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25 days ago

Love this place oh so much! The location of the trail is in a neighborhood. It took a little time finding it the first time because of that. Once we got on the trail, we discovered plenty of beautiful sights! Then we got lost for a while. The trails are not marked clearly. Nevertheless, we came across a friendly hiker that lives in the neighborhood! He showed us the way out! Not only did we have a fantastic time hiking; we also enjoyed talking to the hiker! After the workout, there was a nice popsicle stand right outside of the trails. I went once more and will continue to visit because of the rawness of the nature in the up-and-coming community! I highly recommend going! Also my pregnant sister was able to carry a baby in her stomach, and another child strapped to her on the trip. Therefore, the hike is fairly easy. Enjoy!!!

Trail markings?? It’s a cool hike if you can actually find it, but it’s very poorly marked and extremely confusing to get around. Have fun!

I’ve never been on a more poorly marked, mis-marked, unmarked trail. Very frustrating completing the loop.

on Cutchenmine Trail

mountain biking
1 month ago

This trail is not maintained at all.. There were 3 large trees that were across the trail before we even got to the second wooden bridge. This would be a great trail if there weren't so many trees blocking the trail. Also not much parking at all. There's only room for 3 or 4 vehicles at the trail head. We parked about an 1/8 mile down the road and rode to trail head.

This is a beautiful trail especially if you start it early in the morning. The trees provide full cover the entire time. After rain the waterfall is beautiful. Great spot at the bottom for some trail mix or jerky. Cross the creek and loop back to the start or back to the crossing into the main part of the park to loop the White or Blue trails. Always one of my favorite short easy family hikes or just a solo walk in the woods.

“And into the forest I go... to lose my mind and find my soul.”

I’d prob give this one a 3.5 if that was possible. Had to hike off the trail a bit to get the views. Very shaded though and the terrain changed enough to keep it interesting. Definitely bring bug spray. I’d prob do again if someone else wanted to check it out but won’t on my own time...

Like the boulders and streams at MRP. Glad I had All Trails app though. Some parts aren’t marked well. Hiked part of this in rain. That was actually nice but rocks get slippery.

One of those hikes I would take my date on. Loved it!

Trail was very clean, easy to follow and a lot of good places to stop on the way. I believe it is multipurpose. You could bike, jog or walk this trail.
It's very pet friendly. I completed it with a 5 month old pup and a 12 week old pup and we stopped twice on the way in and on the way out.
The hike was very easy. It may be a little long for a beginner but there are Rick's to sit on along the way. Ihave a 73 year old mom. I will be taking her as well. She will be able to do it with a couple of stops.
The stream at the end is SO beautiful! Happy hiking! Also, if you follow the stream down, there is a waterfall.

4 months ago

The first part offered little shade since most of the trees had been cut down. The hike itself is easy, but the trail isn’t marked. We saw quite a bit of garbage, particularly broken glass. The 2 waterfalls are beautiful, though. The trail between the first waterfall and the second is overgrown, and we found ticks on us. While we were there, we saw a group rappelling down the first waterfall , and that looked fun!

Pretty easy trail, mostly flat with a couple of inclines. A good nice loop, but definitely lots of roots in the trail so watch your steps.

Great experience. Better in spring and early summer when the waterfall and streams are active. Top it off with a cold one at Vecchia’s.

4 months ago

This is a great little nature preserve tucked in the middle of a bustling community. Excellent place for some good hiking. We’ve hiked all the trails and done some bird watching along the Power Line trail. Also a wonderful place to take the kids for a meandering stroll through the bluffs or along the creek. The trail markers aren’t always straight forward and the trails can be confusing as so many user created off-shoots are present, sometimes taking you in circles or leading you off to a different trail or an interesting view. You can’t really get “lost” in the preserve though as most of the trails are intertwined and there’s usually a person or a marker around the next bend. The park can get very busy on the weekends so if you’re looking for a solo or serenity hike I suggest taking the power line trail or going on a weekday morning. I have seen king snakes several times in the summer on the Power Line trail so use a leash on your dog and bring water and a hat as there is no shade. Wear ankle support if you plan to get on any of the other trails There is a beautiful waterfall near the end of the Orange trail which is best accessed from the parking lot on Preserve Way. Trail maps not available on-site so prepare in advance.

4 months ago

I tried giving this a 1 star but my review was deleted, trail markings we're confusing, I'm not sure I completed the correct trail. trails cross each other, or unmarked trails spur off at different intervals. was a fun hike but not a great place to log completed trails.

Beautiful views. However not buy one campsite on this trail until you get to Adams's gap. At about mile 6 there are tock fields you must go through and it seems they never stop. I would advise not to wear trail runners. Gaiters such as dirty girl is also advisable during to briars about ankle high in many parts. Good water sources up to the rock fields after that I saw no water. I carried my pack (22lbs) anticipating on making it a 2 day hike but due to lack of campsites I hiked all the way through.

5 months ago

Hiked this, from Porter's Gap to Adam's Gap on 2/17/18. The first approximate 5 miles are excellent, mostly ascending gently along a ridgetop, often times with a great view, simultaneously leftwards and right. The trail footing is excellent for about 5 miles and is even runnable. The remainder of the hike is nice, but the footing isn't as fast. The climbing was easier than I anticipated, with only a few extreme, steep sections.

6 months ago

Nice, easy hike.

Hike to the falls is easy, mostly on a gravel road and not incredibly scenic. The falls itself is beautiful but unfortunately covered in ugly graffiti.

6 months ago

great trail. somewhat hard to stay on the right trail

6 months ago

Easy walk to falls. Follow the trail to the right (as you are looking over the falls) to reach the bottom. Use trail to access the area underneath the falls, then continue to follow trail until you reach the second falls. You can exit on the opposite side of the second falls and follow old logging road back to original falls. Fun, easy hike.

This was a beautiful hike. I loved the waterfall! I used the map in this app to track where I was on the trail. I’m not sure I would have known where to go without it, so I’m glad that feature is available. When you get to the top of the falls, turn right and then make your way down after you go down the trail a bit further. Once at the bottom of the falls, if you cross over the creek and follow it down stream a bit until it curves around to the left, you can turn left at that curve and follow that upstream to another smaller waterfall that’s beautiful and very peaceful. This one is marked kid friendly. I wouldn’t take my small kids with me (ages 4 and 5). Older kids would be ok. It’s a little tricky getting down to the falls and back up to the trail if you’re inexperienced or for littles. Overall, beautiful, short hike and totally worth it.

Great Trail. Super Easy or super boring depending on how you look at it, well the first part anyway. you take a don't path that leads to the top of the falls.once at the top you'll notice a little stream, don't cross over if you wanna get down to the bottom ( and believe me you will want to go.) The top of the falls is quite senic with a couple good spots. To get down to the bottom take a right at the top and not the LEFT, to the right is easier to get down there area few small paths that take you down the side into the canyon. Once down it's pretty spectacular to see a 90 foot drop. We went this past weekend and even saw it frozen down at the bottom. It is well worth the trip and can add another to the list.

Lots of mosquitos but such awesome rock formations and views :)

We hiked part of the blue trail up along the falls and it was busy, but beautiful.

Took my dog and we had a good time. Easy to get to the top of the falls but it was a struggle for me to get down to the bottom of the waterfall. It was cloudy and windy so it was cool and.very enjoyable sitting under the falls. My dog got to swim a little before we had to leave.

What a beautiful place and awesome mountain views!

9 months ago

Went from road to lake and back pretty trail
Park map shows 1.6 mile each way

9 months ago

Great trail. Views of the lake. Stream at trail end worth hike in.

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