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Beautiful nature center...I highly recommend checking it out, especially if you have kids. Preserve was BEAUTIFUL. Saw 6 deer, variety of birds, chipmunks & a turtle on our hike. Only downside was the BUGS. We were eaten alive even with bug spray on. Granted, it was an all natural spray... didn't contain DEET. But the mosquitos weren't affected at all. Took away from our enjoyment.

Okay, so here's the deal from start to finish.

The parking area only holds 6 vehicles. If it's filled up you'll have to park down the road a ways and possibly illegally.

The trail starts out very green, very wide(8+ feet) and very sunny(and hot) in a mid August at noon. The signs say no dogs. Good thing my 20lb black Chi-weenie identifies as a 6 year old girl. No matter because we never saw anyone on the trail during the 3.5 mile hike. The trail does eventually turn into a normal trail hike with turns and hills. We took the long route by adding the area marked with dotted lines which takes you to Boney lane where you can double back to the main trail marked in red on AllTrails map. It adds a mile and a quarter to the total trek.

The trail is 90% clear with the occasional spider web across the face, those crazy fleas that circle around your head and some thin thorny branch hanging in the path. I usually bring my clippers to do a little community service but forgot them this time. They weren't vital thankfully because the trail was very clear and well marked with yellow arrows on the trees.

We also saw some white tailed deer.

The highlight was definitely the beach view toward the end. There are at least 3 ways to get to the beach. The first one located on the return is a high up cliff that looks down. I do not recommend trying to get to the beach from there unless you fancy a broken leg. It is a beautiful view though with a bench to sit on. The second one also has a bench with green lawn and will give you access to the beach. The third one we didn't explore.

All in all, I highly recommend the David Weld Sanctuary trail.

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pretty trail. I'd say moderate to easy. some of the inclines are ragged so bring ankle tough boots. if you're interested in seeing the falls take the "blue" side as opposed to the "white" side as its much closer. if facing the mountain, street to your back, take the trail entrance to your far left. I took the one on the right and falls wasnt until the end of my hike. falls are quaint, not spectacular. just very pretty

road biking
16 days ago

Awesome. Second time. Parked at the soccer field on walker st. Rode my bike, instead of walking. Bikes 11miles

road biking
16 days ago

This trail is NOT DOG FRIENDLY. You are only allowed in a small area and once you have to cross the street, you are not allowed to bring your dog.

Most beautiful horse trails on Long Island. No dogs or bikes allowed so it’s very peaceful. Never gets boring because there are so many trails to choose from. There are summer trails which avoid most bugs and have shade.

This trail is definitely overgrown in spots and extremely buggy at 730pm in mid July. Only did a quarter of the trail from the secluded entry to the woods. Bugs were brutal although they didn't seem to bug my brave Chi-weenie. Still a decent trail if it wasn't so buggy and was better marked. At times I felt like I was in "The Shire." Probably will go back doused in bug repellent(Off) and with my clippers to make it a little more passable for future hikers.

Rules be damned! I took my 20 lb on a leash on a late afternoon Saturday hike. Had to avoid a few bike riders but no one outwardly complained about a dog on the trail. However, the trails are very narrow in many places so you have to be on the ball to avoid getting run over by cyclers. There weren't too many though considering it was Saturday. We only did 2.85 miles because it was easy to get lost. There are a lot of other trails crisscrossing the main trail so it's easy to get off the beaten path even when using GPS.

Overall it's a fine trail and I will definitely be back to do the full 4.3+ miles.

mountain biking
1 month ago

You don’t need a mountain bike for this trip. Easy and nice leisurely ride. Good for a quick trip and if you have family.

Small trail. Beach view is awesome climbing rocks near the shore was fun.

Wonderful trail for biking, running, walking and even roller blading.

Friendly to all ages and families and dogs.

During the spring, summer and the beginning of fall you can see lots of wildlife. Especially ducks and geese. If you’re lucky you’ll see swans.

Plenty of people fish off the bridges or near the shore of the lake. I’ve even seen people wade in the river when it’s nice.

Great trail

One of the nicest south shore Suffolk places to hike run. Easy trail, great for running, 2 paths combine for a good distance

2 months ago

It's a great trail. Definitely some elevation changes.

mountain biking
2 months ago

This was a great trail even for a novice like me. There was a variety of different terrain some were a bit challenging but I feel that anyone can get through it. I decided to stay on the main loop. I knew there were more difficult trails that branch off the main loop for the more experience riders but I didn’t realize there were so many. The one and only thing i didn’t like about the trail was that it needed more signs at intersections to direct you. There were times that i came out onto a main trail and not know whether to go left or right but I would definitely ride this trail again!

3 months ago

This is probably not for everyone, but it’s does live up to the name West Hills because it’s one of the more hilly hikes I’ve found on Long Island. The trails are a bit narrow and you should look for ticks when you’re done hiking. The park needs some serious love, especially near the dog park where there are random chain link fences up that separate the trails from one another. Once you figure out how to navigate around these haphazard fences, it’s actually enjoyable.

Nice Trail, mostly mountain bikers who may have been pissed off that we were walking through the trails.

3 months ago

Confusing to find trails as we ended up in the boy about campground to start. It ended up being a beautiful day and we found out way and enjoyed the hike.

Love this trail.. pretty easy trail but 6 months pregnant so it got a little rough for me around the rocky parts and some of the markers were difficult to find but definitely one of my favorites.

3 months ago

Compared to other trails it's sub-par. Too rocky and sandy in many places and not particularly well marked. It's also very run down and not well maintained. Won't be back any time soon. I always try to clear the trail of debris when I can, whether it's large rocks or branches, but after a while it was too much stopping. I like trails that are 3-5 feet wide tops and this just looks like they ran a bulldozer through it to make large 10-12' swaths in many places. I always take my 22 lbs dog and I definitely have to check her for ticks because there's so many leaves left on much of the trail. Jayne Hill is a joke. It's dilapidated and unremarkable. I'd take Makamah, Sunken Meadow, Blydenburgh Or Avalon over West Hills park any day of the week.

on Belmont Lake Trail

3 months ago

Nice place, good environment for family with kids and dogs. Easy to walk. Good for picnic and barbecue. Unfortunately, most of the restroom doors are unable to close and lock.

Posted as by permit only

Nice trails. Walked the 5 mile loop. Trails are marked ok, but a couple times I was skeptical about whether or not I was heading the right way. Nicely maintained trails though. Mostly flat, easy hike.

First time hiker and I’m a big guy so as I was going I had to rest a bit but overall really not terrible. Decent inclines but well worth it if you’re there after a rainstorm or snowstorm to catch those beautiful waterfalls.

mountain biking
4 months ago

First ride of 2018, the main loop is for beginners mostly flat, with twists and turns. We missed a couple blacks because they come up quick, and are barely marked and I was not turning around.
Blacks are more intermediate, not as bad as some of the trails at Rocky Point. The blacks are mostly downhill twists and turns with a climb back up at the end.
Towards the end of the trail there are a lot of roots, got a little bumpy. But decent trail all together.
I have heard of having to pay to park, we must have got in when the guy was on the can. But I did notice a hiking parking area at "prossier pines county park," if you do not mind the 1/4 mile ride to the park. Unsure if they will still charge but worth a shot. Also there is a side "private" entrance off of East Bartlett Road, it will bring you to the trail head.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Good quick hike for people of all skill levels. We went right after a heavy rain and the falls were raging! The blue trail is easy to follow with a few nice view points. Ventured off the trail for a bit to examine this abandoned Dodge Colt (wonder what the back story is here!), it’s easily visible at the beginning of the blue trail descent.

Actually their are 2 trails with close to 7 miles of hiking. Almost entirely flat it is an easy walk. The parking lot divides the 2 trails so you can do one loop and return to your car before doing the second loop.

Easy walk, unfortunately park Pitch Pines devastated by bark beetles. North side of Veterans Highway offers nicer trails including a section of Greenbelt that is nicely laid out up to Lakeland County Park. Lots of ticks in warmer weather, treated clothing and gaiters recommended.

5 months ago

Fun trail. Lots of variety in scenery. You go from fields, to forest like, to a swamp, back to forest then to cliffs overlooking the Sound. Took the kiddos and they loved it. The hilly part is fun to explore as it is the remnants of the Ice Age glaciers. Beautifully straight Tulip Tree, too. Take the map along with you and you won't get lost. I had my 13 year old navigating. No issues. You can go completely right around the swamp or straight past it, keeping it on your left, and head to the bluffs. Then you can also explore the hilly south side of the swamp and detour back to the parking area. The parking is the worst of it all. We had to wait for someone to return from the hike to get a spot. Only parking for six cars, but we squeezed in seven. I can't imagine trying to get a spot on the nice spring and summer days. It is one we'd like to explore in each season.

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