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Wonderful place to explore! Wear good shoes it can be slick. One of my favorite places.

I hiked only 2-3 miles in, starting from the parking lot at the beginning of Trail 3. Nice easy walk along Deam Lake then once you're heading into the forest, the trail is not marked well. Little pink flags were placed for the first .5 mile, which helped, then it was fairly rugged from that point on. Just take GPS, a map, and a compass if you can and you'll be fine.

Lots of tree fall on the trail but nothing unmanageable.

Besides a few downed trees, it was an amazing hike. The waterfalls are beautiful and the peaceful scenery is breathtaking!

14 days ago

I've backpacked this trail 4 times. Here is all you need to know.

1. Get a map, but don't depend on it. The maps they have for this trail are not great. The "rendezvous point" is not marked on trail with a sign of any type.
2. Water sources are scarce. Stash water and make sure you mark your water.
3. Backpacking this trail in the summer is hellacious. Ticks are insanely bad. I've pulled over 60 off of my body on this trail before.
4. There are only 2 real shelters on this trail. Both are pretty cool. One is historic with a chimney, the other overlooks the Ohio. The Ohio shelter is very, very cool.
5. Parking at Disabled Hunter is a good spot to park. You can hit the trail just down the road opposite the direction of the the park entrance.
6. Show up when the office is staffed or the front gate is staffed and ASK ABOUT ANY REROUTES OR TIMBER THINNING. This is a HUGE pain in the ass to deal with if you get blindsided by it.
7. All creek beds are dry.
8. Go in the Fall when the leaves first turn and the disease carrying psychos are gone. The trail is completely worth backpacking then.

This trail has so much potential. It could be so much greater than it is. Props to those who upkeep the shelters. Take your trash out with you, ya dingus's!!

My wife and I hiked the last 5.8 miles of this hike from Hwy 160 to the New Chapel trailhead since we had already hiked from Jackson Trailhead to Hwy 160 last time we were on the KT. This section of the KT includes extreme up and down as well as many flatter areas. So, you are typically moving along at a good pace or you are trying not to slip and fall down a steep hill. You do follow along and can see the paved road(s) that are part of Clark State Forest, but you are still in a remote area and we only saw one vehicle and no other hikers on a mild (upper 40s / lower 50s with no rain) day. Not much scenery other than forests which is fine with us as it is still beautiful. We did see one tree stand, but no one hunting. We wore our neon yellow wind vests. Many small to medium size trees over the trail due to the ice storms about 1 week ago that took out MANY trees in the area. I wished I had brought a saw to help with the larger ones. Next time! Overall, we enjoyed this section once we were warmed up and moving along. Again, Hwy 160 to the New Chapel trailhead is approx. 5.8 miles and is a nice little hike. See photos.

20 days ago

Nice secluded trail! A little battered from the ice storm but well marked.

Excellent place to explore. Enjoyed the little waterfall! Nice trails. Easy.

25 days ago

Lovely surprise close to hotel, for a quick 2 miles before hitting the road. Will def return for a long run!

For safety and maintenance reasons, this park should be closed in the winter months. Tons of trees blocking the trail, leaves covering the trail making it very slippery, and not well marked. THIS TRAIL IS 7.2 MILES. The map on alltrails is not accurate in terms of where the trails lead. Several instances of having to walk through a river so be prepared to have your feet soaked.

To start, the "walking trail" sign is pointing away from the paved section. We walked down to the playground and never saw another trail head. Went back and took the paved loop back to a trail leading to an overlook. Perhaps we missed something because I never saw a creek or a bridge. There may have been a split that led down; where we went up. There were a lot of leaves on the ground. I'd be willing to go back to find out.

Great trail! The sink holes, creek crossings and natural bridges were all amazing, as were the fall colors. The trail was clearly marked and well-maintained, and the interpretative signs were interesting and in good shape. I’d love to do this trail again.

fun trail!

1 month ago

Fascinating geological site. You can get up close to observe parallel rock layers that break and fold and are quite colorful. The trail is quite steep in a couple places and though safe if you are cautious, I would not bring a young child here unless well disciplined. The arch itself is small and can be muddy.
Well worth driving a distance...an unusual site, which I found by accident, spotting on a map.

Arrived at Trailhead to NO PARKING... Now what?!

super pretty in the fall. saw alot of pretty rock walls and water falls. trails are well kept.

The 8 to the 2 to the observation tower of the falls is not for the faint of heart! Wear appropriate clothing, specifically hiking boots. You will cross the creek several times, and the last several hundred yards are more like rock climbing! Hiking back out the 2's connection to the 8, will definitely test your endurance!

I hiked this on my 61st birthday. I have to say I'm not a real hiker; I'm more of a person who strolls through the woods. I also have to say that I am obese and clumsy. Once, I tripped over a pine cone and broke my wrist in 4 places. Therefore, I found going down to the water pretty scary stuff. It was well worth it; truly beautiful, and my dog and I had it to ourselves. Going up wasn't scary, but my heart was sure pounding!

Nice hike, not too crowded... good waterfall, and easy enough for kids. Will be back. Go when water is high.

This is a well maintained trail. The cave is short, but fun and seems be be a little tighter with each return visit. Creek crossings are simple to navigate. Trail 10 is a good hike if you like hiking in creeks.

Lightly traveled so be alert for spider webs. nice trail for dogs.

Did the outer loop and mixed variations, about 3 hours of hiking. Family of 5 with a 6, 12, and 14 year old and were able to navigate with little difficulty. Trails are not marked very well, but if you have a decent sense of direction you will be fine. the Falls are filled from the South not north. So after a good southern rain (Indy) the falls will be pretty.

There are full elevation changes with improvised steps to assist. all-in-all it was a very fun afternoon with really great in woods views of tall mature trees with Good quality ID markers to teach the different types of trees in the woods. I suggest the CR 50 s parking lot. Its small but forces you to get out and hike.

2 months ago

In need of maintenance. The rustic staircase in washed out with no railings and some signs are down. It was flooded today due to yesterday's rain and trail 2 was not passable. Not much elevation change but pretty rooted. I would love to go back when some maintenance has been a done.

this was one of the best parks I have been to in a while in the midwest. It is clean and taken care of. The trails range from paved and flat to rugged, traversing the creek, up and down tougher hikes for an average person. I really enjoyed my day and was able to spend 3 hours moving through the park and viewing the awesome landscape.

nice paved trail. Currently they are expanding it, will be great when it reaches further.

Totally loved these trails. My husband and I did these trails along with trail 2 which took us about 6 hrs to enjoy. Parts of these trail were a little rough. I didn't bring mine this hike, but a pair of trekking sticks or a staff would have been helpful. Areas of the trails got close to bluffs and would have just made me feel a little more secure on the trail.

Beautiful trail.

The map provided by Indiana DNR clearly says you can’t connect to 7 from 2, but we were really hoping the map markings from All Trails were right. It’s hard to make yourself go back the way you came after making it to the falls!

Short but fun hike if you like scrambling in and through water. Be prepared to get wet (thigh-high) water to see best of the potholes.

Fun small hike but I'm not sure if I'd recommend. Parts of the trail are grown up(August 2018). I use deet spray but still check for ticks. Only two managed to get on me.

This trail seemed to not be traveled often as there are spiders and web everywhere. I can deal with webs but come on... Not every 5 feet.

I also picked up what I believe to be chiggers bites on my lower legs/ankles. No big deal... It has just made for an itchy couple of days. I hope the next leg of the trail isn't as bad.

The trail isn't really that hard in my opinion. Miles 4 to 5 get a little steep but it doesn't last long.

I'm not sure if I'll ever take this leg of the trail again.

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