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Beautiful views ! Easy trail, go early it gets pretty crowded.

An underrated hike in my opinion. Beautiful falls and you can walk right up to the water in several sections. Highly recommended.

Relatively busy and has lots of fencing.

5 days ago

This is not a hike. It’s an easy walk along a paved road/sidewalk. That being said, the waterfall is stunning and the walk along the river in one direction and the walk along the canyon in the other direction are both beautiful as well. Good for families with little kids or elderly people. The main part is handicap accessible

This is a pleasant trail that winds through a valley with many lakes. The 5 main lakes are that famous glacier blue color. Lakes 1, 4, & 5 are great for swimming in the summer (although perhaps a bit chilly). Aside from the lakes, you get lots of trees, valley views, and flowers. Not a ton of wildlife aside from squirrels and a few ptarmigans. Not a ton of elevation change, just a few mellow hills. The outer loop is a bit over 5 miles and there is a shorter inner loop that’s a little under 3 miles. I personally would opt for the longer loop as you get great views of Lake 1.

Not a hike more of a short walk, visit early in the day as lots of tour buses stop here.

Amazing views, great mix of rock hopping, wooded trails, and scramble! We took our dog and he absolutely loved it. Rock formations are great trail markers and it wasn’t hard to stay on track. Road in is a little sketchy and mosquitos/horseflies were plentiful

12 days ago

The All Trails write-up calls it a "moderately trafficked" trail. I would say it is a heavily traffic trail in the summer. Lots of people but beautiful lakes. If I am ever in the area again and it's a clear day, I'd hike it again!

Packed in our 11month old. Was absolutely beautiful way to start the day!

Even in the thunderstorm, tons of mosquitoes and packing in a 21lb baby this trail is a beauty. Very few people. Well worth it! We only went to the first falls at the head of the first lake because of time of day but would go back for sure!

The first part of the hike was beautiful. The second part, extending the route along lake #1 was not as picturesque but was good exercise

16 days ago

There was quite a crowd at the parking lot and upper falls, but only a small number of people walk the easy trail to the lower falls. Definitely worth the extra time to go down there and check it out. Don't stop at the bench when you get there - keep walking a bit more to see even more!

16 days ago

17 days ago

Great views at the top at the outlook and further up trail. After that it is just a walk through the forest for about 3.5km until you get back to the lake. A busy trail and a very touristy area.

short trail with awesome payoff of a swimming hole with Cliff jumping.

Beautiful, fairly easy hike! All five lakes are very close together, only the hike to and from the hikes is a little longer. About 2-2.5 hours if you’re taking stops and pictures, so could be done quicker for sure! I did it twice in 6 weeks because I loved it so much!

Highly recommended! I usually do the long hikes away from other humans but this ones lovely. The second lake is the best. I’ve never come across natural lakes fleuro hello/green it was great. I didn’t find too many people on the train. Maybe people every 5 minutes but the other reviews made it sound like there were crowds. Also the bears have been sighted here because their favourite berries are all over the place!

The other lake is almost 6km away from the 5 lakes so it’s doable if you want to double your trail.

Was a great little trail. Easy hike with the kids

paddle sports
22 days ago

Beautiful and easy accessible for water activities. I brought my paddleboard.

Was an easy hike, lots of areas to take good pictures. The trail outlined in this is pretty short so if you want to see more you can go different routes via trail networks(maps will be on the trail). Took a slightly longer route took me about 3.5 to 4 hours(including stops). Beautiful hike!!!

LOVED the trail which wasn’t busy, was full of beautiful waterfalls, rapids, and ravines, and was a great find. Highly recommended!

lovely little hike

26 days ago

Gorgeous lower falls in full flow

Not much of a hike as it is very short, but absolutely stunning views.

A gift of a trail that just keeps getting better the further you climb.

The scenery and in particular the waterfalls are awesome. We hiked to the second lake and back on a beautiful July day. Saw very few people. The trail is tougher than you might think with much rock hopping. The climb up to the second lake is quite something as is the decent. Not the trail to choose for breaking in your new boots. No issues for 2WD access today.

30 days ago

Amazing views off of both bridges 1 and 2. Sad we couldn’t do 3 through 6. Youngest’s legs were done after a couple of other sites.

30 days ago

Not much of a hike and very easily accessed from the parking lot but a great walk with views.

The lakes are beautiful and people are actually jumping in for a swim! Perfect on a hot and sunny day! Come prepared if you want to go swimming. There is a presence 2 red Adirondack chairs to offer you the best spot to sit down and relax. Great hike for a family with young kids.

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