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21 hours ago

Hiked this afternoon with a pup. If you’re gunna bring a dog, I’d make sure you unleash them for some sections. Gets rather technical with snow and they may pose a risk if on leash. Overall great hike. Gives some great views of the mountain range. Don’t have to but microspikes May be a nice addition for the trail conditions right about now.

Trail was well covered with ice and snow. I went snowshoeing after the storm to work in a quick hike. I was really surprised for the amount of snow. Probably could have done the whole trail with spikes and you would be okay. Best been to get there really early to get the best work of the snowshoes

Fun trail! Packed with snow but beautiful nonetheless. For some areas having trekking poles would make it easier.

Perfect. Yak tracks or microspikes help but not required.

trail is snow covered but not icy! beautiful as can be!

Went on a fresh snow day. It was stunning great views wildlife and moderate traffic. Under the snow there was packed ice but the drag snow kept the walk stable without having to wear spikes. Snowshoeers were out and about. I’d definitely do it again!

10 days ago

Nice views, not much traffic. You can see all the way down to Pueblo resivior from the top. Quite a bit of walking thru snow this time of year.

11 days ago

12/8/2018 - A good amount of ice on the trail, so I would recommend spikes at minimum, but a fresh dusting of snow left the trail impassable with about 0.7M to the end (~1.5ft of snow, and I only had spikes on). Most of the snow on the first half of the road had melted, so not ideal for XC skiing or snowmobiling anymore I’d imagine. Only option for parking is illegal street parking.

We started at the Beaver Brook trail which is 3 miles downhill and back up the Chavez which was 2 miles uphill. We went 1/6/19 and there trail had some snow and ice in some areas. The trail is a mix of flat trail, rocks you need to hug or climb over and crossing streams. Just be mindful that the last 2 miles have quite an incline uphill and it’s not easy. I am looking forward to doing it again in summer as it is well shaded and I may be in better shape

Amazing trail you have to try. Little bit everything on this hike. It was bit sketchy in some areas because of snow and ice over some rocks, but overall it’s a great trail and will be back.

on Heizer Trail

15 days ago

Went today....needed spikes and poles as the trail was snowy/icy and super slick. Saw mountain lion tracks and no other hikers to speak of. Great challenging trail with stunning views

I grew up hiking this trail. Recent changes made you unable to park near the original trail head, but I think this is because there is a new trail head. I'm not 100% sure on this. When I was a kid, my favorite part of this trail was looking forward to finding the old energy station (or something) remnants at the top of the switchbacks. Overall the trail is pretty gentle, and you'll find raspberries at the top if you're lucky.

15 days ago

Great winter hike! Did this one today, and there is a ton of snow, but we managed with just spikes. There were a lot of people snowshoeing and cross-country skiing -- good trail for that as well. The lake is completely frozen over, but the views are amazing.

Beautiful hike that crossed over the creek several times. It was snowy/icy in several areas. Starts off downhill then the last mile and a half or so is uphill. Well maintained but could use better signage.

Great hike with multiple creek crossings. Went right at the start of the loop and it was 85% downhill and flat, easy. Probably more on the moderate end the other way. Recommend going in the summer to see the awesome creek. It was frozen during my hike but still was a gorgeous hike! Moderate hikers and dogs.

Great Hike, My brother and I camped at the third highest lake. It was so much fun. We were woken up by mountain goats the second night. We posted a video https://youtu.be/6wEVmrBTh1M

19 days ago

We participated in the "First Hike" this year on the Blackmer Loop Trail. It was a guided hike with about 12 participants. We took the Blackmer loop from the Limekiln trailhead for a ~5 mile hike. The volunteers and rangers provided hot chocolate, souvenir cups, and a fire for us before and after the hike. This trail was covered in ~2 inches of snow. There were 1-2 slippery spots with loose gravel or smooth rocks where my boots slipped. We saw three bucks, two doe, and several birds. The trail guide presented historical facts about Harry M. Blackmer. If you have some time, look up the "Teapot dome scandal" and "Blackmer v. United States" to better understand some historical background associated with the trail. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackmer_v._United_States https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teapot_Dome_scandal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_B._Fall

Good cardio hike near Denver. "Castle" is a bit of interesting history.

Beautiful views, varied terrain, busy with hikers and dogs, some tricky spots, several amazing rock stairs, very little snow or ice on the trail on the day we went...It definitely satisfies the need to get some peace in nature!

Frozen fall but still very cool

This was a pretty hike. Not well posted and we lost track of the trail a few times...which would likely be more difficult right after a snow. Easy access from the city.

Well marked and nice scenery. Keep watch for cyclists.

Amazing views of Denver as well as other mountains in the distance. There were a few people on the trail (We went Christmas Day). There was ice, so please prepare accordingly. This was my wife and my first moderate trail since moving to Colorado. It can be challenging, but it isn’t too bad if you go prepared with water, snacks, and shoes for the ice.

27 days ago

Definitely difficult. Like others have said parking is just at the intersection of two small streets. Definitely have some kind of spikes or poles. My shoes were rugged and I still had to be light on my feet on the way down. If you don’t want to see signs of civilization, this isn’t the trail for you. I enjoyed it for sure!

Good trail and challenging. The actual nature part is very scenic and enjoyable some of the hike is a little more than moderate. Personally not enough signs to point you in the right direction to get your proper hike. Had fun fun and think would redo hike.

Completed 22 Dec 2018. Peaceful with beautiful, calm views of the forest, creek and occasional open views of the mountains. If you go the Beaver trail to Chavez route you will quickly find the back half challenging your lower body as you ascend drastically. My only notable fault is the constant slanted trail that really rubs on your ankles after the 3rd mile. It's nothing that a good bath can't take care of when you get home though. Recommended! Hike on :)

Nice climb with nice views

1 month ago

The first half of the hike you gradually increase elevation, which can be tiring. However the second half of the hike is significantly less difficult. The path is easily distinguishable basically the entire time. Once you get to the end, it was very underwhelming. I was hoping to be able to find a way up to the reservoir but it’s city land. This hike should be a top priority if you can do others. There were some good views throughout which made up for the ending. Parking is about about 1000 feet from the trailhead but very easy to find. Parking could be very limited depending on when you go.

Perfect area to go on a run because of easy sidewalks. The views were amazing and I had a great time take pictures! Definitely going back

Did this about 3 weeks ago! Lots of snow, good thing for snow shoes... didn’t make it to the lake, snow was waist deep, but great trail coming back after all the craziness up hill... jumped on the Spruces Creek Road - decline all the way down, that was fun. Loads of cross country skiing tracks.

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