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11 days ago

My backcountry super deet bug spray did not deter bugs out here. You can yell this trail hasn’t been looked after in awhile.

Potentially a nice hike when there hasn't been a rainstorm after months of above average rain. The bug population was thriving, hungry and laughed at our bug spray. We lasted a half mile in then turned tail and power splashed out. Will be back when it's cooler, drier and the bugs have died back some. December maybe!

Great trails. They range from moderate to difficult and are very peaceful and easy to navigate. The lake and the poles (surfer spot) are gorgeous. One of the premier parks in NE Florida.

Nice trail. It was marked really well. There was only a couple places where you might get your feet wet but a really good trail to hit between thunderstorms

Nope that’s all I can really say overgrown and black widows everywhere not safe at all wouldn’t recommend it

easy for kids, Fort is about a quarter of the way through, some other exhibits along the way

2 months ago

I think it would have been a really nice run but the boardwalk was broken (looked like storm damage), and as far as I could see there wasn't a sign warning you. I'd go back if the board walk were to be fixed, but as of now I would not recommend.

Nice easy trail. Kind of an eerie vibe. Can’t explain why just felt weird. We got this in just before the regular afternoon summer storm.

2 months ago

A Florida beach with driftwood. How could you go wrong?

Nice footpath.

Probably would be a nice trail but is really overgrown , banana spiders all around , ticks all around. Between ducking under banana spider webs and watching for ticks I wouldn’t suggest this trail, Unless you’re looking for an overgrown trail. Turned back after a mile.

Nice wide flat trail. Make sure you put on bug spray in the summer momths

very beautiful , we had a blast With our dogs, some parts of the trail were muddy from the rain, and we got a few ticks on each of us. But i will be back!

off road driving
3 months ago

Explore Moro of this Park yesterday!! Had a blast!!!

on Hanna Park South Trail

mountain biking
3 months ago

Amazingly Beautiful Trails!
I can’t help but be impressed with these trails.
I was very pleased with the condition, variety and simple beauty of the various trails. The trails themselves are very well maintained and there are a variety of skill levels to be had. From a few flat straightaways to many hairpin turns, to the unlimited rises & falls, all while constantly needing to dodge the unlimited obstacles placed in your way. Needless to say, I found the “More Difficult E-Line Loop” more than enough of a challenge for a guy my age.
In addition to the good condition I found the trails to be in, I was blown away by the scenic images I was exposed to. From the beautiful lakes, rivers, trees and friendly woodland creatures- to the not-so-friendly alligators I saw “sunning” themselves atop logs in the water.
I really didn’t expect to be that close to them.
In fact, at one point of the trail, if you fall off your bike to the left side, you will end up in an extremely thick swamp where an alligator is waiting just under the waters’ surface to snack on you or anyone else that may fall into this guys’ territorial waters. YIKES! I’m not kidding folks.
***I would seriously recommend everyone take a buddy with them for company & protection while riding here.
I found the above, as well as the many other amazing experiences I have had here, reason to RAISE my score of this Parks’ Trails rather than lower it. I feel that I (and I think most other Mt. Bikers), choose to ride my bike in the woods for just this reason. If i wanted to ride my bike on a flat concrete surface and see nothing i would be riding in the streets right?
But if you ARE looking for an amazing experience every time you ride your Mt. Bike- this is definitely a great place to ride!

Dog friendly trail. But for some they think that means no leash. Keep them on a leash. Leash laws still exist. Ive been hiking this trail for years. Nice and close to home. Nice get away from the hustle and bustle.

Bugs were brutal (I forgot to use bug spray), especially around the lake. Swampy even away from the Lake. Saw a snake which worried me because I hike with a 3-year old. Trail very muddy.

Outside of the lack of maintenance and the occasional graffiti this trail was a nice quick walk with my dog. Mostly covered allowing him to stay relatively cool in the heat. All in all not a bad walk.

Had a great time taking out the pup. It’s quite open so prepare to deal with the heat. Outside of that it offers many different activities due to its shear size. The foliage is beautiful and the multiple different loops gives you options depending on what mood you are in.

Nice little trail. Take bug spray though.

Very sandy...horrendous amount of lone star ticks...

Took our packs out today for a test run. Great trail.

Trail is a little overgrown.Also, be ready for ticks and mosquitos. Otherwise it's a nice easy trail.

Started at the front gate to add more miles. Wish I had this app last weekend. Still have no idea how far we hiked. Beautiful hike and lots of options of views.

4 months ago

This is mainly a bike trail with beautiful canopied and open areas. It can be a little hot in the open areas. There are two half mile trails off the pavement to the water front. Parking is $3. We took our dog so we couldn’t go on the shoreline.

Short but picturesque trail with marsh views and lovely picnics areas .

off road driving
5 months ago

Best trails for off roading so far in north Florida!!!! I had blast for 2 hrs!!! Moderate level!!!

trail running
5 months ago

Very sandy in areas, pretty sure I ran in circles at times, saw heaps of wild life- Birds, turtles, and a huge snake.

The boardwalk is broken and we didn't notice the tiny sign acknowledging it. Doubt we will be back

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