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It’s open for 2018!!! New trails, steps, lights, bridges and boardwalks. Soooooo nice! Breathe in nature and bring a friend. Very family friendly!

Heard gunshots in the distance even though it’s a conservation area. Be careful.. Nice and short- some abrupt steep hills.

23 days ago

This is an amazing trail but the “easy” tag is false. This is moderate at the very least. Lots of large rocks and tree roots all over the path. You NEED good hike boots or sneaks with lots of tread. Good elevation change too. Watch your footing!!! Enjoy!

Lots of frequent elevation change (600 ft is a net change), very poorly marked trail with markers only at trailhead or when it crossed a campground. There were no trail markers or distance markers, lots of lose rock and frequent forks to lose you way and your footing. On the plus side, some fantastic views and scenery along the way, just watch the transition from West Lake trail to East Lake trail. You have to find it yourself.

One of the best views in Iowa!

Easy, simple hike.

Very nice Trail. Has several places to go up and add on to your hike. The trail around the lake is very nice and maintained. Saw all kinds of Butterflies and Dragon fly's. You can camp, you can kayak, or canoe. Great place to go.

we walked .18 miles & got to a stream that we had to cross with no bridge. we walked back out. total trip .39 miles. not recommended.

Went right at the fork and that was definitely smart. Great trail, lower portion should be saved for the return. Don't fall and crack your phone screen.

Pretty but got to watch out for the roots, rocks, and steep climb on the trails.

It is probably beautiful, but it is apparently closed for construction.

Awesome app! Would not be able to find best trailheads without it. It really got our family out into nature

been here several times, always beautiful views and opportunities to see wildlife.

Very pretty, make sure you get down and dirty into the caves and find all the small nooks and crannies. Might be hard for someone with asthma or someone who can’t climb a lot of stairs/rocks. Wear shoes that you can get wet but still have traction. Bring flashlights.

This is quite the popular lake, busy with partiers and boaters/fisherman. I started the trail in the primary parking lot going clockwise around the lake. I saw maybe like 20 people during my hike. The trail itself is very nice. But then I got around almost to the end and you come across the campgrounds. Where to go then? I didn't really like trudging through a busy campground very much. If I were to do this again, I'd do an almost full loop, turn around and retrace the other direction.

Jacob Krumm offers 2 loop routes with a connector trail on the far end. This set of trails can be accessed from 2 different points, so you can choose either loop if you just want to do one. I really like these trails very much. Each loop has a different feel to it. The trails are 10-12 feet wide and primarily mowed grass.

The west loop features a small lake. On one side it is mostly wooded and the trail leads up to a nice little overlook. A short spur trail leads up even further if one would like. The other side of the lake the trail goes up to the top of a hill, which is covered in typical Iowa prairie wildflowers.

The short connector trail is very steep in one spot and there is a stream with a bridge and some benches near there as well. It is a nice spot to take a 5 or 10 minute break.

The east loop is primarily Iowa prairies with a wooded section on the east half. There is a nice overlook of some picturesque corn fields and you can see pretty far, with a wind turbine and water tower way off in the distance. There is a little pond near the parking area for the eastern loop as well.

Nicely maintained trail with light traffic. I had a great time hiking here!

Great hike for the whole family! Saw lots of wildlife! Loved it!

Had a great time doing this with my teen daughter and her friend in early-early spring. We literally didn't see another person the entire time we were in the forest. The western part of this loop is fantastic - it feels wild, it's not super easy, the terrain is somewhat rugged. I think they could do a better job of keep the trail off roads on the eastern and northern parts though, as it ruins the ambience to walk along a road. Still, this was better than we expected, and it was fun to get in some good snow-free backpacking while Minnesota is still covered in snow and ice.

We stayed at the Brown's Hollow camp, which was quite a lot less primitive than I expected, given that it's a filter and cathole camp area - there are big, proper fire grates and benches in predefined camping areas. Given the iffy weather, that was an unexpected perk. I'd certainly do this again.

Great trail by Iowa’s standards! Compared to Colorado yah no

Beautiful hike, even in mid-February!

beatiful views. we hiked in January during a warm weather pattern. bald eagles all over the river.

Interesting history, well maintained, great views, trail well laid out. No camping but it is available just a few miles south at Pike's peak SP.

I feel like this special place is a one time thing for me. Steep in the beginning but gets easier as you walk on. The mounds are interesting and you get to see lots of them. Also has a great scenic view of the Mississippi River. The trail is good to see this historic site and what it's all about.

The views of the Mississippi are amazing and the Indian Burial Mounds are breathtaking! It truly a beautiful path and peaceful trail.

Very beautiful! Especially in the fall. Lots of caves to explore, both big and small. Be prepared for some good cardio, lots of stairs and hills. To hike all the trails took us approximately 3 hours. Would definitely go back!⭐️

on Cedar Cliff Trail

11 months ago

Will do again

Love! My absolute favorite!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

lots of fun up and down with plenty of caves to look into

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