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Mileage listed here is inaccurate because you cannot park at the trailhead. I started my recording from where you can park and it was 6.7 miles round trip to the Deer Park Cabin.

The first part of the hike to the trailhead is on a road. There is a pretty cool dam to look at, but other than that it is pretty boring. The best part of the hike is when you get down into the canyon. You will walk alongside a lovely stream under the cover of some beautiful trees. However, the end at Deer Park Cabin is really not that interesting.

We took the same route back as we do not find fire roads to be very exciting. Overall this hike is just okay. On the plus side, it’s not used very much. We only saw two other people and we saw only two pieces of trash on the trail (which we packed out.)

If you do park inside the park entrance gate it will cost $5 on weekdays and $6 on weekends, but you must be out by 5pm. I believe the entrance gate is closed all day Tuesday.

Lots of fun. Definitely a family trail but the incline is definitely there depending on which way you walk the loop. Overall did it with ease. Places to stop for breaks and even a bathroom at the far side of the loop.

This hike was awesome! Beautiful scenery pretty much at all times and a ton of opportunities to go on small offshoot trails to get some cool views. We did this during the day on a thursday and it wasn’t too busy which was nice.

This was a great hike today especially after the rain.. If your looking to get a great workout in with some strenuous hills and open trails then this is the one to do. I actually used Strava to range the hike and it came out to to just over 9.5 miles. If you do the whole loop like I did then you will be very satisfied with it especially when the day is nice and it makes for great pictures when your along the PCH ridges.. El Moro Loop has some great views that overlook the ocean and you get some fresh air for sure.. The trail was very quite and peaceful, so if your looking to get away and decompress then this would be ideal. I will definitely do this trail again and maybe get a trail run the next time around!

great hike. it was about 5k. we saw lots of deer especially in the shaded canopy parts of the trail.

So beautiful! Surprisingly steep areas, it takes a little practice not getting deviated on the paths. The map feature is priceless!

1 month ago

Great for kids

Great Hike!! Up and Down Hills with lots of beautiful Oak trees. Lots of good Photograph spots.

Great trail! It was a good cool day. Make sure you have plenty of water and some light snacks if you do the whole loop

A very pretty day today. Lots of ocean views and a good view of the valley side from atop Eagle Rock. A longer hike for me, but not too terrible on the uphill. At this time of year (2/17), with a 6:45am start, I had a lot of shade on this hike. I’d do it again for sure.

Very overgrown !!!

Great fun with kids. We scrambled the rocks early on, up to the top. Good shade from tree cover. Nice views.

1 month ago

Maybe more of a 3.5 than 4 stars.

Location- I like that it isn't too far to get to (at least for me)...conveniently located near the 210 & 605 fwys

Parking- $6 fee; rangers don't open the gate until 7 am on weekends but you can park down in the residential area for free and walk a little less than a mile to access the trail and start it earlier *btw this is the same entrance you use to do the Monrovia falls hike

We parked near the Trask Scout Reservation sign (see attached pic) and there is a paved road with a sign that says authorized vehicles only...we took that steep road up and passed the dam and got to the trailhead about a mile later. You can pick either of two trails at this point (see attached pic). The one to the left which we took has little stone columns to pass through and is a narrow somewhat steep trail that you stay on for about 2 miles until you reach an area with other trails connecting and we opted to go right and it had an arrow with the word bathroom and that led us back down to complete the loop on the wider fire access type of road so we did the loop clockwise and it took us back down to the trailhead (I used the All Trails app). You then take the same road down past the dam to the parking lot

Distance- 6.7 miles RT
Elevation gain- about 1,600 ft
Duration- between 2-4 hrs
Difficulty- moderate

very easy hike. a nice stream and some old stone structures.

It was a great workout!! Uncovered trail so wear appropriate protective clothes. Gained great elevation with pretty steep hills.

Pretty easy I love the uphill portion on the left side I jogged most of it. The beginning is way too easy but the uphill makes it worth it for sure. It would be even better if the uphill wasn’t a dead end

Beautiful views! Easy to moderate trails, sunset over the mountains was amazing!

1 month ago

A nice light hike. The big rock formations are early on the trail if you want to do some scrambling. There is a $5 dollar parking fee at the trailhead - there were no rangers to make change so bring small bills.

2 months ago

Its a very nice hike and if youre lucky you get to see some deer. Theres free parking 2 miles away from the entrance. But the parking fee is like 6$ i believe. Its a nice trail you keep going up the mountain its a narrow pathway going up. Theres good shady spots and the waterfall is a little small but the views are beautiful.

Views were gorgeous on this trail offering a sense of escape from the city life. Aside from this trail being a longer trail, I’m not sure how it’s ranked as hard. Trail was well paved and flat for the most part. Would definitely go back and run the loop next time.

We had a great day with not a cloud in the sky to hike the perimeter loop. It wasn’t too strenuous. Great views out to Catalina once got to higher altitude. Trail is extremely well marked. Lots of mountain bikers and a few runners on the trail.

Fairly easy hike EXCEPT for the 0,8 mile trip from the campsite back to your car. We found that there to be STEEP!! Very pretty with lots of foliage and a few stream crossings. End is a waterfall from dam. It was a lovely hike for the most part. Our dogs loved the trip.

Parking at the coastal peak park is free...(Ridge Park road )

Great shade throughout the hike and a good workout with the amount of uphill climb there is. From the lower parking area (which also has a clean bathroom by the way!) it takes about 2 hours uphill and 1 hour to come down.

This is more of a nature walk with a little bit of rock maneuvering at the end. It was super fun and easy!

2 months ago

Such a great trail! Loved it - was worried about bears the whole time but we did not spot one. Definitely Yoga & foam rolling to help with soreness - the incline got the best of me.

2 months ago

I used to hike here every day. Such beautiful scenery and not too many people around.

TIP: Park in the Ralph's lot so you don't have to pay the parking fee!

trail running
3 months ago

Trail exposure, pitch and views are very nice. Plus it was nice and shady at 1:00 pm in December. Unfortunately trail is overgrown with vegetation and with 5-7 trees down across the trail. Perhaps the trees will be removed but they impeded my run today. Also, some soil erosion going on which makes the foot work somewhat challenging, nonetheless, it was a nice experience and I’d go back.

a very peaceful hike we never saw anyone else

I love it!

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