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very local nice short hike. It was smoky the day we went, and is like to go in spring for flowers

Your app is amazing. Touring Oregon with an Aussie and husband who doesn’t like hiking. Just running and cycling. Easily found the trail head and used the gps.
Hike down the beach beautiful. Hiked back through the forest spectacular. A must do in the fall

Beautiful! I am was super surprised by this trail. It meanders along the Missouri River and is totally beautiful. Fairly easy hike. Though I would not recommend taking dogs, my dog came with and there is a section of rocky path that was a bit difficult for him and it scared him. Plus he tried to jump into the river several times.

great little hike. made it up right at sunset. the trail is well maintained enough to make it most the way back in the dark. very nice and easily accessible

New route to Butte Creek Falls (courtesy of ODF):
- Drive to Scotts Mills, Oregon

- In downtown Scotts Mills, near the post office, turn left (east) onto Maple Grove Road

- From Maple Grove Road, turn south onto Sawtell Road until you reach the end of the pavement which will then turn briefly to Family Camp Road and then to the Butte Creek Mainline

Coordinates: N44 55.257, W122 30.671


7 days ago

Stunning views for the duration of this trail.

Burney Falls is amazing, the trails around it decent. There is a parking lot on Lake Road which is a five minute walk up a paved slope, so the falls are easily accessible, though there are a few stairs. We parked at the parking lot off of Clark Creek Road which gave us a ten minute hike through some of the surrounding forest before reaching the lake road parking lot and down to the base of the falls. The hiking around the surrounding area is decent- but you’re really here for the falls. Since it is on the more accessible end of Oregon waterfalls, expect to see a lot of people.

11 days ago

great hike even from the first gate so making it a longer hike beutiful day!

trail was well maintained. very quite peaceful.. definitely will be doing this trail again..

Hard to find trailhead. Were the only ones on the trail. Views from the top are worth it!

What a great hike! perfect day, nice breeze. Awesome views once you reach the old look out tower. Perfect place to sit and relax while eating lunch while soaking in the views.

16 days ago

Great views and quality hike! Would love to come back when there is snow!

We started at the Hardesty trailhead and made it to the shelter. this was much more difficult than anticipated as it is steadily an increase in elevation practically the whole way. the upper part of the trail (after you cross the road) was hard to locate with no signage.

Super easy hike gate is closed but only open to hikers stay to the left of the trail to get to the falls great view only saw 2 hikers when we were there

The path to the trailhead is open through the campground. (I discovered this only after I hiked down) The path down is two miles on a very well maintained road.

The lower falls lookout is a bit insane. You'll see. If you have small children I'd highly recommend avoiding the lower falls lookout, just stay on the path.

The upper falls trail is wonderful. This is a great place to go with the entire family. If you have someone that needs assistance on the path watch out for the rocks at the base of the trail, they're very slippery.

Spectacular views!
Great work out
Hard to find, but worth it

19 days ago

We hiked this as a family with 7 and 11 year olds. The first half was fairly easy. The switch backs towards the top though were hard. Awesome payoff at the end. Gorgeous views despite smoke from Terwilliger fire. We found a water bottle with some hiking goodies and a sign in sheet.

Must see trail for NorCal.

21 days ago

Did this hike on the 4th of July, very rewarding! Narrow so if taking young kids I would plan to pack them

21 days ago

This is a very good hike. We had just gotten off the plane when we hiked it so it seemed harder than it really is. I loved how there were lookout points along the way that you could stop at and just take in the view. The changes in terrain were also very cool. Of course the finale at the top was amazing. The view and the rock formations up there are definitely worth sticking it out.

trail running
22 days ago

Well-kept trail. I wish people would pick up after their dogs, first part of trail smells like

22 days ago

Such a stunning view at the top! It’s absolutely worth the trip up!

on Iron Mountain Trail

24 days ago

Hiked to the top with My Sunflower the first week of May. There was still quite a bit of snow on the trails both in shaded and open areas. We could not make it to the top by the normal route because of the snow drifts that were still deep and to soft, so we made our own route on a steeper, open area from the west by southwest side.
We made our way back down from the top by an equally steep route which gave My Sunflower an anxiety attack because of the steepness but she pulled through like a trooper.
Also lost the bottom leg extension on my black diamond trekking pole on the steep decline somewhere. We’ll try to find it a little later on a return hike.

mountain biking
24 days ago

Exact directions to Eagles Rest trailhead and parking
Several people have written about difficulty or inability to find the trailhead. I know my first time was confusing and I was unsure where I was supposed to go so I will try to help.

If driving from the Eugene, on highway 58 turn right immediately after the sign for the Hardesty Trail turnoff but before the actual turnoff, which is across the bridge. You will be on Goodman Creek Road, vs. Goodman Creek Trail, which is off the Hardesty trail. A lot of people turn off there looking for Goodman Creek Trail. Okay, got that?

You are going to drive a total of exactly 3.3 miles up this road. The best way to get there is to mountain bike or use an off-road vehicle though not mandatory.

As soon as you leave the paved section in the photo, there is a deep pothole followed by a ton more. This unpaved road is NOT friendly to your average passenger vehicle. I would not recommend it for most cars with their limited clearance. The first 3/4 miles are particularly filled with incredibly deep potholes. They can come up suddenly and can be difficult to see. You must drop your speed to a crawl over these areas or risk suspension or undercarriage damage. Getting your car or van realigned is not cheap so slow and steady is the key.

After 3/4 miles the road straightens and smooths out but do not be fooled. At slightly over one mile, you will see a turnoff on your right. Immediately around the corner from that are some more ball-busting potholes. Then about 1/4 mile farther are more. Watch out for the giant one. It has its own zip code! It is giant because most people are missing it on the way down and slamming into it. After that, it is semi-clear sailing with just a pothole here and there. But take your time coming and going. This is not a road to rush along. For 4-wheelers and off-roaders it is a bouncy breeze.

At 2.6 miles is one of the places people are getting confused. There is a Y in the road. BEAR LEFT.

Go another .7 miles and to your right is a primitive turnoff. (see photos) People who are having trouble finding the trailhead are probably looking for something more official looking or a sign. There are no signs. The two photos show the road and the turnoff. You will know you missed it if you keep driving and come across another little used road to your left. If you see it, go back about 1/3rd mile.

Beautiful trail, have fun!!

Its truly 5 miles even.... great views, great hike.....

27 days ago

Awesome views at the top and a cool old cabin. The last 1/2 mile or so is the steepest. My 3 year old daughter hiked the whole thing.

27 days ago

A cute half-day hike that takes in coastal views and green forest. Would recommend adding the out-and-back detour to the Haceta Head Lighthouse, which adds some uphill hiking but offers great views of the coast and beach. I would advise being familiar with the route ahead of time, some parts are not well signposted and we didn't have cell service, so we improvised. We were lucky enough to figure it out on our own!

Came from the east through the campground and got to the trailhead. Some rough gravel road for 3-4 miles but worth it. Beautiful hike, perfect for kids. Our 2 and 4 year olds did great. Needed some handholding in a couple spots, particularly near the lower falls. Otherwise a level, well maintained trail.

29 days ago

The hike was amazing until we reached the top and were swarmed by bees. They’d bite us, not sting. But other than that the scenery was incredible. On a clear day you can see Mount Jefferson.

The hike is uphill basically the entire time. Just an FYI. Enjoy!

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