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10 hours ago

Beautiful hike! BRING BEAR SPRAY! We were growled at as we switchbacked down the lake. You can read more about it here: https://practicalvagabonds.com/caution-bears-in-the-area/

I hiked this one to about 1.5 miles past the cabin, through the meadow and into some outstanding forest on September 23, 2018. Fall colors were everywhere!

just completed today. camped in north cascade. did the loop clockwise and highly reccomend it. I think it would be pretty hard the other way if you are backpacking. perfect hike!

Easy warm up trail with a preview from the rangers in the Rockefeller Center. Reminds you of the great legacy the family left for the public to enjoy

Awesome views. In and out with several rest and photo stops. Took 4 1/2 hours

9 days ago

A fabulous trail that can be adjusted to meet your needs and time.

We hiked the full circle today with side trips to Inspiration Point and Hidden Falls. Hidden Falls is a GEM of a waterfall and very easy to get to. You can hike from the south Jenny Ranger Station, or from the north from the String Lake parking or even right a boat to the base of the falls and just hike up the gorge 1/4 mile. Take your pick.

Ok, here is my list.
1. The circle is 7.7 miles but the side routes adds another 1.2 miles
2. Western side of the lake trail has a moderate climb up to the falls. Otherwise the trail is very easy and well maintained
3. The Western side has two trails coming from the Ranger Station. The lower trail is closed for restoration.
4. Get to the parking lot early otherwise you will be doing a hike before you start your hike
5. The Eastern side of the lake trail is virtually flat and dirt with an occasional rock or root. Very easy
6. The only treacherous part of the trail is a rock slide area on the west side before you arrive at the falls. The rocks are loose and sharp.
7. We had deer on the trail with us for over a mile and only left the trail when we arrived at the String Lake creek
8. The burn area on the west side is sun exposed but offers a lot of diversity in plants which are giving good color right now
9. The trail is crowded from the southern parking lot to the falls on the west side
10. Runners use the eastern side

And Hidden Falls is flowing very very very well. It is worth every step of the trip

The beauty is amazing and I did see a big black bear about 50 yards away.

I’m not sure why they would call this moderate difficulty as it has no vertical movement at all.

The views are a must. Highly recommended.

12 days ago

Beautiful views and easy walking.

The views along this trail are amazing. We packed in our fly rods to fish along Leigh lake and I pulled out a huge brown trout. Easy hike, we did about 2.5 miles up and turned back.

Some of the area wasn’t heavily trafficked when we went so make sure you have bear spray and sing a song out there when you hike. Some of it is quite densely wooded and while we didn’t encounter a bear we were on alert most of the hike.

The lake is gorgeous. Take time to sit and enjoy the views.

13 days ago

The view at the lake when you first arrive is spectacular, perhaps the best in the park. Hike around the lake is easy. Total trip from parking lot is 7.5 miles. Moderate for distance, easy otherwise.

We took the Southwest route. I’m an advanced hiker but my fiancé is not so I wanted an easy trail. This route was definitely more moderate and challenging for him. We did get to view a bull moose eating at the moose pond which was a neat experience. Thankfully we were able to bring the boat back rather than hike the rest of the loop. Beautiful trail, great weather. Highly recommend it.

This is a gorgeous hike! But I'd HIGHLY recommend you going down through the other canyon (cascade canyon). I don't think it will add distance, it might even reduce it, and reduce the total elevation gain. AND you get to do a loop instead of seeing things twice. Still, paintbrush is great!

15 days ago

Nice view from the mountain, but honestly considering the distance, it's not worth it (almost 8 miles). There are nicer hikes

15 days ago

Easy hike with gorgeous views and lots of little beaches to eat lunch or have a snack. Started the hike on a Monday morning at 10am and didn’t have much traffic going out but ran into a ton of people on the way back. It was great to get us warmed up for the week of hiking ahead.

Pretty good hike.Never carried bear spray and did around 8miles and then got a boat ride. Awesome views of the tetons.

16 days ago

Very nice hike

16 days ago

Nice hike to get you acclimated to the elevation. We went east around the lake when we got there. Much better views going this way. However, you then have to finish with the falls, which can be more challenging for your legs at the end of the 8 mile hike.

Very nice walk with beautiful scenery. Include Hidden Falls

Very pretty trail! Did this with my sixth month old, and it was a nice enjoyable trail.great for kids and family. The views of Jenny lake are gorgeous!

22 days ago

Pretty hike through the Tetons

This get five stars mostly for Jump Rock, which was a blast (though the nearby area up the hillside that is used for changing is gross - people crapped up there!). We saw a snake and some mule deer along the path. The views are stupendous. Mostly level and shaded trail.

22 days ago

A leisurely trail along the lakeside with plenty of points to access the shallow lake and dip your feet in for a refreshing break. I went with my wife and 9 and 11 year old boys. Saw a bald eagle and visited with some interesting lakeside campers. Shaded and level trail.

Amazing trail! Not too many people. Jumping rock adds so much excitement

Easy but scenic- good one if you don’t have much time.

29 days ago

Very nice and easy trail. We did it last week and saw a black bear. Even if they don't live in the area, berries are attracting them :)

I arrived at Jenny Lake with only a few hours is sunlight left in the day. I started to hike around the north side but then saw regular boat traffic originating from the south and went to investigate. There is a ferry system that will provide 1, or 2-way transits to/from the West side of the lake. I got the 1-way and hiked back on the South side of the lake (~2.5mi). BEAUTIFUL!!!! Didn’t have much time to explore but did fit in Hidden Falls which is only minutes off the main loop and well worth it. Saw multiple squirrels/chipmunks and a Red Fox on the main loop. Skipped Inspiration Point and wasn’t disappointed because the South side of the loop provided multiple high-vantage-point views! Atmosphere was Smokey due to regional fires and I was concerned I wouldn’t have a good view of the Tetons. To my surprise, as the evening cooled off, the view cleared up and the views were incredible. Moderate terrain, beautiful views and the ferry ride is well worth it ($8 1-way) for an uninhibited view of the Tetons. Highly recommended and I can’t wait to get back and hike the whole loop! Enjoy!

Beautiful hike, moderately strenuous. Lots of wildlife activity. The pools up by the patrol cabin are a great place to rest and eat. One mile of rough road before trail head ( we didn’t risk it in our little rental car). Would absolutely take this trail again.

Hiked this trail 8/24/2018. Very enjoyable. I saw three bears and two moose.

Hiked up to the backcountry campsites in lower Paintbrush Canyon for an overnight, and it was one of my favorite camping trips to date. The views the whole way are gorgeous, I mean, you are in Grand Teton National Park after all. For anyone camping in the area, there are many campsites along the way, but the last, highest campsite in lower Paintbrush by far has the best views looking out over the valley, and up into the mountains behind. Plenty of extremely friendly wildlife, (they're cute but please don't feed them!) a doe surprised us by walking right up to me and my little sister and all around our tents for a couple hours. There's a family of hoary marmots that are very entertaining to watch. Overall, a great backpacking trip, I can't speak for the rest of the trail that goes up to the snowy pass, but I'm sure it's got even better views and great times to be had.

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