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Very cool hike. Pretty hard to stay on the trail mapped out here, but wandering around and getting off path is part of the fun! Take time to climb around on the rocks and stop by the interpretive center to learn about the geology and natural history of the area, Tiburcio Vasquez and all the movies and TV shows that have been filmed here. It's a fun area to explore and I definitely feel like I could come back here multiple times and not get bored.

Brought our small terrier and he had no problem keeping up and hopping around on some of the rocks with us. we didn't take him up the major rock formations, though, so that might not be the safest for dogs.

We did this hike the Friday after Thanksgiving and it wasn't very crowded when we got there shortly after 9am. The trail was a little difficult to follow but we just made our own trail and had a great time. The trail is rated moderate but could probably be rated as easy, we have been on other trails that were rated easy and we're more difficult. Overall it was a nice hike and recommend it to all. Also when we finished around noon the parking lot was full and many people on the trails.

9 days ago

My dogs and I hiked a portion of this trail. I mainly wanted to see the PCT portion of the trail for our upcoming section hike. We hiked to the tunnel at HWY 14. It rained the night before our hike. The smell of wet sage, coupled with the bright oranges of the cottonwood trees made for a beautiful hike. After the hike we returned to the rocks and climbed around.

diverse trail. fun and a good workout.

18 days ago

More incredible than I imagined it would be, for how close it is to LA. I went with my father and we didn't stress too much over trying to stay on the trail, as there are many places where it's easy to deviate and forge your own, scramble over the rocks, and make a good time of it.

This hike took me about an hour and a half to complete. The trail has a few uphills and for the most part is flat with loose dirt and rocks. There is little shade so try doing it in the morning or when it’s cool, otherwise I can see it getting too hot. I enjoyed the views and the good workout. What I found a little difficult is that the trail gets a little hard to follow at some points. Make sure you take your map. Otherwise great local hike!

Great views. Seen Cub Scout pack getting their hike on! Easy trail. National Hiking Day

Nice walking and running trail

27 days ago

Really awesome hike! Went here after my former partner visited in the spring and felt its magic- I wasn’t disappointed by the beautiful views and majesty of the desert. A little tough on the way up because a good amount is sand or on a moderate grade. Recommend to go if you’re ever in need of a peaceful climb and some healing.

This is a lightly trafficked, exposed hike with expansive views of the Antelope, Santa Clarita, and Leona valleys. There have been reports of cattle in the area, so be alert and avoid them if you see any.

Beautiful area but it was so hard to follow this trail. So many washes and false trails that led me and my partner astray. Ended up adding two miles to make it a 5-mile total hike. Ended up on the PCT at some point? I made it out in one piece so I’m not complaining.

1 month ago

3 miles as the crow flies. going up and down hills, it feels a lot longer. great views

I took the PCT from the west side of San Francisquito Cyn Rd up to the top of the ridge. There is a trail that continues along the ridge line to the summit. There is a radio tower, and some large pines with some shade at the top. summit is about 4600 ft. Excellent trail with outstanding views. Great trail to explore during the cooler months.

$6 day use parking fee so bring some cash!
Beautiful hike! Sandy, ZERO people, a true hidden gem! A bit of a trek outside of LA (about 2 hours) but worth it. Amazing 360 views of the desert and the mountains. The trail is pretty well kept until you get close to the top where it tends to disappear and then reappear again. A good amount of rock scrambling to get up to the top but hey, that’s half the fun!!

2 months ago

It’s a great little loop hike. We had good weather. I wouldn’t recommend on a hot day,

The rocks were great to climb on. The trail was a little hard to follow in certain spots but it was still a good hike. Not that strenuous.

2 months ago

Great East and HOT ! Loved it great little power walk ! Rockie terrain for a little bit nothing crazy ! Great views of the scenery !

This was an awesome trail! It’s super easy to hike, but it’s the rocks that are the star of the show! Get ready for some gorgeous geology and great views! I would recommend going off the trail where permitted (there are signs in certain places saying you shouldn’t) and clambering up the boulders

Awesome trail, we went with a gsd and a 2 year old and had the best time. Not very difficult and not very long trail

3 months ago

Alright but you can find better rock formations in Alabama Hills and Joshua Tree.

Easy flat trail for running or walking. Cute jack rabbits right on the path. Lots of Joshua trees and creosote bushes along the way.

Easy hike, not much to see.

narrow but lovely trail steady incline took my dogs and it was fun

Went at 9am on a Sunday, end of July. The trail doesn’t offer any shade, and it was already in the 90’s when I started. A couple of steeper inclines but beautiful views. It took me a 2+ hours but I’m still in the beginner category. The extended loop wasn’t busy at all, only ran into a handful of people at the beginning, but most of the trail I was by myself. Definitely recommend, just bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and maybe a hat or umbrella. The info center has maps, really clean bathrooms, and a small gift shop.

5 months ago

Easy to get to it from the highway. Many people taking photos in nice dresses, etc. massive picnic table areas for large events. Some rocks are very close to the parking so you don't have to necessarily hike to get awesome selfies.

trail running
5 months ago

Well maintained and nice path

Great for Winter hiking,

6 months ago

awesome little Park.

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