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My boyfriend and I hiked this last Thursday and decided that the boot pack was good enough that we'd go without snow shoes. Mistake. We hiked for quite a while but eventually got to an area where the boot pack was non-existent and we started to sink down in waist-deep snow. We continued on for a while and tried to go up the right side of the gulch via some very slippery rock to get out of the snow, but eventually decided it was best to turn around. We LOVED this hike when we did it in the summer and would highly recommend. The lakes are spectacular.

1 month ago

We snowshoed this on Saturday (1/20/18). We could have gotten away without snowshoes for the first couple miles, but they were definitely necessary after that point.

We were here in August and it was one of the highlights of the trip. We made it to the falls and back with our 6 and 8 year old children. Gorgeous views!

on Limber Grove Trail

2 months ago

We went this last weekend on 1/5/18 and though it was windy, beautiful day. It was a great hike, cool trees and big rocks.

Would not bring someone from out of town here. Also would not recommend as a winter hike. As you get closer to the top, the trail becomes less and less apparent to nearly non-existent. Even using the tracking of this app, i fell off course several times. A large amount of what would be a trail is just Slick Ice. I only had boots, but would highly encourage additional traction of some sort. The views are beautiful but not sure the final destination of a frozen lake is worth the challenge. The trek from the parking lot to the trailhead isn’t bad, only adds about a mile. If getting away from the crowds is what you are looking for then give this one a shot. Double the amount of water you’d think to bring and definitely bring gum and something to snack on. Also, *Extremely Windy*

rock climbing
3 months ago

Clear driving out to Blue Lakes today and a very nice hike beyond with snow only in the valleys

4 months ago

On 11/14/17 I hiked from McCullough Gulch trailhead to the first lake (Upper Blue Reservoir) and back, about 4 miles round trip according to my GPS unit. The trail is somewhat difficult to follow between the falls and the lake, but it all works out. There are some icy spots, which can generally be bypassed, but boot traction devices and poles help. Great late season hiking conditions. The crowds have obviously thinned out, but I did see 7 other people on the trail between noon and 4:00pm. There is currently no parking allowed on the last 3/4 mile of the road (due to utility work), so this adds 1.5 miles to your round trip.

11/11/2017. A little icy, but well worth it. We started late, so had to turn back halfway to make it out before sundown. Lake is iced up, but beautiful nevertheless.

Fantastic views! Lucky there was a inch of snow on top of the ice for the first quarter mile.
Saw 8 mountain goats on the Ridge.

4 months ago

Wasn't hard at all, took my dog with me definitely leash. It was so beautiful I loved the entrance to the hike with the logs and water.

4 months ago

Very pretty with the snow

Route is pretty snowy and icy. Reservoir is almost completely iced over. Didn't make it up to upper tarns and lakes due to 60mph winds once we reached first lake. Bring microspikes and additional points for traction. Balaclava and heavy duty gloves also recommended.

Local note: It seems a lot of people use the access road to walk their dogs off leash and it is a curvy road. At 20mph in the snow (no posted speed recommendations) we apparently pissed off someone enough for them to curse at us even when slowed to a stop to ask them if they needed any help. So, be mindful of grumpy people and dogs in the road during the day.

Hiked on 10-16-17...first 1/4 of a mile was pretty sloppy with ice, but passable. After that, the scenery was amazing the whole way to the top where the half frozen lake was. Saw some mountain goats along the right mountain ridge on the way to the top. Once you're past the falls and up by the lake, the wind picks up by about 20 mph and it gets cold quick. Very fun hike and would highly recommend it. My GPS showed just under 6 miles we walked from start to finish. That's with me taking several detours for pictures and hiking a bit past the top lake, too.

5 months ago

Fabulous trail! We hiked it with our 6 month old puppy on 10/14/17. There were some icy spots right at the beginning and then again at the very top, but passable. The views are incredible! Definitely some challenging steep spots, but well worth it!

Went October 11, three days post snow. The first mile on the trail was icy, snowy and miserable but I’m so glad we kept going because the views were incredible. Brought my 65 year old father with me and he failed well. Waterfall is so pretty at the end- the lake is past it but the trail wasn’t well marked past there so we did not continue.

I can’t really give the trail a fair rating since we did not get far. It was a sheet of ice with a lot of light snow covering areas. Bring microspikes and poles.

5 months ago

I listened to the advice and went counter clockwise on 9/30/17. It was the tail end of aspen season and the landscape was pretty boring for 10 miles. We were very disappointed in the hike. At 10 miles we hit “the view” which was 2 miles from the trailhead and only looking back. I recommend just going left from the Rich Creek Trailhead and walking out 3 miles so you get to stare at the pretty view the whole time and turning this into a nice 6 mile hike. It has TONS of aspens so go during high season here to avoid the Kenosha crowd.

Beautiful trail

Very strenuous, but so worth it!

5 months ago

Nice trail but seemed to be heavily trafficked. Other than that I loved it and will definitely hike it again in the future. It's a dog friendly trail which is a major plus and views from the top are beautiful. But then again, any view from the top of a mountain is beautiful :)

This was a great first hike to get used to the elevation for an East Coast hiker. Breathtaking views!

Great hike! A bit rocky. I should have brought my walking stick.

Great day! Saw a mountain goat and missed most of the weather moving in! Pro is if my girls who also made it up both peaks 15,12, and 10!

6 months ago

Mark is right. This is a must-do hike. Mountain views, lakes, a waterfall. It pretty much has it all. And you don't have to climb to the top for the views. The walk through the forest at the beginning of the trail offers a unique and beautiful view of Quandary. But you will have to walk about 0.6 miles on the dirt road to the trailhead. No big deal - it's flat and a good warm-up.

The trail is well marked until you get past the waterfall, then it gets a little tricky but it's doable.

If you decide to go past Upper Blue Reservoir into the Upper Valley, the trail at the beginning is difficult to locate past the west side of the reservoir, but there is an actual trail, though it is steep in spots. Once out the brush, look for the cairns and trail cut into the mountain.

Few trek into the Upper Valley, but the scenery, the lakes, the solitude, and surrounding mountains are outstanding. One other perk - the view on the west side of the reservoir offers another beautiful perspective.

6 months ago

This hike is a must do! It's a bit of a trek from the start going up hill, but eventually levels off. It is well marked up to the waterfall, which has a gorgeous view. If your adventourous and want even a better finish to your hike, head up to the lake. The trail is a bit harder to find, but just stay to the right side of the waterfall and you will see the path upwards. Take your time going up, it is well worth it once you get to the top and take in the awesome view! Our hike was approximately 5 miles up and back and taking 4 hrs (including 30 min break for lunch). Enjoy this one and take plenty of pictures!

Busy, gorgeous and well worth the hike to bag two fourteeners. It was my second and third one - they are MUCH easier than Bierstadt. Great way to earn a burger and beer.

6 months ago

Outstanding hike. Beautiful scenery, including flaming aspens. Highly recommend.

Beautiful hike! Mostly an easy hike, with moderate parts here and there up until the waterfall. It gets a bit more moderate as you climb over some rocks at the very last bit to the lake.

The trail after the waterfall was a bit hard to find as you climb the last bit up to the glacier lake, but boy was it worth it! Make sure you go all the way to the end!

Okay, all trails has this jacked up

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