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11 hours ago

A well marked trail from Thompson Rd parking area to Middle Mtn to Peaked Mtn and back. Steep in some areas but a great view from Peaked. I was hoping for more from Middle mountain but a great hike.

Great hike. Some challenge for children or older folk (like me) but worthwhile.

I went up the cliff path first so I wouldn’t have to on the way down... those first couple miles were tough! But it was really refreshing getting to the waterfall right near the end. The rest was a breeze after that!

A great hike with a beautiful payoff at the top!

Enjoyed the walk today, until I fell in the one area of mud. Of course it was my luck that I sprain my pinkie in the fall. My dog loved this trail. Nice easy hike(walk).

One of my favorites hikes. It is always beautiful and the views from the ledges are great. Good views for the effort.

This trail has a variety of scenery and is not heavily traveled. We hopped onto this after taking the Bemis Brook and Arthusa Falls trails. The climbs are decent, if you are a newer hiker just take your time and it will be fine. The ridge top has a nice view. Be careful on the climb down (or the climb up if starting on the trail head.) This had a lot of small gravel and was a bit slick even in dry weather and with hiking boots. Would not recommend wearing sneakers on this trail if you can avoid it.

Very pretty lake and small waterfalls.
However, the circular trail itself is not very scenic (through a forest; the lake mostly hidden from view by trees), and flat. Ok for a quick little walk in the woods, but nothing special.

11 days ago

My first time visiting the White mountains and I loved this trail! My friends and I went counter clockwise, as suggested by other reviews, and were glad we did. I would rate the inclines this way as moderate. The views are unbeatable and the trail itself is just gorgeous. Make sure you don’t miss the main look out point. There is a small sign posted on a tree, so keep your eyes out so you can see the best view!

11 days ago

Nice hike with great views from the top. We went counter-clockwise, so the steepest part was encountered going uphill, not downhill.
Also, nicely shaded everywhere (except the ledges at the summit), which was great on a hot day.

Very great trail for a leisurely hike or connecting to more serious ones.

Beautiful view

21 days ago

Great morning hike with minimum traffic. Peak has some nice views for the size.

Great views at the end! Make sure you go all the way to the end of the trail. Some hikers we ran into didn't realize it went back so far and missed the best view. Do counterclockwise to save your knees.

24 days ago

We did this trail the same day as Champney Falls, as they are close to each other. Both were good ~2 hour hikes. Like some of the other posters, we went counter-clockwise and were very thankful for that, as the steeper rock steps were done going uphill vs. down. Nice views at the top ledges. Don't stop at just the first ledge, go down another 40-50 yards on a little path for the better views.

beautiful hike. definitely some hard work to be done but totally worth it. ❤️❤️

Went counter-clockwise which was more steep but in the end worth it bc the descent was much easier on my knees. Great views, even overcast!

1 month ago

Nice quick hike with a high reward. Great views of cannon mountain.

1 month ago

Great hike with a couple of beautiful views and cool boulder formations along the way.

We started the trail via Frankenstein Cliffs which was a pretty steep incline but happy we got the hardest part over with in the beginning of the trail. There were very few people on the Cliff trail but once we got closer to the falls, there were many more- a little too busy to my taste. But all in all, a very beautiful 5 mike hike from start to finish and a great workout. It took us 4 hours but we stopped and picnicked by the smaller falls.

Great 3 hour hike. Recommend heading towards Frankenstein cliffs first. Steep climb through shaded area that pops you out onto gorgeous outlooks. It had just rained a day prior to this climb so Arethusa falls was going strong. There are a lot of side paths to other falls and small pools, so if you have time to explore, you could easily make this into a full half day hike.

We went to Frankenstein Cliffs first. I felt it was better to do it this way because of the steep incline. Great view from the cliff and excellent water falls!

This trait is not easy to follow. We went up the cliff side, but got lost around the railroad track. There was a fallen bushy tree on the trail, so we didn't realize that was the way to go. We also realized on our way up, we had strayed from the actual trail. Besides it not being marked well, it's a great moderate hike- there are a couple strenuous parts on the way up the cliff, but after the cliff it's pretty easy. Great view and beautiful waterfall (which can be quite crowded). We also accidentally left a tomahawk on the cliff trail before it gets really steep if anyone wants to try to find it.

Wonderful hike! Views at the top are fabulous and worth the climb. We did it counter clockwise like others suggested and were glad we did! Much easier on the knees to do the steeper part going up. We brought our kids- age 6,8, and 11 and they did fine. Easy to moderate climb.

Hiked Arethusa Falls to Frankenstein cliffs on July 28, 2018. 4.9 miles. Busy trail with lots of kids up to the falls. Falls were packed. Once we kept going past the falls it was a quiet trail. Lots of fallen trees on the trail but you can get around them. When you are 2.8 miles in there is a huge rock with an awesome view. Nice spot for lunch. Frankenstein cliffs were huge and beautiful. You hike on the side of them (towards the bottom), which was a little wet because of the water streaming down. Great hike with a lot of variety. Tons of mushrooms on the trail and pretty trail beneath the trees.

This was a perfect easy hike for my kids (9 & 5) and parents (in their 60s) to enjoy together. Pretty scenery, well marked, easy.

Went up Arethusa Falls and came down Frankenstein Cliff. Despite the rainy afternoon there was plenty of tree cover and we stayed mostly dry. The falls were beautiful and well worth the mile or so effort. I especially enjoyed Frankenstein Cliff; as you walk the trail you can get a glimpse of the view every now and then until it opens up at the overlook. The descent from Frankenstein was a bit tricky; but otherwise a great moderate/difficult hike, in my opinion. Pay attention to the signage at the end of the Frankenstein Cliff trail to make sure you exit at the correct lot on Rt 302.

Hiked this in the reverse as posted. Up Frankenstein and then down Arethusa Falls. I think hiking in the way it is here, clockwise, would be anticlimactic at the end. And then took the Bermis Brook trail at the very end. The fall was absolutely beautiful. And Bermis Brook has some awesome mini cascading Falls. For an avid hiker, this is moderate, not hard.

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