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Just remember...you go up, you must come down! Not your ordinary trail! Pictures do not do the Peak Justice! You have to do it and see it to feel the beauty of it at the top! This is as close to heaven that I have been!

Great view at the top—lots of traffic. Well worth it.

Views are worth the initial climb. Not too difficult, just need to be prepared for a lot of very steep incline switchbacks for the first 1.5miles. Be careful coming down, as it can be slippery. One of my favorite in the area. Huge boulders at top make for unique views.

3 days ago

Well maintained parking lot, restrooms, and trail. Trail is mostly uphill with a few flat spots, so be prepared to climb. Views are nice and there are other trails to venture if time permits. Hawks are currently nesting so they've asked hikers to stay quiet at the top.

The park, facilities and trail are really well maintained. I was impressed with the condition of our route. the cables were secure and even though I was nervous at the technical footing required, I didn't feel like I was putting myself at risk. I'm so glad we hiked in spring. The green desert was overwhelming and flowers were popping up everywhere.
I am in decent physical shape and exercise regularly. I would not recommend this trail for someone who is not active. It's an amazing climb, but tough. I used my upper body more than I expected to. Also, wear good shoes, bring lots of water and snacks, and wear gloves! The cables and gripping rocks are no joke.

3 days ago

Went up last weekend. Clean trails, steep in sections. Great views. Highly recommend.

Great hike, a bit hard at times but manageable. Once at the top it is amazing, I would do this one again. I would definitely recommend to bring gloves and the right kind of shoes for hiking. I seen lots of people who were not prepared.

5 days ago

Fun and challenging hike. Right around 5 mi round trip. I’m in pretty good shape and pushed myself to get to the top and back in just under 80 min for a workout (not running). Casually this hike is more like 2.5 hrs if you want to enjoy the awesome views. Best to get there before 8 am to beat the rush.

Great hike up and back with a lot of scenic views along the way. First mile is a little challenging but the reward is worth it.

Beautiful up and back on well maintained trail

6 days ago

The best hike I’ve been on so far! Absolutely stunning views, maintained trails and a bathroom on site!!! Fun incline workout, Loved it!!!

trail running
7 days ago

This was a great run. The first Mile is hard and really gets your heart rate up quickly. After that it levels off a bit to the top and has great views.

The views on the top are amazing. It was pretty steep at times. The fellow hikers were so plesant and encouraging on the way up.

Great trail with amazing views.

fabulous hike great workout

10 days ago

good workout and great views

11 days ago

Spectacular views! No wonder this trail is heavily used.

beautiful morning beautiful hike and views.

Great trail with fantastic views!

i Really like . this hike

18 days ago

Ain't no 4 miles folks! Took our family of four up this and it was awesome but much longer than expected. Made the mistake of bringing our small dog who did fine but rode downhill in our backpack! With kids, this is an excellent trail but realistically plan on 2 1/2 hours and bring plenty of water and snacks. The final mile up is easier than the first part which must be two miles (not one, no way, I don't believe you!). Well marked, well maintained with distance markers along the way with great views and opportunities to catch your breath. Hiking shoes, hats and CamelBaks very helpful!

18 days ago

beautiful climb, I'm 26 weeks pregnant and still made it up the mountain. Got caught in a hailstorm but well worth it!!!

beautiful hike....the 1st mile is a kicker but the views from the top are outstanding. watch your footing on the way down as there can be some steeper declines with some loose gravel...wear good hiking shoes

Tough hike. Beautiful. 1500 ft elevation gain, may not seems like much but the way in which you climb up, then down, then back up will get cha

Pretty steep climb but well worth it as the views are pretty incredible.

This is our second time up Hunter. We loved it so much last time, we came back to see if it was as good as we remembered - it was. :) The first time around, we took it nice and slow... 2.5 hours up, 1 hour down. This time, we wanted to see what we were capable of... we made the top in 1 hour and 4 minutes and down in 53 minutes. Needless to say we're not going to the gym today. :)

Seriously though, super fun hike.

Give it a shot!


23 days ago

A staple. One of my favorites

This is a real work out. I hike this trail almost every day. The views from the top are amazing.

The incline for the first mile or so really kicked my butt, yet so worth it!

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