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Gorgeous hike with lots of picture perfect views. Was not too busy around 11am for us. Some steep hills but manageable. Would definitely recommend this one!

5 days ago

The falls are incredible. The walkway gets very close to the falls at several places. Powerful and loud. The walk itself is on a paved path with several stairs. Very close to the road, very easy to get to.

The Falls are a definite must see if you go to Jasper.

A nice and pleasant easy hike (with some small hills) with some pretty lakes. However, it’s a very crowded trail with big groups of tourists because of its location, etc. We were almost knocked off the trail by a tour group at one point, and we ran into two different people smoking cigarettes on the hike.

Thus, while the views are good and it’s short & sweet, just understand what you’re getting into if you visit during peak hours.

11 days ago

Such a nice surprise! We didn’t even put these falls on our itinerary and I’m so glad someone said they were a must see. We were there in the morning and it was a beautiful chilly day. So pretty walking around and seeing the different views. Great for all ages and all activity levels!

This hike was better than expected! We started at the fifth lake and did the short loop. The lakes were gorgeous! It took us almost two hours with lots of stops. There were ups and downs, but just the right amount of both. We went about lunchtime and the hike wasn’t that crowded which was nice. I think it helps to go after Labor Day. I highly recommend.

12 days ago

Not really much of a hike but beautiful views. Great place to have a picnic lunch after doing one of the other trails

Gorgeous and very doable for all hiking types! This app made it easy to stay on the right trail! Awesome!

12 days ago

Great place to take a break and see some beautiful scenery.

One of my favorite hikes in Jasper National Park. I love the canyon views and waterfalls...very scenic and lots of photo opportunities. I highly recommend parking at the 6th bridge and walking to the 1st bridge following trail 7 along the river. Then take 7h on the way back. All the tour buses park at the 1st bridge and it’s fairly crowded from the 1st to 2nd bridge. By starting at the 6th bridge, you walk upstream into the canyon which begins around the 4th bridge and gets more amazing from the 4th to the 1st bridge. There were about 10 cars in the parking area at the 6th bridge at 10 AM and about 10 when we finished the hike returned 3 hrs later.

16 days ago

Stopped by and did a quick walk due to it raining and being chilly. Very nice falls!

16 days ago

A nice walk with great views of the canyon and waterfall.

Very beautiful and easy hike! The trail is very heavily trafficked. I would suggest working your way from the left to right (first lake to fifth lake) unless you want to do a bit of an uphill climb.

Nice hike, did it with three youths. Muddy in some spots and very busy. Nice views. Be prepared for a couple steep hills.

Gorgeous easy hike... lot of traffic tho!

18 days ago

Super belle vue mais beaucoup de boue pour un chemin aménagé. Super achalandé près du canyon même si nous nous sommes rendue vers 0800AM. Aujourd'hui c'était suler bouetteux. Nous avons continué sur le chemin 7 de l'autre côté de la rue et c'était enfin tranquille.

19 days ago

Cela nous a prit 45 minutes. Il y avait des bancs identifiés aux gens décédés dans les chutes. Très accessible. Ce n'est pas une randonnée par contre er nous y sommes allés vers 0800 AM alors c'était tranquille. Plusieurs points de vu sur les chutes.

I was in Jasper two weekends ago and luckily the smoke didn’t hinder our trip. Before hitting Miette Hot Springs, we stopped by Maligne Canyon to walk through 4-5 bridges. It’s a busy trail, what with all the tourists, but the canyon is quite lovely. Just past the 4th bridge there was a spot to sit on the rocks by the water, which made it even better - you were off the trail and could just take in the rapid water and all the greenery. It was a good 3 hour detour!

Amazing views. The kids enjoyed it a lot (5 & 8 years old). We took a shortcut when we reached the first lake (the largest). A total of 5.3 km instead of 11.

Did the 5 lakes yesterday. Very nice trail - mostly straight walking with a few hills here and there. We ended up seeing a black bear near lake 3!

Great scenery for effort ratio. I am an avid hiker, I prefer strenuous hikes. However, this hike offers the views for a lot less effort. Perfect for families.

obviously a busy trail in the summer time. It is a great family walk, especially when there is a chance of rain, or overcast. we went when the smoke from forest fires in B.C. were particularly heavy. Beautiful walk with varied gain/ drop. Well recommended for all levels of age and experience. A great morning, afternoon, or evening hike.

awesome hike with tons of fantastic views. got a little lost by 4km (haha)) butdn't mind one bit!

Beautiful walk by the river and canyon. Fantastic views! We took 7h back, which was more of an uphill hike.

Excellent hike which brings you all the best the canyon has to offer! Waterfalls and do watch out for wildlife. This trail goes to the 5th bridge but you can add on the further 1.7km (one way) to the 6th bridge if you choose (easy and flat terrain). This hike is rated moderate because using 7h to get back to parking is extremely steep right where you join it after the turn at 5th bridge. It does level off after a while and then it’s easy to the end.

This was a midday activity for me and there was lots of people around. The canyon is really cool to see and the walk is easy with only one short steep section.

Got on the trail early morning, almost nobody else was around, very relaxing walk. The lakes are worth checking out but get very busy.

1 month ago

Arrived early evening, not too many people were around but would be very busy in the middle of the day. Great viewpoint for almost no effort.

1 month ago

Arrived late afternoon, not many people were around, and most of those who were didn't bother going down to the lower falls section. Would probably be very busy during the day. Nice and easy walk, good for a stop off while driving the highway.

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