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Jacksonville Trails Map
trail running
6 days ago

Very sandy in areas, pretty sure I ran in circles at times, saw heaps of wild life- Birds, turtles, and a huge snake.

The boardwalk is broken and we didn't notice the tiny sign acknowledging it. Doubt we will be back

Very very very sandy. Other than that a nice trail but did pick up a few ticks on the way.

Well maintained, clean and open. Nice foliage!
Take a picture of the map at the trailhead... the north side loop is a little tricky.

Nice, easy walk— would be great with young kids.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Easy, wide fire breaks and some decent, but flat single track. Not a fan of the bridges and concrete bricks on the MTB trails - people shouldn’t be afraid to get a little dirty. Good family trails though since even the cheapest WallyWorld bike can handle these trails.

Nice and quiet trail with some good sights. The trail loop could be marked a little more clearly since there are a few offshoots. But overall I really enjoyed it.

Trail is mostly paved and shaded. The bridge to the water was closed for repairs (3/24/18). Over all nice short hike with family.

horseback riding
29 days ago

We took the horses and had a great time! Park the trailers in the grass near the information sign. The road splits there - trails to the right were muddy and not great, but trails to the left were perfect! They connect up to a power line road, plenty of room and safe, solid trails to even do some trot/canter sets to get the horses in shape. It was nice and dry and free of mud. Will definitely be going back. Would be great to take the dogs too!

Dock extending out to river is closed due to hurricane damage. Nice quick walk but not a ton to see.

1 month ago

We drove up and parked. If you're not a pass holder, you'll need to get an envelope from the deposit box and leave $3. Tear off the stub and hang on your rearview mirror. I took one of my dogs on a Friday morning around 0930. We saw maybe 4 bikers. The paved trail is awesome. Lots of room for bikers to go around you. We walked about 2 miles and took a right and walked another .5 miles to the "beach side" where lots of downed trees are. It's sandy and very beautiful. People started flocking to the area around 11am. Clean, lots of trees and bushery. This will be a regular place to take my dogs for a nice and relaxing walk.

Short trail but well maintained.

If you go early in the morning, beware you will hit every spider web on the trail.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very Sandy, no single track, nothing to see to distract from the boring double track while pushing thru tons of sand

Very easy boardwalk hike.

1 month ago

Well marked and maintained.

Absolutely beautiful. Diverse topography and plenty of foliage. The trail itself is incredibly varied, sometimes dirt, sometimes sand, sometimes wooden bridges. There are lots of tree roots so watch your step; I enjoyed how interactive it made the trail. 10/10, my new favorite.

I had a blast. It’s quiet and peaceful, hardly any people but there are a ton of fiddler crabs. Really cool place to see nice trails as well. I can see it not looking so good after a rain storm.

Like this trail but this year it is very very wet in some parts every since rains this past year

wide trails, flat surfaces

Awesome trails

A well traveled wide trail that got a little muddy at the end with lots of hog, racoon, deer, and turkey tracks but no sightings today. Hiked mid-day so no surprise there.

Lots of wet areas but great on a sunny cool day

Nice 6.5 mile hike on a well traveled trail. We didn't see any wildlife on this trail but they had just completed a controlled burn.

Very nice little hike.

3 months ago

Nice and quiet is definitely right. Beautiful scenery. Trail needed a little upkeep.

on Timucuan Trail

3 months ago

It was a nice easy trail. Completely paved from one end to the other except the boardwalk. Nice views. If you go later in the day, watch out for cars where they’re not supposed to be. It was right at dusk and a sedan came zipping by me. I had to step off quickly into the grass to dodge them. Trail runs next to relatively busy road for the most part. Highly recommend going down to the beach to see all of the driftwood. Very beautiful!

Nice short hike. Get to see woodlands,Marsh and river scenery. The only drawback was alot of trash in a few areas.

January: the trail map is worthless. reportedly, there is a 3mi trail, a 6mi trail and several shorter ones. NONE are marked well. And at least today, every trail I tried was eventually under water. Would not do this hike in the heat of the summer as there is absolutely no shade. And definite gator prints seen in the sand- that was my highlight.

It allows dogs on a leash. Nice walk with a wide trail. Easy for kids.

3 months ago

Fun time. Main Trail is relatively flat vehicle wide trail. Offshoots of the main trail are mountain biking trails (or single tracks).

Easy walking with some areas of the trail covered in shallow pools of water. Don’t fret over the mud and keep going.

Plenty of wildlife if you keep your eyes peeled for them.

January hike so bugs were not an issue.

Several benches along the way if you need a break.


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