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This is an awesome trail overall. Hardly hiked, so in the summer there will be spider webs. There's a lot of wildlife on this trail, so if you're quiet, you will see a fair amount of deer, does, etc. I spotted a beaver, fox, and two doe on this trail. The trail changes quiet a bit.

This is the coolest little loop trail in Indiana. It's literally a playground. There's cool stuff tucked away off trail everywhere. I'd come back to this trail just to get off trail. So fun.

Perfect for a short, quick hike. Well maintained, well marked trails. Awesome geology.

Nice workout. Tough hill to get your blood pumping.

Great scenic hike with a ton of views to see and explore. The trail is easy and please take the second loop on the trail. You don’t want to miss the second waterfall along with a large shallow cave! You can walk inside the cave while being right behind the waterfall.

My wife and I completed this trail on a 35 degree (at most) day and for the first time on this trail, plenty of water was flowing over the falls. And, due to the cold temps, plenty of ice at the bottoms of the falls. This is one of my favorite hikes in terms of scenery, bluffs, cliffs, rock faces, and similar. Absolutely beautiful area. Overall, this is a easy to moderate trail with only a handful of sketchy areas for the really young or old. Exploring around and off the trail is what makes this trail so fascinating! See our photos here.

Quite a few land mines of horse poo, but all in all, good trail. A few soft places were pretty torn up from the horses, but easy to navigate. I wasn’t a huge fan of how much of the trail was so close to the road, but it wasn’t very heavily trafficked. Very well maintained, but not many interesting things to see in my opinion. Overall though, nice day in the woods.

Nice fall hike. New signage throughout trail and logged areas have thickened up nicely since last year.

This trail is actually 16 miles. It says so on the park map and after the hike my phone said that i hiked 16 miles also. I highly recommend hiking this counter clockwise do to the hills. Great workout. I finished in about 5 hours.

For personal reasons this is my favorite hike. Lot of memories. It’s a great southern Indiana hike also.

1 month ago

We took part of our scout troop on a hike from the youth tent area. the worst part is having to walk the road a ways from the campground to catch a trail. The trails are all in good shape and easy to follow. We took parts of trails 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and didn't find any to be terribly difficult. one step climb up a hill and a whole bunch of stairs near Donaldson Cave were the worst parts.

Lots to do at SMSP. Take your time and enjoy it all.

Visited on a Monday morning and only saw two others on the trail. We basically had the whole canyon to ourselves! Very beautiful!

1 month ago

I hiked this trail on a Saturday and it may have been better on a weekday. The trail was pleasant but it crossed roads several times, and only briefly did we ever get away from the sound of traffic. We did not get a peaceful, quiet trail experience in nature today. It's rated "rugged" but it was easy hiking. I would've rated the trail higher if it didn't have the traffic noise.

1 month ago

challenging hike with lots of spider webs. some good views of the lake.

1 month ago

beautiful scenery. Lots of colorful fungi. rocks and lots of acorns made it rugged. The best marked trail.

1 month ago

love the trails. rugged due to lots of rocks and twice turns. beautiful scenery.

Great hike, well marked and maintained. Make sure and take water if it’s warm out, you’ll need it. It is a good work out that rewards with great views.

Camping is no longer allowed on this trail. Beautiful hike!

2 months ago

I have been hiking this trail for many years. It’s a nice, easy hike and is good for kids (watch them near the lake.) I highly recommend climbing the fire tower.

Nice park. Big enough to explore, but not so difficult or large you have to back a full backpack or worry much about getting lost or anything. Trails are well marked. Lots of wildlife that changes with the seasons (beaver, deer, frogs, lizards, snakes--sun themselves in the afternoon on the east side of Weber lake on trail 6 and trail 2 near the unmarked lake, squirrels, birds, raccoons, glow worms). Nice little attractions on each trail (lakes, firetower, cemetery, railroad tracks, etc.).

Nice trail, beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dried up on our visit. There is a single disperse campsite located to the right of the entrance.


I have been strolling this trail since I was very young. great place to take the family for a hike.

Good hike. Great little place and well marked. Just make sure you take at the loop!

Good stroll around the lake. Always less busy than the village trail.

3 months ago

Good workout. Narrow trail as grasses and weeds very prevalent.

Great hike, even without the waterfall running and the creek beds being pretty dry. Definitely take the optional loop when you get too it. The shallow cave at the top is awesome.

Trail is the best marked trail I’ve been on. Easy grade changes, rocky trail.

trail running
3 months ago

Almost a perfect trail running trail for beginners, trail is mostly gravel with a few not so bad up and downs. Park is really clean, and at-least the day I was around I had the place to myself.

Close parking to refuel between laps, bathroom at the entrance, only real downside is I had 0 cell phone reception the whole Time I was in the park.

3 months ago

Fun backpacking trip with my dad and little sister. The two lakes are gorgeous in early springtime, particularly around evening. The sun sets to the right corner and fog dances across the water. The trail took us over hills, through forests, a river crossing or two, some marshy areas, and a few areas that had been deforested, but overall, solid Indiana countryside. The wildflowers were beautiful, especially the Fire Pinks.

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