this trail was closer to 11km.

Extraordinaire. Environ 1h30 monter.

6 months ago

I've been on this trail at least once a year

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