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Nice and quiet. Well marked trail system. Stop at the black cat ranch for local information on the trail - they build/maintain the trail to the best of my knowledge. Bring your bear spray.

All other comments here seem to describe quite well...in my opinion. big hike. be prepared.

I’ve hiked this in summer and spring.. Most recently being May long weekend of 2017. Did not bring snowshoes and it was a horrid mistake. Took 7 hours to summit after clambering and falling through hip deep snow. Otherwise, in summer conditions it’s approximately 2 hours to the top.

Hard in winter season but worth for it

Long low intensity easy hike. Be cautious of bear activity! We did run it to a mama bear with her almost fully grown cub right on the trail as we pass them with probably 5 meters distance which was heart pumping to say the least ,however they both shown no interest in us ( thank god lol) .

1 month ago

Awesome hike!

the name of this is a bit misleading (which doesn't mean this trail isn't amazing). you aren't looping the lake, you are climbing an overlook. great trail, good picnic spot on top

whilst thirds walk is moderately trafficked in early Oct it may bee worth not getting there too early and follow someone else up the trail. We started the trail alone and saw fresh bear prints not far in. The trail was reasonably tiring but well worth the effort. The panoramic views from the top were amazing.

1 month ago

Spectacular views along the river. Numerous waterfalls along the way. Get there early to beat the tour buses.

Beautiful leisurely trail with lots of variety including forest, exposed meadow, and lookout points over the valley and the Athabasca River. Perfect for a quick hike before the drive home

I would definitely do this again, but there’s a rushing waterfall you have to pass so I’d go next time even earlier in the morning (~8am) to avoid jumping across wet rocks. Also bring gaters depending on the weather! Helen lake is pretty, but make the extra trek up to Cirque peak and have lunch up there if you can. Although it’s usually snowy up there.

Not bad, and fairly easy hike. Would skip the longer loop and just go straight to lake 1.

it is closed now!

Great trail to start getting more difficult terrain. The trail is in great shape despite snow all morning.

Good hiking course for all ages. Occasional hills but nothing significant. Highly recommend for family hike!!

Awesome hike. A nice gradual incline with incredible views once you get through the forest. Did it in early October and it was quite snowy where snowshoes were needed for the last quarter of the hike.

Easy trail with great views. Saw tons of wildlife including goats, chipmunks and even a wolf!

2 months ago

I honestly really enjoyed this hike. It was my first time doing this hike, but my boyfriends 2nd. I was stubborn and thought my runners were fine (as its what I climb most moutains in) but boy was I wrong. We started earlier in the morning, and the trail was fairly snowcovered, over a foot near the top of fresh powder. I couldnt scramble to the summit, because of how icy it was in combination to my footwear but made it to the turn around point. The view was awesome, but fairly clouded over while it started to snow!

Amazing views and moderate intensity trail. Rewarding trip to the summit.

A superb hike up to the gondola, latter half in partial snow end sep, but reasonably easy to follow. From the gondola an additional 3.5km up an easy winding snow path, passed the false summit to the real summit, well traversed by gondola visitors, with a superb 360 deg view.

2 months ago

Busy, but its definitely worth sharing with the crowds to see this amazing canyon/gorge.

Well maintained, right off the highway, and you can choose how far you go by deciding how many bridges you can get to so it's good for all levels and abilities. You get some great scenery without walking far... or those looking for a challenge can venture further.

There are 6 bridges and to hike the full 6 bridge loop will take two or three hours with stops for photos.

2 months ago

The canyons are incredibly beautiful. I started off at the 5th bridge. Once you cross the bridge and continue on the trail toward bridges 1 through 4, there will be 2 options: one runs right next to the canyon, and the other takes you higher up. I recommend you take one on the way to the other bridges and the other on the return trip. The higher trail provides incredible views of the canyon and surrounding mountains. The lower trail will give you a good look at all the unique features of the canyon. There’s a restaurant, gift shop, and bathrooms near bridges 1 and 2 so you might want to pop in before returning. Bridges 1 and 2 are pretty busy so it’s nice to go to the farther bridges.

2 months ago

I have completed this trail twice now in full with multiple one-day trips on segments. On each full trail adventure I did it once in each direction. My personal preference being the start via Signal. Have stayed/spent time at every campground with Signal, Curator and Little Shovel my favourites. Tekarra and Snowbowl are beautiful though the layout of the actual camp is less desirable (particularly if you need to seek the facilities in the middle of the night).

Prefer the Signal start as a relentless uphill when one is fresh is much more favourable to me than a relentless downhill that never... ever... EVER... ends ; )

Trail review: Week of Sept. 10, exactly a year from the last go-round. Weather was insane in ways we could not have anticipated with Mother Nature under promising and over-delivering, but once again - wow. Trail is incredible and we are blessed to experience. Pack smart. Pack for the weather (4 seasons). And ENJOY.

Also... download this app. Ran it off my phone’s GPS which kept us pointed in the right direction for two days during white - out conditions. AllTrails did not pay me to say this, promise.

Wow. This hike is amazing, challenging, and gorgeous. We went in the beginning of October, so we expected snow up at the top, but didn’t expect it at the start. When we checked the trail report that morning it said the trail condition was good, but with snow at the top, so when we arrived we were surprised to see snow at the head of the trail. We decided to keep going anyways, trusting the trail report and seeing other hikers come out okay. This will forever be a special hike to me, since this was my first time ever hiking to the top of the mountain. There was snow all along the trail, but it got especially slippery and thick up at the top. A LOT of ice along the switchbacks near the top. Several times I slipped and, quite frankly, almost slipped off the side of the mountain. I was scared, but also determined to finish, since I knew the views from the top looked fabulous. Don’t do that! I was stupid for keeping going. I had no crampons or hiking sticks and I could have died. If you feel uncomfortable, turn back and get what you need to feel comfortable. The higher you go up, the harder it is. There is a part after the tree line that seems like it’s the top, but its not, there is a little bit more to go. That part is definitely a scramble. Take it slow and focus on your balance because doing it when it was icy had me terrified I was going to roll off the side of the mountain. (Again, I was stupid and no one should follow what I did!) But this hike was great. I’d say it took 3 hours to get up and an hour to get down. The ice helped in getting down, since we could pretty much slide down the top half of the mountain. The views were stunning on the way up to the top and at the actual top. Its exactly what I would picture the view from a top of a mountain would look like! Some people made snowmen along the way, which made us smile. Enjoy this hike, just be smart about it! Lots of people on the trail and they were all helping each other out. One guy had on nikes and he was slipping very very badly. A stranger he didn’t know lent him one of her walking sticks and held onto him the entire way down. If you need help, ask! No one will leave you! Worth every second of it.

2 months ago

Beautiful lake, friendly people, and most of the time I see wildlife, a nice walking trail.

I’ve hiked this trail and bikes it, did the full loop from old fort point on the bike, beautiful whichever way, not overly challenging on the bike, but some pretty steep climbs if you don’t drive to the trail head, and go right from jasper.

Really great views!!! Short, and a bit of a steep incline, but worth it! Nice after dinner hike

2 months ago

Nice walk, great views! Can be a bit busy

Very nice hike and the view at the "summit" is just amazing !
When the sky is clear you can see mountains and mountains

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