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A nice walk! Nothing challenging, good for families, stroller and wheelchair accessible.

The waterfall can be found by heading north and west, up the Middle fork of Corral Creek. The trail is less maintained than the others and very muddy in the wet months, but very beautiful once you get into the cedar grove.

21 days ago

nice trail, easy walking for all age groups, pretty views of trees and sounds of nature.

saw a couple homeless camps out in the woods a few times. So I only walk with a partner, but have never been harassed.

Nice stroll through the capital mall. I was apprehensive about how simple this was but found myself enjoying wandering around on a gorgeous fall day. Even though this wasn’t my typical hike through the woods this is still a state park with many plugs and facts about the history of the state. If you find yourself wanting to explore this is still an experience that’s worth an hour or so, plus if you wander during business hours the state building is open to the public for viewing and getting a couple free history lessons.

As others have said there isn't a waterfall along the trail. Otherwise it's a pretty standard walk especially with a toddler in tow

We had a great time hiking this trail. We did the short loop since we were pushing a double stroller. Dog and kid friendly, but lots of bugs.

Nice hike but there is no waterfall!

At the second T in the trail head right to reach the overlook. The sign is no longer there.

The neighboring waste facility and sound of the road makes this hike not as fun.

Took the dog for a morning hike.
He loved it.
Quiet first thing in the morning. People were just starting to head up as we were leaving.

First and foremost this wildlife refuge It's an awesome getaway. It's a great place to walk, run, ride bicycles, ride skate boards and long boards. It's has a good dog park, and some pretty good fishing holes too if you're into that. It's just a awesome park to visit.

Nice walk, mostly paved. Some nice sections; some walking through parking lots. Neither great nor terrible. Although it follows the river, you don't get a lot of views in the summer due to foliage. Would make a great afternoon bike trip for a family.

Easy trail - awesome playground

3 months ago

I’ve never been here before, so I didn’t know what to expect. It was nice to park right by the ferry use that as the starting/ending point of this adventure. The walk is mostly flat, so it’s easy for most people. The majority of the walk is paved, which makes me think of friends with some types of disabilities being able to use the trail easily. I especially liked the abstract representation of the mission site to help me imagine what it looked like in the past.

3 months ago

The park has a play ground and is next to a large field, so the place can get pretty crowded during soccer season, but during the off season it makes a good place for a quiet walk. The trail isn't anything super impressive, but its got some nice views and is pretty accessible, so people with kids and beginners should feel right at home there.

trail running
4 months ago

Nice trail. Easy run, 1.5 miles. Longer if you go around the entire complex! A few dogs off leash, but very friendly!!

great for all levels

There is a ferry but you'll only need to take it depending on the direction you're coming from, ie from the west. Its the Wheatland ferry. For most cars, the cost is $2 each way.
There is a day use fee of $5, cash only. However there is another entrance with a horse trail so there may be another option at that entrance.
This park is very large so the normal trail is the 4.2 miles, but you could easily make it more with the different paths to take.
The middle section of the park has grills, picnic tables and restrooms.
There's TONS of blackberries along the trail, pretty wildflowers, birds and we saw the nation's largest black cottonwood tree.
This place is great for picnics, horseback riding, cycling, jogging, walking, etc. Very pretty, not too crowded and lots of tree cover in most areas.

nature trips
5 months ago

It’s definitely a walk. Beware the first leg is through a hay field with no shade. The field mice are rampant through this part with some laying dead on the path. Watch out for snakes. When you get to the trees it gets better. Watch out for bitting flies, bit me twice. The end result is great though, Williamette river to dip your toes in.

Love this place. Great place to take kids and pets. A bit buggy, but otherwise this is a treasure!

Nice and easy hike, would be great for some trail running. There was very few people around but it is extremely well maintained.

Nice walk

6 months ago

If you like flat and uncrowded with a variety of habitats this is a great place for a leisurely stroll. We hiked several of the roads and mowed trails and stopped often to look at birds and the multitude of flowering plants and shrubs. Crossed paths with a pair of dog walkers (dog was on leash) and one family and one man fishing in the stocked lake. The rest of the walk was ours alone!

6 months ago

A nice nature walk. Not a hike.

Easy hike, nice smooth trails. Well taken care of, I would rate this as an easy trail not moderate.

6 months ago

Great trail for a short stroll. Easy trail that's appropriate for all ages. Plenty of birds out and nice, defined path.

This was a good hike to kill time. I prefer hikes that are out further away from cities/towns, but this was what was available in the area that I was in. It's pretty, gotta show the kiddos some flood action, and they got to see a road flooded over. Ultimately it's a road/trail, that gets near the Willamette. We also got to see some birds, squirrels, and do some tree identification.

I loved this hike but it was a little hard to follow the trail map and go on the Woods Trail so we got a little lost. I would still highly recommend this hike.

mountain biking
7 months ago

great place to walk, bike, swim, fish, kayaking, disc fisbee, horseback riding trails..picnic tables & BBQing ! clean bathrooms .. great trees for kids to climb! 4$ to ride the ferry (one way) & 5$ to park .. totally worth it !

I went there today and it was so peaceful! Super easy. There are some nice areas to go off the paved path and relax by the water.

My husband and I needed to find a hike that our lab August could do 5 weeks post op a rear leg amputation. This hike was just what he needed! Wooded, pretty flat (if we avoided what probably was the prettiest part) and plenty of stream access! The rushing stream and forested trail was beautiful! The trillium was in its last glory as well! We will definitely come back and go further as August gets stronger!

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