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Going down is the warm up. Get prepared to hike back. Do the extra mile at the end for the waterfall.

Well maintained trail ,be ready to hike 4 miles to see few but awesome Joshua trees

Started Clockwise....ended up all over the place as not marked well at all.....but what a beautiful adventurous hike it was!

Pretty steep with lot of switchbacks but it's cool to be on the top of Texas! Took us about 6 hours. Can be very windy on the top!

Great easy to follow loop. This was my first trip into the Superstition Wilderness as well as my first solo trip. After a very dry winter water was a little scarce before I made it into La Barge Canyon. Great views of Battleship Mountain and Malpais Mountain. Camped near Charlebois Spring which was full. Took about 3 hours to get there from the trail head. Took Bull Pass Trail on the way out. The views of the interior and of La Barge Canyon and Weavers Needle were spectacular and worth the extra bit of elevation on the way out.

Excellent hike with great views. Hike has many different ecosystems and the view is as good as it gets. Pretty good pull to the top but well worth it. You can hit Emory peak on the backside as you are finishing up.

A wonderful hike with beauty at every turn. I am 61 and fit and thought this hike was very doable. If you’re not young, I recommend going up Laguna Meadows and down Pinacles. Pinacles probably would hAve done me in if I had used that route for my assent. We started at 9 am and finished the 12.5 mile hike at around 6:15 pm, stopping for lunch and breaks along the way....,,..so, it’s a full day hike. There are some really steep climbs to consider. I would say this is a hike for any age, but you should be pretty fit to do it.

Started around noon and finished at 5:20. Great hike, I did hike clockwise first up the Fremont ridge. This seems to be a popular hike to the ridge ran into a dozen people or so. But after the ridge I didn’t see a sole. Pure wilderness solitude!

We hiked three mile with a school group. Would love to spend more time on it. Well marked

This was alot of fun and a bit challenging.

Nice views. Took me 2.5 hours up, but I go at a fast pace when I'm by myself and without an overnight pack.

Fun, tough hike with amazing views on the rim. I recommend going up Laguna meadows for an easier climb. We've done it as an overnight and a day hike with the overnight giving you the rim all to yourself in the morning. Either way the views are worth it.

Good trail. Needs some maintenance in different sections. First 5 miles from Lakeview trailhead is marked well. 11 miles in 2 days. Will return to finish another section in a few months.

Amazing view. My friend and I did it in about 5 1/2 hours without any training whatsoever, so it’s doable. Very windy though.

Beautiful, beautiful hike! My favorite in the park. Fairly strenuous for those not in the good shape. I’m 43 and in reasonably good shape, and my feet and knees were on fire. Well worth the discomfort though! Cold beer and ice packs back at camp.
Don’t forget the west rim- it’s not marked. After the south rim, instead of immediately following the path to the right to Laguna Meadows trail, head straight up for another stunning vista to the west. Adds about .25 miles to the hike.

One of Texas’ great hikes. Not as difficult as listed, moderate and can be completed in 4-5 hours

me and my friend camped at big bend for 5 days then on the way back came here just for the purpose of reaching the highest elevation in texas. we were running short on time and were able to go up to the top and back in only 3 hours.

Strenuous hike. Great views. We combined this with Emory Peak and it took 8 hours hiking . Total of 16 miles.

I started at around 5 AM from the basin on Laguna Meadows side. Saw no one. Mild weather in the 50s, It was great transition from moonlight to sun rise. The sun rays made a great arc at the rim. I spent alone at the top for about half an hour enjoying the view and the solitude. It was very windy. Came down via Pinnacles, saw a lot of people then. Since I started very early, I carried only 3 liters of water. I ended up using only 2.5 liters anyway. Took me 7 hours.

It was rated hard. It was hard, but only had trouble with trail marking at one place. A leaves out tree had fallen and obscured the markers. No litter. Great time! Did 11 miles in three legs over 2 days.

This is a great day-hike trail. If you don't want to finish it in one day, then you can stay at the peak campground. The park says it is strenous. But it is great for kids too. It is also very windy in winter.

Good hike for the experienced. I tend to always get dehydrated on this hike. Be smarter than me and bring electrolyte rich food and liquid. It's a great workout

Beautiful views and ecology not typical to the rest of Texas await you on this well-maintained trail. Due to weather/terrain typical of mountain hikes, this hike can be brutal, so take this one seriously.

Did the loop clockwise today, solo, 102-104-234-235. Started at 10 am and got done by 4:30 pm. Used 1.5 l of water though had total of 3 l. Weather being perfect (60 F) helped. Not many people on the trail after the saddle point. Markings with cairns can be subtle. The map from AllTrails helped a lot. Overall, an awesome hike!

Perfect day for this hike. Beautiful scenery the throughout. Did the loop clockwise and was surprised at how rugged the trail got on the return on 234 and 235. It took just over 5hrs total time. I carried 2 liters of water and trail snacks and had plenty left at the end. I will definitely do this hike again.

19 days ago

Did an overnight backpack hike of Southrim loop the weekend of Nov 10th. PERFECT weather. We went up Laguna since we had 30lb packs. We carried 3-4L of water between the two of us for 2 days and night, hiking and cooking dinner and breakfast. The maples in Boot Canyon were gold and red, lots of water after rains. We ran into a huge Black Bear on Colima and they were very active everywhere. Be aware, loud and don’t run and you’ll be fine. You must use bear boxes available at each campsite. The sunset was worth everything! We came down Pinnacles and it was grueling. Glad we didn’t go up that way with full packs. Can’t wait to go back and do the Northeast extension.

we did the entire Trans Catalina Trail, this is day 1.
Read that we can't bring fuel on the ferry, but no one ever checked. Please note that the grocery store does not have the correct fuel, you must go a block over to Chet's Hardware store. it's a fantastic building so well worth it.
Walk thru town a ways before getting to the trailhead.
Parts of the trail are not marked very well, so pay attention.
1st big uphill has a nice pergola at the top and a great spot to stop for lunch. YES, there is a bathroom up there but you have to walk past the pergola before you see it.
Made it almost half way thru the hike before I saw a buffalo and then I seem to have one around every turn. And they love to stand on the trail so you either wait or go around them.
The last 2 miles before camp seemed to be a bit newer and not marked well.
camp #1 was fantastic for our 4 tents. Thunder and lightning and rain that night but we had no issues. another sight had their tents flood.
next day you are off to the airport!

fun trail. long but not exceedingly difficult. water is not year around.

21 days ago

My husband and I hiked this trail the first week of November. Temperatures were very pleasant, probably 85-90 degrees in the desert and 5-10 degrees cooler in the mountains and along the river. The trail is easy to lose so I highly recommend a GPS unit or app on your phone and a paper map backup. The cacti are vicious, be prepared to pull needles and barbs out of legs, arms, hands. Don’t skimp on the gallon of water a day per person suggestion—we carried 3-1/2 gallons between us for the overnight and drank or used every drop. The first couple miles are an easy hike through the desert. Then you climb about 500’ in about a quarter mile and continue through the mountains to the split. We hiked the south leg first, descending to the connector trail and camping at the first campsite we found. The descent was brutal, it just goes more or less straight down the side of a mountain. I was ready to drop my pack at the first sight of a campsite, but there is a second location further down the connector trail with what seemed like 2 spaces for tents. The first campsite was flat and relatively free of rocks. There were some ants, but they didn’t bother us. The view of the river was great, and the cliffs surrounding our camp on all sides made for a beautiful sunset and an even more beautiful sunrise. The connector trail continues north along a ledge overlooking the river, then crosses a wash out so deep we had to drop our packs, lower ourselves down, heave the packs up over the other side, and climb back out. The trail then climbs up and back into the mountains through a rocky sloped pass requiring a little bouldering and climbing up short but pretty sheer rock faces with a few places to place hands and feet. It was a bit of a scramble at times! A pleasant hike through the mountains and back to the connection with the main trail leg, back down out of the mountains and into the desert to get back to the car. We hiked about 6 hours each day, covering a little over 6 miles the first day and closer to 8 the second day. A very enjoyable trail!

Did the peak in mid October got pinned down at the top by High Winds and freezing rain! Be sure to get an early start and make it back to camp before dark! We barely made it back down before dark but a very beautiful climb!

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