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Very pretty! Ran into a handful of people. Your feet will most likely get wet! Will be back

This was a nice 3+mile hike with the Rose Island loop added in. The nice park ranger at the gate warned us to take the paved trail (to the right when you start) down the hill. The last section as you finish up is a slow uphill climb. Much easier than the steep paved path. The trail does get a little narrow in spots once you turn off at the bridge to Rose Island. All in all a nice hike with plenty of good scenery for taking pictures.


Good hike with nice shade and a few views of the Ohio river. Nice breeze and shade for a midday hike! Variety of terrain is nice.

Nice happy hike! Crossed bridge and added Rose Island in middle for fun!

16 days ago

This has become my favorite hike since moving to Indiana! I would agree with some of the other reviews that say that this is a more moderate difficulty. The rocks can be a bit slippery so make sure to wear shoes with good traction!

Awesome trail with a cool reward! Maybe 2-3 miles of gravel. Up, down, repeat!

23 days ago

Good trail with one large decline and then you go back up an equally large incline. Though my only complaint of the tail is that there were three large trees down in pieces so you kind of have climb and squeeze through some parts. Be careful of spiders, recent flood brought them out too.

trail running
25 days ago

This loop is long enough (10+miles) to count as a serious training ground for the mountaineering expedition for which I am in training- a weeklong attempt of Mexico’s Pico de Orizaba. The Low Gap Loop features glorious single track, horse trail, scenic forest canopy, and a stretch of wide gravel service road. There are ponds, stream crossings, interesting rock overhangs and good vertical rise and gain. I do this trail several times per year, and have completed it in pouring rain, intense heat and bitter cold. There’s perhaps no place equal to Low Gap’s combination of challenge and length nearby. Definitely recommended.

Gorgeous views. We actually hiked at Hemlock on a rainy day, and it was a lot of fun.

30 days ago

This is my favorite place in Indiana. I would not call this a Hard trail. My 68 year old mother can do this trail with her tiny yorkie under her arm. Moderate for sure. Potentially depending on how much water is on the trail. I see small children doing this one all the time. Its absolutely beautiful though. The rock walls are so full of color and character. Its just breathtaking down there.

It says for the very experience but I was able to do so quite well on it and I am about moderately experienced. I loved it. The prettiest I have seen in a long time

on Trail #3

1 month ago

Trail 3 is absolutely beautiful. The rock formations are huge and keep the air cool even on hot days. We hiked almost the entire trail. The description is hard but our 11, 8 and 4 year olds did fine on it for the most part. I opted to avoid the ladders by connecting with trail 10 for the last part of the trail. My husband and 8 year old did the ladders with no problem.

1 month ago

Went with my wife on her first backpacking trip. Didn’t get full trail in and had spots that were grown over and had to carefully look for blazes. Plan to do myself in the near future.

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite trails, thus far. We hit this trail on a Wednesday in June, after a morning of Kayaking. The trail was not overly crowded, but we did pass by a few hikers along the way. This is an adventurous trail. We started by going to the right, causing us to climb down the ladders, but we enjoyed this direction because we got to climb up the cascades. I would highly recommend this trail to anyone looking for an interesting hike. My husband has never pulled out a camera on a hike, but he did on this trail! We will do this again.

1 month ago

Down a paved road to Rose Island was very easy. Rose Island was very cool and interesting. Took trail 3 back up to the parking lot and it was ok. Not a lot to look at, you’ll catch a view of the river at the start. The trail is a little overgrown in some areas and the spider webs are insane!! Take a walking stick and knock them down, even with one you’ll still have a face and leg full of the ones you don’t see! (I’m not even kidding when I say insane, we would’ve ran into three huge webs on the trail without the stick). I agree with the other reviewers on taking lots of water!

Beautiful views along the way. Waterfall was a lighter flow than what I was expecting. But still very peaceful, not a crowded trail.

I’ve hiked parts of this trail more than once. There’s a backcountry camping parking lot if you plan on staying the night. Various campsites along the way, some a little too close to the parking lot in my opinion. But the rock formation is cool once you get out to it. Living in Indianapolis, this might be the “closest” difficult backcountry trail. Plan to hike again!

My wife and I visited this trail at her suggestion, and I’m thankful for that. Wx was toasty but breeze from river coupled with canopy made for a pleasant walk. We saw many six-spotted emerald beetles (amazingly colorful, fluorescent scarabs), several types of butterflies drinking from the numerous blooming wildflowers, and a Doe with her very young fawn. We missed the first left turn (and you will too if they don’t put up a sign) to start the loop- our plan was to counter-clock the path to the bottom and hit rose island from there. Instead, at the bottom we bypassed rose island and clocked the trail all the way back around to rose island again. The paved path back up from rose island is no joke! 2L of water and two granola bars was barely enough for the two of us in the 90f wx, but again we practically made this trail into a four-miler considering we did it 1.5 times and rose island. Can’t wait to do it in October with the kids.

Easy trail... we did trail 7 and 3, it was beautiful. I am missing my Arizona trails.

1 month ago

My wife and i starting at Rock Creek Trail head and moving counterclockwise. we cached two gallons water one at Pioneer Picnic Shelter and one where the trail crosses Cold Friday Road,we Hiked approximately 17 Miles(counting the reroute) the first day and camped at Homestead Overnight Shelter on Day two we hiked 11.4 miles to are car we did get a pretty hard rain storm early the morning of the last day we where there but the creeks where steal dry. We complete the trail in two days and one night. The trail is pretty challenging with lots of ups and downs. There is a reroute at Pioneer Picnic Shelter that includes a road walk and an incredibly muddy and poorly marked horse trail that was pretty terrible. The overgrown parts of the trail has a very high Deer & Wood Tick presence. Water is very scarce on this trail as well, with lots of dry creek-beds witch we new that why you shoud cache water along the trail all in all we did have a OK time but will not becoming back any time soon this trail would be good to hike in early spring or late fall when the ticks are not so bad.

1 month ago

fun, had a lot of cool spots

This was a very challenging hike. The amount switchbacks were surprising. I have gone on plenty of other hikes, but the bugs on this one was too much. Nats, big spiders, plenty of mosquitos. On the second day of the hike the trail came to a fork in the road, with no sign as which way to go. That added more time to the trip. We ended up having to hitch hike back to the car.

beautiful place to get away from it all.

Pure awesome is what to expect from this trail. It has a lot to offer. The hills are of adequate size to present some challenge. The trees are beautiful and most of the hike is in the shade. There are several creek crossings but with a little effort you can keep your boots dry. The falls is fun. After ending up there the first day we found it so enjoyable we returned on the second day to cool off in the water. We decided that we would buy water shoes to put in our packs for walking on rocky creek bottoms. Remember to apply bug spray with Deet, pack water, and wear good quality hiking shoes.

2 months ago

We hiked this trail on a sunny Saturday. Trail #3 is a great trail with lots of fun features like the ladders and the creek beds. Trail #3 was crowded but you have to expect that on a summer Saturday. It does have the advantage for much of the trail of being below ground and more moderate in temperature. It was a bit steamy outside so this was appreciated. Trail #9 is less crowded. It does have many stair you have to descend and then climb back up. Turkey Run is a great place to hike with many fun trails. We love to go here.

Loved the trail, along the creek. TON of spider webs.

2 months ago

Very good

trail and hike was great BUT like the good State of IN. no notices of logging, closures and detours. We hiked within .25mi of night shelter and was met with closures and detour. Sleeping out is great except when one has planned for a shelter for the night.
Other than the unannounced closures and Detours the trail is good the hike was great.

2 months ago

Our plan was to complete the trail in two days and one night. The trail is pretty challenging with lots of ups and downs. There is a reroute on the Southwest edge of the trail that includes a road walk and an incredibly muddy horse trail that was pretty terrible. Can't speak for the East side of the trail (see story below) but the West half was very overgrown in parts and has a very high Deer & Wood Tick presence. We pulled about 2 dozen off my legs alone after our first day despite Permethrin treated clothing and Picaridin bug spray application. Water is very scarce on this trail as well, with lots of dry creekbeds. Most of the water sources that we found were contaminated with horse excrement due to the high volume of horseback riders.

Hiked approximately 15 miles the first day (counting the reroute) starting at Rock Creek Trailhead and moving counterclockwise. Before we started hiking we cached two gallons water where the trail crosses Cold Friday Road, by the time we got to the cache the following evening, someone had taken every drop of our water. This left us exhausted, with very little water, and the sun just off the horizon. Ended up having to cut our trip short and road walk out the next morning. Thankfully we were able hitchhike on a local's tailgate back to our car. My suggestion would be to hide and label your water if you decide to cache water. Hopefully someone isn't as inconsiderate to your adventure as they were to ours.

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