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Moderate trail, views are so-so

Nice and lovely. Not difficult but can be slippery.

The trail is across the street from the parking lot. It’s an easy trail with a few short rock scrambles but again not challenging. I would not consider this a moderate hike. Definitely take the blue trail first as it is the only real incline on the whole hike and leads you straight to a really pretty river and waterfall. The trail gets a bit funky after that when looping back. The way back is very easy and the overlook is ok. Recommend for anyone looking for an easy hike.

4 days ago

We had some trouble finding this but ended up parking on a small pull off on old shippensburg road. Very steep and rocking going up to sunset rock. Loved all the rocks but hard to really see the views. We did the loop back around which was fairly easy. Over all very nice hike. We had a little over 7 miles. We were out abt 4 hours.

It was great! Highly recommend

Went on a misty, foggy day so didn’t get to see a lot of the views described, but this was a consistently nice 4 mile hike. Not a lot of elevation gain and not too rocky, so pretty easy overall. Would love to go back when it’s nicer for sure.

The hike in this trail was amazing. We started with a warm up through the Park Headquarter / Orange Trail, then climbed up to the Wolf Rock, Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock, the view from Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock is breathtaking.

I don’t know if its ‘as good as it gets’ but its a really fun hike!

7 days ago

kinda was worth the view but went after the rain and trail to the view very muddy wet.

Beautiful woods/rock hike! A fair amount of terrain change/hills. A great workout!

lots of fun. make sure you take blue trail to see waterfall and lake!!!

Trail was harder than I expected but that may be because I thought it was “Moderate.” Some fairly steep sections and overall it was very rocky. Great view from the summit. Also, the map currently displayed has the turnaround point in the middle of the woods on the way down, which leads one to believe that there are multiple overlooks... there aren’t. No need to continue past the first opening.

13 days ago

enjoyed some great views from the cliffs and brought a hammock with me and enjoyed some relaxing time by the river.

A great trail with a rewarding overlook at the end though not quite as nice as the one across rt. 7 at Bears Den. The trail also crosses two small rocky steams which added alittle something to the trail. It took us about 1hr 15mins to reach the overlook.

Hiking would be fine but biking no way, at least not right now. Overgrown and needs some serious TLC. Not to mention the bridge up at the end of ring factory is currently closed.

Started up at ring factory road and made it to Stockton Rd then called it quits. It seemed like every 500 yards or so we had a huge tree down or had to search for where the track continued. I was hopeful that with this being in my backyard that it would be worth while... Sadly it's not. Maybe in the spring I'll go out with a chain saw and some wood.

13 days ago

Scenic views to be sure, but for a state park it is terribly marked. Every quarter mile you may or may not find a yellow sash. Granted, with falling leaves trails are harder to recognize, but painted sashes are practically non-existent in this park.

If you just want a quick walk to a beautiful view, park at the Tory Road lot and walk straight down to the overlook. But if, like many, you want to do the loop: good luck.

14 days ago

Cool hike! King and Queen was great view but busy

Wonderful hike even on a foggy day, you miss some of the views but it’s an enchanting feel.

More difficult than I read. It was a workout but I’m happy I did the 4+ mile loop. Only views were through the trees. Many rocks across the top so I had to be careful. For this 66 year young man I don’t think I’ll do it again.

This was a moderate trail, though it did get steep at a few points. The trail is pretty easy to follow and the optional waterfall detour is definitely worth it.

18 days ago

Nice hike. Started walking through camping area to trailhead, but then trail opened up and view at the cliffs was great. Got to see rock climbing class and kayakers. Creek was full of white water, impressive from above and at water level. The climb at the midway point and at the end of the loop were a good work out.

18 days ago

It was a nice trail. Easy at first, a little boring walking through campsites to get to trailhead, but the view from the top of the cliffs was great and the climb at the midway point made for good workout. Enjoyed watching rock climbing class and several kayakers. Abundant rains caused white water rapids that were impressive.

20 days ago

Fun hike, really enjoyed it. The King and Queen seat was very busy.

Had a great time

20 days ago

Nice short (3 mile) hike. Half of it is on gravel road. The wooded part is picturesque, but part of it had turned into a stream from flooding when we were there. The trail runs through state game lands, so if it is hunting season you might consider wearing bright colors. The vista overlook is great.

Very rocky, wet trail. Overall a good hike.

Great hike - best trail I’ve found within an hour of DC - watch out for bees at overlook

I'm docking a star only because one cannot truly summit this mountain since Camp David sits atop the peak. The trails for the most part are easy to follow. I tend to go counter-clockwise so I can save Cunningham Falls as a treat at the end. The large switchback on the White Trail is a bit tricky. Keep an eye out for the trail markers otherwise you will go a bit on a false trail that will disappear after about 1,000ft. Views from the overlooks are great. If you have the time, take the side trail, which is basically a pure scramble, to Wolf Rock for a proper view of it.

excellent trail to hike and have a little fun climbing the rocks . enjoy the rocks be a kid again.

26 days ago

Ok hike I took the white trail up (the only hard part of the hike) then walked along the trail to station 10 where I switched to the blue trail and walked around the rim coming back again to the white trail by station 3. The hike after summiting at Station 2 was relatively easy and not very scenic. Only a couple of the overlooks gave good unobstructed views.

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