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Hiked on November 3rd. Absolutely beautiful trail. A couple tricky mini scrambles, that would've been less tricky if they we're as wet and slippery. Views are amazing, as expected. A bit of snow closer to the top.

A great hike that would’ve been a lot easier had it not been for the frequent mud jumping. The views from the tower were stunning and I even saw a guy hiking in sandals

14 days ago

Snowy, muddy and slippery today but still a great hike. Gradual climb with lots of bridges and stairs.

Did goodnow today. Very nice hike. Fire tower was in good shape. Nice view :)

1 month ago

10/13/18 Trail was covered in the changing leafs but pretty easy to follow. The top of the tower was so beautiful. Saw a rainbow on the top! Must go for sure!

This was the 4th fire tower challenge for my 5 year old an I (brought the wife along on this one).

Day was wet, so that along with the leafs covered rocks and ankle breaker roots made for slow going. Took us 2h up and 1.5h down.

There is one section near the top where you enter an evergreen grove that is covered with hanging moss. The day we did it the mountain top was fogged in. When we entered this section my boy stopped us and said "it looks like we are on another planet". He was right.

The fire tower is super tall, unfortunately for us, we did it on peak color change, but had no view.

We will probably do this one again on our way to completing the fire tower challenge, just so we get to see the view.

Really enjoyed this hike trail was peaceful and in very good condition. Great fall foliage and weather were a bonus.

A little overgrown, but very passable. Nice views at the top...fall color change underway. The change from deciduous to conifer on the way up is so sudden it's amazing.

1 month ago

One of my favorite hikes ever. View at the top is so beautiful, trail is very nice the whole way up, not a very difficult hike but you really get up there feeling the Adirondack vibes.

It was incredible!!!

1 month ago

Hiked trail in June, nice shady route. Impressive Falls. Improved boardwalks at marshy start of trail.

on Goodnow Mountain Trail

2 months ago

Lovely hike; very diverse forest; trail conditions on 9/13/18 were wet but completely manageable. A fair amount of overgrowth over the trail in some spots but still passable. A little jungle-like! As far as difficulty, I’d rate it as moderate for the average hiker; easy for die-hards; and moderate to difficult for newbies because of roots and rocks and foot placement. There are a number of boardwalks on the trail which lends a friendlier, easier feel to the hike, and offers a nice reprieve from tricky foot work just when you need it, it seems! This is an interpretive trail but I failed to notice many of the markers. There is a surprising descent-then-ascent near the summit prior to reaching the tower. The tower itself is smaller than others I’ve climbed and incredibly sturdy and safe to climb. The cab is very small. I’d say three adults would be crowded! But as I had the cab and summit to myself, it was perfect. A 360 degree view of the ADKs. Incredible and absolutely one of the best I’ve seen so far.

I was visited by a pine marten in the little patch of conifers at the base! He climbed the trunk and stared right at me for about fifteen seconds. I have NEVER seen one in person and to see one this close (maybe 12 feet away), is somewhat of a wildlife marvel, I believe!

Family friendly for sure. Large parking lot. Enjoy!

2 months ago

We hiked goodnow on September 9,2018. Temperatures were in the low to mid 50s ideal for a hike.
Our lab, Stella hiked this with us.
The trail itself was about as good as any we have hiked in the Adirondacks. Conditions were dry and the trail was in excellent condition. There was a number of boardwalks over ravines and probable wet spots. And there was a number of stone and wooden steps cut into the trail, along with wooden traps to slow and divert rain runoff.
No views to speak of until you reach the summit. And at the peak, the view is limited. But once you climb the Sixty foot fire tower the view is awesome!!!
Kind of a scary ascent, narrow stairs and only some chicken wire to keep u safe. But oh so worth the climb.
This is a great hike, not too strenuous, yet a pleasure to walk to it’s conclusion.
And lots of hardwood trees, in the fall this must be stunning!

Well worth the effort , view from the tower is awesome

One moderately steep stretch towards the end, but it’s not long. The rest of the hike is easy and the views are incredible!

Swam in the water pool next to the waterfall, it was a great cool down!

great hike to kick off a hiking trip. amazing views. my 6yo and 4yo did this trail no problem while carrying their own packs.

Like others said, confusing to get to, but worth the trip! We took our 2 dogs and it was a good hike for all of us. Short hike up hill for a rewarding view. Easiest way to get to it is from Garnet Hill Lodge, go towards the back down to the Ski Shop, up the hill across from that to W Blake Pond trail until you see a sign for Balm of Gilead.

on OK Slip Falls Trail

2 months ago

This was a great hike to the falls. It was a good workout with uphills and downhills but nothing too steep.

2 months ago

Second fire tower today. Views from atop tower are well worth the hike. It was fairly crowded being a Saturday on a holiday weekend. Great for the whole family.

As advertised. Easy start, tougher finish. Saturday on Labor Day weekend so quite a few hikers out. Many had dogs hikers and dogs well behaved. 1 of 2 for the fire tower challenge today. Good day for an outing. Great views from the tower.and near tower for those who don’t like heights.

We really enjoyed everything about this hike. We got an early start so we enjoyed the summit and tower for over a half hour all to ourselves. The hike is gentle on a well maintained trail. This is one of the nicest views that I have seen from a tower, and the cabin is set up so you can peek into the windows and take a trip back in time. This is a must do if you enjoy fire towers.

2 months ago

Great views. At about 1.3 Miles approaching the cabin I was thinking what designates a hike as hard v moderate? Then it got markedly steeper. I think myself and 2 others were the only people on the trail today. Thankfully on the way down I found Abby’s phone and saved them a trip back up the trail Trail was mostly dry and not many bugs. Great day.

2 months ago

Good hike of moderate difficulty. Trail is well marked, but rather uninteresting until the summit is reached. Some downed trees have to be circumnavigated or ducked under, but otherwise the trail is well-marked and in good condition. Views from the fire tower are impressive. The cab trap door was closed when I climbed the tower, but I pushed it open. No protection (glazing) in the cab and no orientation map either (like you'd find on Blue and Adams). Took us just over 3 hours to complete the roundtrip.

an amazing place to be. I wish I could live here there's just something magical about this place

Me and my two daughters Tessa (10) and Nora (8) did this hike today and it was well worth it. Took about an hour to reach the top and the views were great at the top. Not a bad hike at all, would definitely do it again

Did this hike a couple days ago, was great. Did it with two dogs they loved it. Only three other people logged in that day. Wasn’t too bad, took us about an hour 15 to get up and it’s a great trail to jog down.

Was able to do the whole trail right around 2 hours up and down. Definitely a great trail for the short distance.

Great payoff at the top with a fire tower.

3 months ago

It was a very long hike that let to the valley top on the opposite side of the falls. I was hoping more to be up close to the falls.

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