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this is a must-visit

This is the coolest little loop trail in Indiana. It's literally a playground. There's cool stuff tucked away off trail everywhere. I'd come back to this trail just to get off trail. So fun.

Perfect for a short, quick hike. Well maintained, well marked trails. Awesome geology.

25 days ago

Nice late fall hike with the wife and 2 dogs. The pretty leaves are long gone, but still good things to look at with the lake and terrain. Enjoyable hike.

Great scenic hike with a ton of views to see and explore. The trail is easy and please take the second loop on the trail. You don’t want to miss the second waterfall along with a large shallow cave! You can walk inside the cave while being right behind the waterfall.

My wife and I completed this trail on a 35 degree (at most) day and for the first time on this trail, plenty of water was flowing over the falls. And, due to the cold temps, plenty of ice at the bottoms of the falls. This is one of my favorite hikes in terms of scenery, bluffs, cliffs, rock faces, and similar. Absolutely beautiful area. Overall, this is a easy to moderate trail with only a handful of sketchy areas for the really young or old. Exploring around and off the trail is what makes this trail so fascinating! See our photos here.

Trail is an out and back right now due to downed trees. Went out with our kids and had to turn around. There is a sign in. Sheet at the beginning. Nothing was noted about the trail damage.

1 month ago

My wife and I hiked Trail 7 around Ogle lake today about 1 week past prime fall colors, but the Beech and Maple trees were still beautiful. The trail felt a little shorter than the claimed 1.5 miles, but we didn't track it to be certain. Quite easy trail with little to no elevation to speak of. Although trail maps show the trail going away from the lake a bit on the North side, it appears the trail does stay near waters edge the entire loop. Heavily trafficked especially during prime times in the park. Nice views of the lake on all sides.

1 month ago

Nice trail overall. Other than the long uphill stairs and one other short section, the trail was not too difficult and mostly flat or slight inclines/declines. My wife and I started from Ogle Parking Lot and hiked in a counterclockwise direction. We were about 1 week past prime fall colors, but still beautiful as the Beech Trees and occasional Maple were beautiful. The trail map provided at the gates are not drawn to scale or at least not that great to rely on in regard to how close you are to a road, etc. The rail actually goes right next to Hesitation Point and the main road whereas on the trail map provided, it is not that close. Trail markings were mostly good. Also, it appears unless you hike out and back to the West Overlook, the trail is closer to 3.2 miles than 3.5 miles. We will hike again in the future.

trail running
1 month ago

Seems to be a theme in Brown county state park. There wasn't very good markings of where the trail actually was or where it changed to #5. I'm glad I had this app to help me know where to go.
Though, it was a beautiful area with some pretty steep inclines.

Visited on a Monday morning and only saw two others on the trail. We basically had the whole canyon to ourselves! Very beautiful!

Camping is no longer allowed on this trail. Beautiful hike!

2 months ago

Great path if it was marked correctly

We enjoyed it.

Nice trail, beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dried up on our visit. There is a single disperse campsite located to the right of the entrance.

Good hike. Great little place and well marked. Just make sure you take at the loop!

3 months ago

Great hike with kids!

Great hike, even without the waterfall running and the creek beds being pretty dry. Definitely take the optional loop when you get too it. The shallow cave at the top is awesome.

on Hiking Trail 10

3 months ago

Trail is well marked, offering a variety of paths - rocky, root strewn, well-packed earth, and natural stairs created by stones. We went early (9:45 am) and took our time so the inclines didn’t seem daunting. Noticed more valley scenes that vistas. Little bit of rain, but with the leaves still intact, we hardly felt a drop. Nice experience and exercise. Would definitely recommend.

good conditioning from lake to bench.

Great views, not crowded!

Nice easy trail

4 months ago

Great trail! Would not grade it as hard. More of the high end of moderate. Well marked. Dachshund friendly. Great workout. No real excess to the lake.

This trail is literally five minutes from the home I grew up in and it took 25 years for me to find it! Absolutely gorgeous. It’s fun to see the diversity, going from fairytale waterfalls to swampland to thick forests and bamboo. Great trail to explore! I’d recommend bringing shoes that you are okay with getting wet. :)

Beautiful little well kept trail. Worth to see if you're in the area

Gorgeous views. We actually hiked at Hemlock on a rainy day, and it was a lot of fun.

Fantastic little 1 mile hike with gorgeous surroundings, cool breeze, lush foliage!
Perfect for kids, beginners & a quick workout.
Cool streams to splash in & explore!
Loved it!

4 months ago

Walked this trail with me 2 yr old grandson and his mom. Excellent day.

4 months ago

Hard rain but we persevered. Can’t wait to return and try it dry

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