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Very pretty! Ran into a handful of people. Your feet will most likely get wet! Will be back

Nice wide trail. Cool cave and a few creek crossings.

Enjoyed this trail. Started with trail 8 in the campground and it connects with trail 5. A few creek crossings but no wet feet.

I'm an avid hiker/explorer and this place is a blast! Make sure you have atleast a full day to enjoy this magical place!

beautiful scenery and a lot to explore and see. I'd rate this as more moderate but there a quite a few stairs and inclines. Paths are marked and clear.

Well-marked trail. Enjoyed the cave and the creek crossings. A well-kept park with nice scenery. Plan to return in the fall.

This park is very well maintained and the trails are well marked! We couldn’t record our hike because my phone battery is not stellar, but we hiked 7.6 miles with a combination of 8, 1, 5, 4, & 7. It was a super hot day and we were pleased to find that the Nature Center on the south end of the park is air conditioned with a lovely bird viewing room. We saw all of the falls but I think Tunnel Falls was the best! I liked Little Clifty Falls as well. When the map says the trail is rugged, they’re not kidding. The ruggedness is a great challenge, but be prepared to climb up and down on rock and roots quite a bit. Also, people who are afraid of heights should maybe stay on trail 2, because there are many drop-offs next to the trails up on the ridge. Overall we had a challenging, but rewarding, day in the outdoors!

Love love loved this cave hike and afterward we took trail 3 and 10 to go check out the falls. We stayed at the falls for quite a while then headed back to Nature Center
Had a great nights sleep

Loved trail 5. Tunnel Falls was my favorite waterfalls of the day, Caution on the rocks leading up to the tunnel as they are slick. The tunnel is closed to foot traffic from fall to spring. Trail 5 goes around the tunnel also. South end of trail has a 153 step staircase that will give you a great quad workout. There is also a leg of the trail to take you to the creek.

trail running
17 days ago

Nice hike, has a little bit of everything. Little creek sidewalk, some vertical accent and decent, had a little walk on a gravel road. Would recommend you bring a stick for cobwebs, and possibly long pants. Some areas were a little overgrown. A good break away from typical Brown county hikes, probably will end up doing it again down the road.

18 days ago

Love the creek trail all the way up to the falls!

Awesome trail with a cool reward! Maybe 2-3 miles of gravel. Up, down, repeat!

trail running
25 days ago

This loop is long enough (10+miles) to count as a serious training ground for the mountaineering expedition for which I am in training- a weeklong attempt of Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba. The Low Gap Loop features glorious single track, horse trail, scenic forest canopy, and a stretch of wide gravel service road. There are ponds, stream crossings, interesting rock overhangs and good vertical rise and gain. I do this trail several times per year, and have completed it in pouring rain, intense heat and bitter cold. There’s perhaps no place equal to Low Gap’s combination of challenge and length nearby. Definitely recommended.

Did trails 5 & 7. Enjoyed the forest, cave and ciew of the White River.

It says for the very experience but I was able to do so quite well on it and I am about moderately experienced. I loved it. The prettiest I have seen in a long time

1 month ago

The trail itself is nice., Good inclines, white diamond blazes on the trees. The trail head sign was slightly covered today. My friend and I hiked it counter clockwise. To hike it clockwise walk down the gravel road a bit and pick up the trail with the sign that is marked “High King Hill”.

If hiking it counter clockwise you’ll come to a shared trail/road that has blazes all along the way and it eventually comes to a T. Go left and you’ll see trail markers on the left. It says it’s the Tecumseh trail but it carried the white diamond blazes and brought us to the bottom of High king hill. A few downed trees at one point which required climbing but nothing hard.

The road in is gravel and had signs that cautioned about flooding. So keep in mind how much rain we’ve had when you’re heading to the trail.

I’ve hiked parts of this trail more than once. There’s a backcountry camping parking lot if you plan on staying the night. Various campsites along the way, some a little too close to the parking lot in my opinion. But the rock formation is cool once you get out to it. Living in Indianapolis, this might be the “closest” difficult backcountry trail. Plan to hike again!

Went out to the wolf cave and then turned back around. Looking forward to going back to finish the trail and climb through the cave.

Lovely state park trail with a nice view of the lake.

Bummed. Hiked from cherry lake; followed the markers, then along the creek bed, as there was nowhere else to follow, then dead ended into private property. Followed that to a road, obviously not the trail & had to turn back. Checked with my hiking buddy to see if we missed another branch of the trail. Had not missed any other routes, marked or otherwise. Disappointing to say the least, wish these trails were marked appropriately and/or maps were available at trailhead.

great trail,and kids even made it

nature trips
1 month ago

I always enjoy the trails here. You can walk through a creek that ends by turning into a small waterfall and swimming hole or walk the many trails and see beautiful scenery and caves.

Pure awesome is what to expect from this trail. It has a lot to offer. The hills are of adequate size to present some challenge. The trees are beautiful and most of the hike is in the shade. There are several creek crossings but with a little effort you can keep your boots dry. The falls is fun. After ending up there the first day we found it so enjoyable we returned on the second day to cool off in the water. We decided that we would buy water shoes to put in our packs for walking on rocky creek bottoms. Remember to apply bug spray with Deet, pack water, and wear good quality hiking shoes.

Great hike! The trail is moderate unless you decide to go through the cave. If you go through you will need a light and hiking shoes. We saw a lot of people in open toes. in this case the open toes lead to a ripped off toe nail. The cave trail is short but rocky. One of the cave entraces is easy to access but getting out of the other side requires a belly crawl. The opening to get out is only about 12" so I would not recommend this adventure for anyone that won't go into a crawl space. The forrest in the park are absolutely beautiful with lots of old growth trees. As always make sure you put on bug spray with deet and take water with you.

2 months ago

I took my dog down on Wednesday of last week. We parked at Cherry Lake and went clockwise. The trail is poorly marked in a couple spots. At the end, we ended up at the park headquarters but were able to get back to our car. Total mileage was 10.85. I loved Bryant Creek Lake. We stopped and had a snack there & enjoyed the view. We only came across 4 people all day. Would definitely recommend.

2 months ago

Wonderful evening hike with dogs

A beautiful and scenic route that offers alot of challenges if you are trail running. It will be a part of my regular routine training for knob stone trail.

2 months ago

As other reviewers have pointed out, there are only two lakes. Generally well marked, we got lost at a couple spots and ended up on service roads, but were able to get back on track pretty quickly. Bryant lake is quite wonderful!

Great trail with some good views! With the exception of climbing over two 4-5 foot rock bluffs and one steep downhill climb the rest of the trail was moderate.

This was a great hike! Would definitely go back.

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