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More of a nice after lunch walk than a proper hike. Nice waterfalls and river but not much of a view. Would be a good spot for a run starting from the sixth bridge.

We started at Maligne canyon and made our way down the Athabasca river. Instead of hiking a return route we brought a trail map and mapped out a little bit of a longer route that ended back at Maligne canyon. Walking along the water was beautiful and ending our hike through meadows and forest were a nice change of scenery!

The views were nice, however there were a lot of tour groups and parts of the trail is paved. The hike itself is easy and flat.

16 days ago

Stopped by and did a quick walk due to it raining and being chilly. Very nice falls!

16 days ago

Only walked to the falls but it looked like a nice hike. Lots of people even though it was raining an cold.

16 days ago

A nice walk with great views of the canyon and waterfall.

Very beautiful and easy hike! The trail is very heavily trafficked. I would suggest working your way from the left to right (first lake to fifth lake) unless you want to do a bit of an uphill climb.

Gorgeous easy hike... lot of traffic tho!

19 days ago

Super belle vue mais beaucoup de boue pour un chemin aménagé. Super achalandé près du canyon même si nous nous sommes rendue vers 0800AM. Aujourd'hui c'était suler bouetteux. Nous avons continué sur le chemin 7 de l'autre côté de la rue et c'était enfin tranquille.

I was in Jasper two weekends ago and luckily the smoke didn’t hinder our trip. Before hitting Miette Hot Springs, we stopped by Maligne Canyon to walk through 4-5 bridges. It’s a busy trail, what with all the tourists, but the canyon is quite lovely. Just past the 4th bridge there was a spot to sit on the rocks by the water, which made it even better - you were off the trail and could just take in the rapid water and all the greenery. It was a good 3 hour detour!

Amazing views. The kids enjoyed it a lot (5 & 8 years old). We took a shortcut when we reached the first lake (the largest). A total of 5.3 km instead of 11.

Did the 5 lakes yesterday. Very nice trail - mostly straight walking with a few hills here and there. We ended up seeing a black bear near lake 3!

Got on the trail early morning, almost nobody else was around, very relaxing walk. The lakes are worth checking out but get very busy.

1 month ago

Arrived late afternoon, not many people were around, and most of those who were didn't bother going down to the lower falls section. Would probably be very busy during the day. Nice and easy walk, good for a stop off while driving the highway.

Probably our favorite hike because of the pretty lake views. We had 3 kids ages 6, 7, and 11. It was busy even late in the day. The couple ahead of us encountered a black bear on Trail 9a and turned back. We proceeded forward and never spotted the bear (probably because our youngest was crying so loud because she was tired). We did carry bear spray. The lakes are serene. Loved the little dock at 5th Lake.

Great trail. Not too difficult, but some fairly steep terrain for a few minutes. Make sure you stay right when making the loop. You’ll have a more gradual climb and the best views that way. That saves the steeper decline for the way back. The return of the loop also has great views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.

Amazing view of the 5 lakes!

Loved it!

great views of the falls

1 month ago

Amazing walk trough the canyon following the beautiful maligne river.

Beautiful views ! Easy trail, go early it gets pretty crowded.

An underrated hike in my opinion. Beautiful falls and you can walk right up to the water in several sections. Highly recommended.

Relatively busy and has lots of fencing.

This is a pleasant trail that winds through a valley with many lakes. The 5 main lakes are that famous glacier blue color. Lakes 1, 4, & 5 are great for swimming in the summer (although perhaps a bit chilly). Aside from the lakes, you get lots of trees, valley views, and flowers. Not a ton of wildlife aside from squirrels and a few ptarmigans. Not a ton of elevation change, just a few mellow hills. The outer loop is a bit over 5 miles and there is a shorter inner loop that’s a little under 3 miles. I personally would opt for the longer loop as you get great views of Lake 1.

1 month ago

The All Trails write-up calls it a "moderately trafficked" trail. I would say it is a heavily traffic trail in the summer. Lots of people but beautiful lakes. If I am ever in the area again and it's a clear day, I'd hike it again!

Packed in our 11month old. Was absolutely beautiful way to start the day!

Beautiful trail, a bit too much human intervention - fences, stairs etc, loses the effect of wild nature. We walked thru the bridges to bridge six and back. Nice walk !

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