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my kids love this trail best in summer because they love to play in the creeks that wind through the hollwers. The rock over hangs over the creeks are beautiful. I recommend it for a nice leisure hike for kids a fun kid hike.

An overlooked gem. This trail offers some spectacular views and opportunities to explore off the trail.

One of the best views of the park!

Love it here. So much to do. Take your time and enjoy all of it!

Very beautiful but beginning to become run down due to increased foot traffic. Lots of garbage left everywhere.

One of my favorite places to go. When you catch it at a good time, the waterfall is amazing. It’s a very easy walk (and short) to get to the back, and once you are there you will want to stay and enjoy it!

Spend time camping in this area. Backpacking is good here, though I had trouble finding the primitive camping spots.... and the trails keep you moving and looking for more!
The sunsets are beautiful and the stars are bright here.

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1 month ago

Love coming out here at all times of the year. Beautiful place.

best nature trail I've found near Chicago

Beautiful hike with awesome rock formations. We hiked this trail on a rainy day and the water sheds off the trail well. The trail is easy unless you want to venture into the rock formations which provide ample opportunity for climbing.

1 month ago

I really really wanted to find the trail after the electric towers, and we did for a bit, but lost it on the downhill and bailed due to the sun going down and battery of cell diminishing. It turns out we weren’t too far off when we bailed. (I was able to check my Apple Watch map to the all trails map ) We hiked in nov with no leaves on the trees and I think that helped keep on the trail for awhile.

2 months ago

Nice easy hike. Does take you to a awesome overlook. Has a small cave , big rock formations. You need to follow the blue blazes and sometimes it’s hard to know which way to go. Use your AllTrails recorder to help you stay on the right path. Saw a couple putting up their tent to camp which would be fun!


Gorgeous views. Wonderful !

Well a little update on the trail. There's been some forest harvest at Wildcat Hollow. The start and the end of the trail is gone. Only 50 acres where harvest but not all the forest are gone. about 90% of the trail is still there and untouched. Just where the trails starts and loops back together. Not sure if Stephen A. Forbes plan on restoring the portion of trail that is gone but u can still hike on this trail and still have a good time.

Good trail with nice views.

Short paved hike beautiful views.

It was a great trail until it wasn’t, we stayed on a trail the whole time but it wasn’t well marked. We ended up at a farm, miles from the trailhead. Needs to be better marked, and recommend turning around after about a 1/2 mile to avoid confusion.

Very easy trail, beautiful year round, but can be crowded with people on the weekends.

Amazing views!

Down in the canyon was amazing

A lot of fun, especially good for dogs to hike along with owners. Fall colors beginning to show.

quick trail but can easily spend hours here after a good rain looking at the waterfalls and rock formations

This is a great hike. Lots of different canyons to check out and see. The trail it’s self is easy to follow and there is a map at every intersection. Get ready to walk up stairs. But the views are worth the walk. Go out and enjoy this trail.

Beautiful park, but could use some better signage to direct visitors to the various canyons and bluffs.

Pro tip: St. Louis Canyon has the best waterfall. The actual starved rock is a little anticlimactic.

A great place for a day hike.

Trail with beautiful scenic overlooks of the lake at several places. A little harder to follow at the bottom once leaves cover the trail.

When I was a child, I had the blessing of seeing this waterfall running, it is SO worth trying to see. that being said, I've hiked this trail probably 10 times and only got lucky once. one of the most breathtaking falls I've seen.

3 months ago

Definitely worth the trip, but hard to find and navigate after finding stoneface. The entrance to the park is not marked and the culvert has been washed away. You can park at the base of the road and walk in to the trail head (~.25mi). The trail leading to the face is clear and marked with blazes, however not well maintained. We continued on what we thought was the correct trail past the power lines, however ended up on Shawnee Rd. (If this happens to you, turn R and follow the gravel road and turn R on stoneface Rd and you’ll return to your car in roughly ~1mile).. I would recommend turning around and following same path down once you reach the power lines. We want to hike the trail again and attempt to find the loop.

4 months ago

It was a nice trail with but needs a lot of overdue trail maintenance. Even with gps maps we still got lost several times. If the trails were better maintained it would be a definite 5 star!
Did the full hike with a 9 and 11 year old. The mosquitos were horrible. I always try nondeet sprays first but even with deep woods off they were bad. This is sometimes unavoidable in Illinois.
We plan on coming back but with no kids and no dog. Our dog was covered in every type of weed and burs because the trail was overgrown in several spots.

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