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Easy with awesome views

Our pup loved this trail. Fun photo opp as well

We did this hike in early September as part of our trip to the pass. All of the lakes offer nice shade, pretty views and peaceful surroundings! I highly recommend continuing to Kearsarge Pass after taking a snack break at this lake!
We didnt run into too many bugs, but I imagine mosquitos can be bad at certain times of year, or even day. There was sporadic shade on the way up but nice trees offering quality shade around all the lakes.

Great trail

Challenging but worth it, went further up to Mirror Lake though

Love this hike, make sure you do your homework and are prepared for staying overnight if worst comes to worst with weather moving in too quick.


TLDR: Moderate climb to the pass. Everything else is fairly flat. Sandy trail surface for at 2/3 of the hike. Some rocks on the climb to the pass. Plenty of water in the lake.

Nice easy hike to do for acclimation before knocking out Whitney or Langley. My GPS showed about 11200ft at the lakeside. I was surprised by the view at the top of the pass. I'm used to having to work my butt off to get that kind of view.

Could not have come at a better time. Fall colors are in the trees! Great hike with magnificent views! Pretty steady climb

20 days ago

Perfect work to reward ratio in my opinion. Lower Treasure Lake is a dreamscape once you get to it. The return hike is not bad at all.

Good little hike. Nice weather, no traffic on the way out, stepped on trail at 7:50am. just under 2 hrs to the lake, stopped for many pictures. on the way back took the Emerald Lake turn and finished that way. My device had me at 10.6 miles. Likes the climb out of Barney Lake...

Amazing views.

super easy and fun to explore.

Spectacular views! It is worthwhile all the hiking.
They were moments we thought we lost the trail but we found it. Monumental! A jewel in the wilderness.

I hiked this trail on 9/20/18. Beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the perfectly blue sky. Temperature was around 70 degrees. September is a great month to hike this area. Temperatures are perfect and there are no mosquitos!

I hiked this on a Thursday so it wasn’t very crowded. Moderate is a good rating for this trail. Several lakes and running water along the way to filter water. I had weak but usable cellular service (ATT) along several parts of the trail. A plus for those who want to send pictures to friends and family while you’re hiking. Amazing views and beautiful lakes. Definitely a must do trail.

Great quiet trail. Lots of climbing but not big steps. As mentioned river crossing earlier this year was impassable without literally swimming across a section higher up than the normal crossing. Late this season it was easy. Right now (mid September) it was pretty cool in the early afternoon, and zero bugs. Tom Harrison map says it is 11.2 miles round trip from the lodge to the lake. It used to say 7 something miles here. Now it says 8.3. Not sure what is correct, felt hard, but we got a late start and had to hike quickly.

1 month ago

This trail is a treat: seclusion, scenery, available water, and a good work-out due to elevation gain. It took us four and one-half hours to arrive a Grass Lake, and less than three hours to get back to Whitney Portal. Met a sole hiker on his way down the trail, and one family of four near Grass Lake. As others have stated, you get to hike a trail that is nearly void of other people. Beautiful scenery, too. I posted a few photos. One of my favorite day hikes, and no permit is required (unless you are an overnight visitor). Enjoy...

loved the trail. It starts at high elevation, think about 9300 but didn't feel any different. The views are just fantastic. Blue lake is beautiful but had lots of people around. We went further to Dingleberry lake which was amazing and a lot less crowded(adding a little unintended detour on the way as well), clocked about 9.8 miles. It was too late to continue further to midnight lake but that is just another mile or so further for those who start out earlier than we did.

A second trip to this wonderful place is in store with the family. Went with the Fresno Fly Fishers for Conservation and this hike to long lake was awesome. Highly recommend for all ages.

We really enjoyed this trail. If you're not in a hurry stop at all the lakes along the way, it's well worth it. We didn't find it too strenuous but we were only packed for a day hike.

Definitely a difficult hike for me. I didn’t know what to expect from this hike and completely underestimated it. For starters, we did not bring enough food or water, as it took us nearly 3 1/2 hours to get to the lake. We drank from the fast-moving river and were fine.
Uphill climbing most of the way. It was about 85°-90° and once you start the climb up the face of the mountain, it is all direct sunlight so bring sunscreen.
From the top, it was another 30 minutes to the lake. I was beat! My husband was a great motivator and kept us moving. We made it to willow lake and it was beautiful. Marshy and spotted pools of water as the water level was fairly low. Were there Labor Day weekend and there was barely anyone else there which was nice.
The way back took us about an hour and a half and got back at dusk. If I were to do it again, I’d definitely better prepare ourselves and it would make a huge difference.

The next day we did north fork trail to the seven lakes and it was absolutely stunning. We were much better prepared and although moderately challenging still, we enjoyed every step of it.

Did this trail on September 7th and had a wonderful time. We weren’t sure we’d be able to do it, considering the creek crossing. We followed the trail to 2 possible places to cross, and felt that they were too deep and fast moving. We scrambled over some boulders a little further up and found a better place to cross. It was just over knee high deep. We took our shoes off and crossed pretty easily. There’s a really nice overlook about halfway through the hike, and brainerd lake is really nice as well. We took our time, and stopped for lots of pictures, and we got back to trailhead after about 9 hours. The trail itself is very beautiful and pretty shady. If you’re in the area doing the upper fork to the lakes, I think it’s worth spending a day to also do the south fork. Sorry I accidentally deleted my map, but it showed that it was 11 miles round trip, I don’t know where everyone is getting 8.5!

Moderate is a fair rating for this trail. Decent inclines but spectacular views. Not too crowded and plenty of water around if you have a filter.

Great spot to camp if splitting a Mount Whitney hike into more than a day. Beautiful lake and not as crowded as Trail Camp (but not as close to the MW summit of course.) Flat ground is a bit of a commodity close to the lake but we got there first and got a great flat spot with enough space for two tents.

Did this hike for the 3rd time. Trail wasn't crowded. It's the first time I've done it without snow on switchbacks. It's my favorite Mammoth hike, safe for solo.

Amazing views the entire time your on this trail. Keep your head up though there are horses on this trail.

Well worth the time.

1 month ago

Really easy pretty hike with heart arch and the mobius arch and Alabama hills in the background.

I loved this hike so much. Not difficult at all, absolutely beautiful, bring a picnic and hang out! However, I would call this heavily trafficked, not moderately. I went on a Sunday and parking was a nightmare. Definitely go early.

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