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5 days ago

My favorite trail on the west side of the Rockies. Vista views the entire way and amazing 360° view at the top including Long's Peak and Grand Lake.

Was only about 40 degrees today but felt lots colder at the top in the wind. Beautiful day, great hike!

Great 2ish hour hike! Incline is a bit steep otw up but the views are definitely pretty! No shade so wear a hat!

Asphalt trail, can’t go far trail under construction. Drove a long ways to walk 2 miles

We took the rangers recm and followed the route she suggested. The trails took us thru various terrain. We were covered under the forest canopy of giant oak and cedar trees. We even came across a few deer and the greatest find was coming upon a fallen giant oak tree. It was at least 15 feet on its side above our heads.

Great ride on Sunday afternoon when hikers are done.

Great view.

It was beautiful! Weather was a cool 54 degrees. I saw 2 solo hikers the entire day. The trails were maintained and easy to follow.

Wonderful view, great hike!

Nice trails, beautiful views.

The trail is nice, Maintained with a fantastic view.

This trail kicked our butts! The "moderate" rating is misleading, this is a tough one. If you do the whole loop, you'll scramble over some boulders and cross water a few times. We went shortly after some rain, so we actually had to take off our hiking boots and wade across a few times. The falls are breathtaking. Overall a challenging but rewarding hike.
We did not bring our dog, and I'm glad we didn't. This trail would be impossible with a dog.

Had a great time. Amazing ocean views.

Beautiful views!!

It was rough because of the upward slant but well worth the view at the top! Going down was a lot easier than going up! It's very wooded so when you're hiking you don't see see very far ahead of you. It took my group about 45 minutes going up.

Hiked this trail down to shoreline, over to the Beachcomber and back. 10.5 Miles. Beautiful views.

Excellent hike. As others have stated, the mileage listing on All Trails is from the last turn in the road. In your car, continue to follow signs for the Nature Preserve. It's a (mostly) gravel, one-ish lane road, but there's plenty of room in most stretches to pull over and let someone pass. Just one rut in the road, otherwise it's very well grated. You don't need an SUV or 4WD. From the parking lot (which looks like it could hold about 10-15 cars), it's a 1.1 mile trail to the top. RT was 2.2 miles. There is a port-o-potty at the trailhead. There are a lot of spider webs (and their residents) on the trail, so be aware if you're the first ones up (like us). The views definitely rival McAfee, and it's much less crowded! Enjoy!

1 month ago

Absolutely amazing hike, but definitely very strenuous. Once you're above the tree line, it gets tricky with the temperature drop, the low air density, and the incessant winds. The trail is fine until the last bit when there's a bit of rock clambering to the peak. Super views but my personal favorite is Sky Pond.

I read others' reviews before visiting Buffalo Mountain- I've always lived close by, but never visited. It was truly an amazing view at the top and I really liked that the trail was short. It was a workout mostly because swarms of bees were all over me the entire trip up so I was going pretty fast. LOL. My sister and I were the only people on the trail both ways... it was a weekday. On the hike down we encountered a very large snake and some pretty scary growls from a fairly close animal we didn't stay to see. It was a very interesting experience with the wildlife but the views are better than McAfee's hands down.

Nice walk

Nice trails. Great views.

I really enjoyed this trail and the views are soectacular!

this Trail is wonderful. The first one point five miles are very challenging and difficult. However they are in the forest so you're protected from the elements. For a considerable distance once you passed the tree line it is a wonderful Trail to walk on. Unfortunately we didn't make it to the summit. The weather was cloudy and it was incredibly cold, and it is very windy as everyone says. We did make it to Peak 12150. I would do this hike again no doubt. However the next time, I would go more prepared with the proper attire. While we were dressed in the appropriate coat and pant layering, the lack of a hat and gloves made it unbearable. I recommend all of these if you plan to take this hike. Far better to be able to remove them if its cold then to not have them at all. Again, I do plan to make the hike again, so that I can get to the summit of Mount Ida. It's a stunning hike and well worth every step.

1 month ago

This seems to be a less popular (or lesser known) hike in the area, but it is well worth it! It consists of two loops: a smaller, easier loop around the waterfalls (take either the first right or continue straight for this loop), and a larger, steeper loop in the surrounding forest (take the left after the concrete structure). The stream and waterfalls were gorgeous. No big views or vistas on the larger loop, but still beautiful and worthwhile. Someone else mentioned bees down below. We also came across what appeared to be an underground beehive directly on the trail, but they didn't threaten us. But just be aware!

Amazing views

1 month ago

Take two. We hiked this trail Saturday morning. Incredible views! SPF!!! you are being blasted by the sun on this hike (weather permitting). I would not want to try this hike in early/mid-summer with afternoon thunderstorms because there is no protection once above treeline. I did post pics too. We saw a Ptarmigan as well as pika's, marrmots.

1 month ago

This was the first long trail I have done in Colorado. Have to say overall a great experience. The trail in the beginning is well maintained and easy to find, however when you get to the rocky portion of the hike it is a bit tough to find the actual trail. The last hour or so was a bit hard for me as I am still not used to the elevation so we had to take breaks. We did not see a lot of people on the trail either which was nice. Took us about 5h45min with a lunch on the summit. The views are amazing and the trail is rewarding. Make sure you have a wind jacket as it was very windy when we did it. Great hike! Highly recommend it.

1 month ago

Well maintained trail & not many people! Summit views are stunning!!!

2 months ago

It was amazing view! We loved this trail and will come back for the ocean view for sure! We hiked 6.2 miles for 2 hours!! Early morning is recommended as there is not much shade or canopy.

The caves where cool.

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